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  1. greenhorn

    Budget 10-15K Small Form factor Phone Without compromised spec

    Looking for a phone with a smaller form factor - something with an approx 140*70mm size under 20K and with 4/6GB ram and 64/128GB storage Unfortunately options are either crippled phones under 10K, or compact flagships. I had a moto x4, now switched to pixel 4a I got on sales in the US. Wifey...
  2. greenhorn

    Other Launch date for nokia 2720?

    My dad is a big fan of flip phones, and after his samsung X200 died, all chinese flip replacements I've bought for him have died in 6 months. I bought the recent nokia 3310 for my mom recently, and it feels like a quality phone (apart from being overpriced compared to the 1k samsung phones) I...
  3. greenhorn

    Laptops Little known bargains - Used enterprise laptops

    I had always seen folks posting used business class laptops on olx and facebook selling groups, but had been too weary to take the plunge. I had an inspiron which i was reasonably happy with. When it died, I ended up buying another entry level inspiron for 42K, and I was in for a world of...
  4. greenhorn

    Android Does the micromax tab P681 support wireless display?

    looking to buy a cheap tab for my mom, and smooth wireless mirroring is a priority can someone who has one check if its there in the menus at least ?
  5. greenhorn

    Other amazon third party sellers authorized by Xiaomi?

    I bought a redmi 4 off amazon during the flash sale today, just noticed that the seller was not cloudtail, but rather a third party seller called darshita mobile. (also noticed that even the other variants were being sold by non cloudtail sellers I am going to check the warranty, but just...
  6. greenhorn

    Less than 10K Auto Call recorder Feature phone

    I have become a big fan of the auto call recorder on my redmi 2, especially for taking work calls But the battery life and range is sad, so am looking to buy a feature phone instead - anything which supports auto call recording? PS: yes I know the new redmi 4 has a bigass battery, but I dont...
  7. greenhorn

    Laptops Display corrupted for bios & windows but fine for linux Mint

    My inspiron failed to start up, giving the 8 beeps error. no display Connecting via VGA shows a corrupted display for bios & into windows (weird colours, artefacts etc) Thought the VGA adapter had failed but then linux mint, running on software acceleration, booted and ran with a display...
  8. greenhorn

    Budget 31-40k Laptop for the next 7 years

    My Inspiron N5010 died yesterday, the troubleshooting steps seem to indicate that the VGA has gone. Time to buy a new laptop Requirements Budget - would like to keep it within 40k, but can stretch up to 50k Usage - Heavy browsing, loads of ppt making, eclipse for web development, occasional...
  9. greenhorn

    Audio Budget Speakers (<3K)

    a friend of mine asked me for a cheap 2.1 to use with his TV. Normally I would have suggested the F&D A 520 but I had recommended it to two friends, and both of them had their power supplies die (thankfully under warranty), so I'm a bit wary to recommend it Are there any decent alternatives ?
  10. greenhorn

    ACT Broadband status in chennai?

    Any idea when it will be restored? am not getting any responses to queries from them? heard folks say their entire infrastructure has been damaged, so it might take a month or so?
  11. greenhorn

    Laptop Wireless card upgrade help

    my trusty Inspiron 5010 is pushing 7 years, and thankfully due to the availability of parts online, have been able to keep it running. however the bluetooth onboard is 2.1, and my phones and reciever are 4.0, and its music streaming capabilities leave a lot to be desired compared to my phones (...
  12. greenhorn

    Less than 10K Cheap phone with great build quality

    This is for my dad - who has been using a samsung dumbphone till now, which is dying Nearly pulled the plug on a samsung metro XL when i realized that there should be some decent smartphones at that price point, which, with a simplified launcher like wiser should be fine for him. I am using a...
  13. greenhorn

    PC Peripherals Budget Medium Size Mouse with 5 or more buttons

    Looking for something to replace my MX 310 Something of the same size as regular mice, but with side buttons ( for productivity) cost <1K Good build quality from branded vendor Any options?
  14. greenhorn

    Audio Durable Circum Aural Headphones

    My sister tried out my SHP 805's and suddenly wants a pair (as if I'm gonna give her - all of her electronics tend to die woefully premature deaths) She can spend upto 2K, but would settle for something cheaper. Most of the headphones I've tried out are pretty obsolete, and I've not tried out...
  15. greenhorn

    Less than 10K Tab for Mom

    My mom's using my old Defy for listening to net radio (devotional songs :D) She's now using FB, whatsapp & browsing the web a lot more, and was interested in getting a tab. I'm not sure if the sub 5K tabs are good enough, or something in the <10K range is needed. Looking for something that...
  16. greenhorn

    Budget Above 25K Cameraphone alternatives to Xperia Z2?

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for (Ideally an android) smartphone with an awesome camera. Must haves - SD Card slot, Good battery life, Nice Camera. Community ROM Support. Previous phones used (Galaxy Spica (2010 to 2012), Atrix 2 (2012 to 2014) My atrix 2 is nearing the end of its life...
  17. greenhorn

    PC Peripherals Wanted: VFM claw grip mouse

    Recently realized that my salmosa is worthless for games. Tried all the tricks in the book. Upgraded FW, cleaned and oiled the microswitches - only thing left is replacing the microswitches themselves. Anyway I suppose this means I'm in the market for a claw grip mouse. Something south of 2K...
  18. greenhorn

    Setting up a CS Server

    It's been a while since my buddies and I have played CS, so for Independence day, we were thinking of having a big game. Question is, how to set up the server. I have an airtel broadband 4MBPS. would that be enough? Can someone point me to a guide to setting up a server and taking care of the...
  19. greenhorn

    Budget 10-15K Durable Mid end Phone

    1. Budget? A: 10~13K 2. Preferred Form Factor(flip, bar, slider)? A: Bar 3. Preferred display type? A: 3.7" to 4.3" TFT/AMOLED 4. Do you have any brand preference or dislike? Please name them. A: Samsung, Motorola, HTC, Sony (No LG, MMX, karbonn etc) 5. Preferred input method...
  20. greenhorn

    Audio [Rant] Why are Realtek onboards still so crappy?

    It's been a while since i used a realtek onboard. Most of my music listening is through my Atrix 2 + ES18 - they sound divine, and my laptop, which has an IDT codec. I remember Realtek's AC'97 codecs from back in the day sounding pathetic, but their newer ones were slightly better, and figured...