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    Budget 41-50k Laptop Comparison

    Thinking of buying one of these two laptops: Lenovo B50-70 (Final Price: Rs. 46940) i7-4510U 8GB DDR3 (1 unused slot available) 1TB 5200 Win 8 2GB Graphics Card (ATI JET LE R5 M230) Dell Inspiron 3542 (Final Price: Rs. 55100) i7-4510U 8GB DDR3 (No slots available) 1TB 5200 Win 8.1 2GB Graphics...
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    Graphic Cards Need help deciding which GPU to buy.

    Guys, I have an i3-2100, Intel DH67VR mobo build with 4GB RAM that I am in the process of upgrading/selling off to buy a new build altoghther (undecided) Whichever way I go, I do need a GPU and need to decide which one to buy depending upon my requirements. Please suggest... Requirements...
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    Budget 31-40k Upgrading to a Video Editing Build

    What is your budget? 30K + 5k maybe What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and model) CPU - Intel i3-2100 Motherboard - Intel DH67VR GPU - None RAM - Corsair Value Select 4GB DDR3 1333 Monitor - Dell 2030 PSU - Cooler Master 400 Which hardware will you...
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    WTB Corsair Value Select DDR3 RAM

    Looking to buy Corsair Value Select 4/8GB DDR3 1333mhz RAM for my desktop, please PM me your offers. Thanks.
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    FS: Mobile Blackberry 9720 Brand New

    Product Name: Blackberry 9720 Expected Price: Rs 12500 Shipping charges: Local Pickup in Delhi. Manufacturer page URL: Description if any: Received a brand new Blackberry 9720 mobile phone as a gift which I do not need. Opened the box to...
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    Android How to use WiFi Direct on old Android devices

    A lot of new Android devices that come preinstalled with Android 4.0 (ICS) and up come with a feature called WiFi Direct that lets us transfer large files to another device at a much faster speed. However, if you own an old Android device (phone/tablet) that runs Gingerbread or Froyo, chances...
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    FS: Photography Panasonic HC V10 HD Camcorder

    Selling my Panasonic HC v10 HD camcorder that was bought from USA this year. Have hardly used it, bought it instinctively. Has been sitting in my cupboard as I have no use for a camcorder, therefore selling it. In fact, it is still wrapped in the plastic cover it came in. No scratches...
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    CPU/Mobo Upgrading from i3-2100

    Guys, Need a bit of expert advice. I've been using an i3-2100 on my pc since Oct-2011 and have been very happy till now. Its been great for daily home use, however, now I need something that'll give me decent performance for my work related jobs. I basically need a cpu upgrade for video...
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    Android Apps - 1 minute reviews!

    1. Battery Mix: 1 minute review 2. Gravity Screen Off: 1 minute review 3.Caller Name Announcer: 1 minute review 4. ( Coming up soon...)
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    The beautiful Sony DSC WX50 Point n Shoot Camera

    The Sony WX50 point n shoot digital camera has been on my 'To Buy' list for a while. Here's an unboxing showing you what all comes loaded inside the box here in India. I also own a Canon DSLR and carrying it around everywhere is a little inconvenient. Therefore, a handy camera was needed...
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    WTB USB controller (cheap)

    Looking for a working USB controller (any brand) for cheap, hit me with your offers guys..
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    WTB Full HD Camcorder

    Need to buy a full HD camcorder. Sony, Canon, Panasonic, JVC, or any other good brand would do.. The higher optical zoom the better. Preferred storage: SD card else HDD. Please lemme know in case anyone has one to sell. Links to the internet with deals and offers would also be...
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    FS: Photography Canon 1000D with kit lens (pics & video)

    For sale is a 3 year old Canon 1000D also known as Rebel XS with stock 18-55mm kit lens. Bought from Hyderabad, India. Comes with: Box and all accessories including CDs, cables etc. Camera Bag. Strap 2GB Kingston SD card. Will also throw in a lens hood and a UV filter I bought separately...
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    Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Joystick

    This is my second review on TE, please let me know in case I missed something or if someone has specific questions. Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Joystick I recently bought myself a joystick to play Microsoft Flight Simulator (FS2004). After careful deliberation of the options that fell within my...
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    WTB A Camcorder on a budget!

    Need to buy a camcorder. Preferably Full HD, but open to 480/720p as well. Any Brand as long as nothing's wrong with it. Warranty - No issues Would prefer the ones that record on SD Cards, HDD. Don't want the ones with MiniDVs or DVDRs. Please quote your prices. Thanks
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    New PC for little nephew ! On a budget ~ 25k

    Hey guys, I need to buy a new PC for my little nephew. It has to be a basic home PC which can play games for kids. Won't be upgrading for the next 3-4 years ! Please suggest if the below mentioned configuration is good enough and would be suitable with each other. Also please suggest a good...
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    Review: Microsoft Wireless Desktop 800 Keyboard Mouse Combo

    Microsoft Wireless Desktop 800 | Wireless Keyboard and Mouse combo | Flashback: Often, when I used to work on my old desktop (ancient actually), I used to fiddle around a lot on my chair. Because of my changing positions, I often used to change the position of my keyboard and mouse to suit my...
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    How to connect a Reliance 3G modem to a wireless router ?

    Hey guys, I currently use a Reliance 3G modem 21.6 Mbps (ZTE MF668) to connect to the internet on my laptop. My laptop has gone a little old and until a few days ago, there was only one USB port left that was working. That port has finally given up and does not work anymore. Now, I am not...
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    Netgear WG311 PCI WiFi card

    Item for sale: Netgear WG311 PCI Card for desktop 4 days old, Bought on 19 Oct 2011, Under warranty Bought for Rs.725 (690 + 5% tax) from Cost to Cost, Nehru place, New Delhi Bill available Reason for sale: I have Windows 7-64 bit installed onto my desktop and this card does not work on it...
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    Budget <18k Confusion on Intel/AMD PC !!

    Budget <18k Confusion on Intel/AMD PC !! EDIT: Budget raised 22k Hey guys, I need to buy a desktop soon as my laptop's dead and the home pc is totally ancient. I would appreciate some help in deciding the configuration keeping in mind the following requirements. Thanks in advance. 1. Q. What...