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  1. t1ruda

    Soft Pouch for PSP (Black)

    So this guy of mine, who got the X360 controllers for me showed this. He sells these for 200 a piece and willing to give away these to me for 150/- per piece (COZ of the no of controllers we bought from him) if we order in bulk. Not a bad deal considering the pouch material is damm good...
  2. t1ruda

    Firefox Bikes website hacked !!!

    and they hacked Welcome to Firefox :: Uploaded with
  3. t1ruda

    Storage Solutions need help...1TB worth of data.. whats the crysis??? my Pendrive and 1tb Freeagent was hooked on. Now I was trying to format the pendrive with "HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool"...but my freeagent was selected on the tool instead of pendrive...I saw this after initiating the format and I rightway cancelled it.... Now...
  4. t1ruda

    Pls let me know how did I do??

    Ok the title seems dirty :ohyeah: but listen to the track and pls let me know howz it... YouTube - DJ RK5 Sathiya Nirame
  5. t1ruda

    Hacky Sacks / Footbags @ Pune

    yelp yelp yelp.... From where can I purchase Hacky Sacks in Pune?? googlestore is the cheapest option which is selling for 2$ but the shipping is 10$...anyone wanna yelp me out...???
  6. t1ruda

    SEO - Search Engine Optimization

    Need help - anyone worked on SEO here, if yes, how long does it take for one to bump up a site?
  7. t1ruda

    Delhi Daredevil Tee price @ Palika Bazaar Delhi

    Hay Guys, wats the price for DDD tee from Palika Bazaar..if anyone going to hang out der please update the thread..also the Delhi Daredevil Cap..:ohyeah: thank yeah
  8. t1ruda

    Amazing Moment on the Jumbotron

    Now this is some amazing shit...........:ohyeah: :ohyeah: Amazing Moment on the Jumbotron - CollegeHumor video
  9. t1ruda

    Happy Birthday ReekingArchvile

    Happy Birthday ReeeeeemiXXXXxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :ohyeah: :ohyeah: chal mostprolly will catch you on sunday!!!
  10. t1ruda

    Underwear day

    Today is Teh Underwear day Post which color underwear you're wearing. No reply means you're not wearing any or you have nothing to hide. let me start with mine.. Black and White striped one with a pony tail in the back... P.S: My friend has already taken care of this thread on ED so don't...
  11. t1ruda

    Good Old days....I want those times back

    When the school reopened in June, And we settled in our new desks and benches. When we queued up in book depot, And got our new books and notes. When we wanted two Sundays and no Mondays, yet Managed to line up daily for the morning prayers. We learnt writing with slates and pencils, And...
  12. t1ruda

    I want 2 brk free

    pls suggest me a place near delhi for outing. Wont mind driving a couple of hrs but want to get back in delhi by cindrella. Help.....
  13. t1ruda

    feelin looowww

    What do you do when you feeelll...damm LOW???:( :( I hate myself like this....
  14. t1ruda

    If Movie Posters Were Honest

    great stuff I would say.......
  15. t1ruda

    ebay item World of Warcraft 4311.9 MB IDE Hard Drive

    World of Warcraft 4311.9 MB IDE Hard Drive - eBay (item 260346185879 end time Jan-19-09 22:10:10 PST) Was playing WoW, needed bathroom break. Girlfriend took hard drive from open case and desecrated. I know for sure it was in the sink, in the microwave, hit with a large rock and run over by...
  16. t1ruda


    Ok any train photographers around here......if yes, then anyone from delhi??? If yes, then my next question..any favt. place for trainspotting in/around delhi....I'm in one of those moods right just wanted to see if der is anyplace where I can click some snaps...
  17. t1ruda

    A meal to die for...

    I will have 2 quads pls.. A Meal To Die For Video -
  18. t1ruda

    now this is real sport...

    when will these things start to happen in india... Rick Reilly: Gainesville State high school football gets the best gift of all, hope - ESPN The Magazine
  19. t1ruda

    World War II posters

    collection of World War II posters World War II Posters
  20. t1ruda

    best year end sale ever

    let the pic do the talking *mods can delete the post if it offends anyone...but from my side..its all plain humor...