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  1. JMak

    Is oneplus band good??? Was wondering if the just launched oneplus band is a good buy, price wise as well as quality and function wise Lemme know Thanks
  2. JMak

    WTB Ssd for my vaio laptop and my recent desktop build

    Want to install ssd s in my Sony vaio laptop, and my recently built desktop. Wish to have a 250gb ssd for both Don't wish to spend much at all. Shoot me your offers, need them in warranty Location Delhi
  3. JMak

    WTB Anyone has broken screen but working board lg g3, g4, or g3 mini

    Let me know Thanks
  4. JMak

    WTB Looking for a smartphone for a child's classes : will be donating

    Hi Need a working smartphone for a kid so that she can attend school via zoom, google meet and Ms meet. Decent screen size and if it can work with jio then would be great. Any phone with Android 7 8 9 might do if you have one available Cheapest possible plz as i ll be donating that...
  5. JMak

    iOS Note taking / writing app with specific requirements

    Hi Recently switched to an ipad Looking for an apple pencil friendly writing app My needs are I should be able to upload a specific jpeg file{scanned copy of my prescription pad) over which I can write. The app should have the ability to make multiple copies of the same jpg or document that I...
  6. JMak

    FS: Tablet Huawei mediapad m5 lite 3/32gb with stylus and case 13 days Warranty left

    Selling this great tablet in champagne gold color information and flipkart link 3/32gb variant 4 speakers with awesome audio tuned by Harman kardon Comes with stylus pen (bought separately). Box and all default accessories along with a very very nice blue flip case worth 600 free along with...
  7. JMak

    WTB 120 or 140mm LED fans for PC

    Hey guys Looking for a couple of 120 or 140mm white or blue LED fans for PC cabinet Location Delhi Thanks
  8. JMak

    WTB H55 motherboard (LGA 1156) & DDR3 Ram's, 1gb graphics card

    Thinking of building a secondary system My previous age old dh55tc intel board went kaput a few days back so looking for a replacement board with intel H55 chipset. Also want Compatible ddr3 ram's as well Plus a cheap ati or nvidia 1gb gfx card Need for a utterly budgeted build so cheaper...
  9. JMak

    WTB Cabinet preferably widowed or similar with enough room to add 4 fans A mechanical keyboard, 128gb or 256gb class 10 memory card with invoice

    Just assembled a new build Looking for a good cabinet corsair or cooler master or similar for the build. Windowed preferably. With enough space for ventilation and option to add multiple exhaust fans 120mm, if already fitted then would be nice. Enough options for multiple 3.5, 2.5 hdds...
  10. JMak

    FS: RAM FOR SALE : 2x4GB DDR3 1600MHz Corsair Vengeance Rams and more

    Please note I would have provided CPUZ details but atm I dont have any system where these can be used to check the specifications But everything is working well without issues. 3 days testing warranty has been provided for the purpose. 2x4GB DDR3 1600MHz Corsair Vengeance Rams - - - - SOLD...
  11. JMak

    Assembled a pc having issues with stress tests

    Hi Purchased a few Components yday and assembled a pc R5 1500x used 2x8gb gskill ripjaws ddr4 2400 A320 gigabyte mobo CX550 psu 1gb nvidia graphics card When I am doing prime95 stress test with both roms onboard The test runs for a few min at 100 percent cpu and the. It says...
  12. JMak

    WTB Looking for Ryzen 5, 2x8gb ddr4 ram's & A320 or 450M motherboard .

    My age old dh55tc board gave up today Thinking of upgrading processor and mobo and ram, will buy new psu from maker Shoot your stuff at me Thinking about a ryzen 3 or 5 Decent Compatible upgradable board and DDR4 ram's 2x8gb Waiting Location Delhi
  13. JMak

    PC Peripherals Pc not booting up

    Hey guys This morning my pc got abruptly shut. Now when I am trying to turn it on by pressing power button, Just for a split second the cpu fan runs and then stops and then it goes into a loop of turning on after a couple of seconds and shutting off There is no sound and there is no light just...
  14. JMak

    WTB A tablet for online classes for kids

    Hi My son up until now was using a lenovo Tb-8504x tab for his online classes. But its been rendered useless now, looking for something similar low end and cheap Location Delhi Thanks
  15. JMak

    WTB A Good working HDD with accessories to connect to pi

    Looking to attach a hdd to my raspberry pi. 500gb or 1Tb Can use an external as well or a 2.5 i tetnla with casting etc Properly working, not too old, healthy and with proper wires and all to connect to a pi. Cheapest possible plz Location Delhi
  16. JMak

    WTB Looking for jbl bar studio and bose soundtouch 10

    Wish to buy a kindle paperwhite for the son of a friend, preferably 7th Gen or later Wish to buy a jbl bar studio Soundbar for one of my TVs, better would be with invoice, mint looking. Also looking for a Bose soundtouch10 for the same friend, with an invoice Location : New Delhi
  17. JMak

    WTB Looking for a webcam and a bluetooth adaptor

    Hi Looking for a logitech or any other decent brand usb webcam. Logitech c270 or C310 or any other hd cam can do Alos looking for a bluetooth adaptor for pc so that BT keyboard or any other BT devices can be connected to it. Location Delhi Budget depends
  18. JMak

    FS: Others Brand New unused Croma original leather flip case for 6inch KINDLE eReader

    Selling a brand new never used Original Croma branded Leather case/cover for 6inch Kindle eredaer ( not paperwhite) MRP: 1000 Was purchased by brother a few weeks back thinking it would fit my paperwhite but its for those smaller eRedaers I suppose, just to clear the height/Length is 6.25inches...
  19. JMak

    FS: RAM Kingston 2x2GB DDR3 1333 ram sticks

    Selling my trusted Kingston 1333 ram 2x2GB rams Was using them till a few days back as they were the most reliable for me, but since I upgraded to a pair of 4GB ones these are lying unused as I dont wish to mix an match two brands of rams in my PC. I am listing them as without invoice when in...
  20. JMak

    WTB Sony PS vita

    Preferably the second Gen Along with usual accessories Location : Delhi Budget : realistic considering everything that the seller would offer. Thanks