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  1. paarkhi

    WTB Mi Pad

    Want to Buy MI Pad, so please send me your offers via PM mentioning the condition and battery backup. Thanks
  2. paarkhi

    PC Peripherals Please Suggest me a Inkjet Printer (Print, Scan, Copy) with Ink Tank

    Hi, I'm planning to replace my Epson TX121 and purchase a Inkjet All-in-One (Print, Scan, Copy) function along with the Ink tank facility. My budget is 9.5K-11K and it cannot be stretched further. I've shortlisted 2 printers on Amazon 1) Epson L360...
  3. paarkhi

    Hack to use microSD and SIM simultaneously in hybrid slot

    Yes, technically it works, there are many youtube videos confirming it but the sim should be thin The thickness for the hack should be below 1.25mm according to this video, the youtuber shows (in first 5 mins.) the measurement with Digital Vernier Callipers
  4. paarkhi

    Android How to Read JioMags Magazines on PC?[Help Needed]

    JioMags is an app from Reliance Jio which offers many magazines on Auto, PC, children, entertainment, etc.. once downloaded the magazines in the app, you can read the magazines from the app. I want to read the file on Laptop or PC and share with children whom I don't want to give my device but...
  5. paarkhi

    [Info]Official OnePlus One ROM (OxygenOS) based on Lollipop is released (Manual Flashable)

    Friends, Many of you around the world are off work today for a long weekend. We hope to make your vacation even better, because OxygenOS is finally here! We know you’ve been patient, and we’re excited to announce that starting right now, you can download and flash OxygenOS right to your...
  6. paarkhi

    Activate your Whatsapp Voice calling

    ROOT IS NOT REQUIRED TO ACTIVATE WHATSAPP VOICE CALLING YOU NEED TO BE ONLINE AND RECEIVE THE CALL IN ORDER TO ACTIVATE WHATSAPP CALLING AT YOUR END. Please update your whatsapp to the latest version from whataspp website PM your Mobile Number to me or @karankapoor and we will call you, After...
  7. paarkhi

    Budget 21-30k Laptop buying for a friend

    Budget 20-32K NO AMD Processors APU's Friend needs a Laptop, I will order online from Flipkart (WSRetail Only), he wants *CPU i3 (4th Gen) *1 TB HDD *Anti Glare (don't know whether it makes any difference or just a gimmick but he wants it) *4GB or More RAM *Nice Loud output Speakers *USB 3...
  8. paarkhi

    Android India Specific OnePlus Invites - Share &/or Queue Up Here

    As per the suggestions of @rdst_1 and @Dare Devil, here is a new thread for the Indian Invites, the list from now on will be maintained on Google Sheets I've removed names of all the old members as OnePlus has gone On sale without invites and everyone had a chance to...
  9. paarkhi

    Suggestions Please on 12X Zoom Telescope Camera LENS Tripod For Samsung Galaxy S4

    Guys need your suggestions for 12X Zoom Telescope Camera LENS Tripod For Samsung Galaxy S4 something listed over So has anyone used something like this on their mobiles? Does it really work? It doesn't specify what kind of optical Zoom it is, but it does say that it can...
  10. paarkhi

    FS: Mobile Samsung Galaxy S4-i9500

    Product Name: Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500 Expected Price:Removing from a Sale for a While as Cash is arranged from elsewhere Shipping charges: Nil Manufacturer page URL:
  11. paarkhi

    WTB An Android phone with Min. 5 Megapixel Camera under 8K-10K

    Friends, Want to buy used Android Touch Screen Phone for a friend with Min. 5 Megapixel Camera in a good condition. The Max Budget is between 8,000-10,000 Thanks PM me your offers Samsung, Sony, HTC and Moto only
  12. paarkhi

    WTB Samsung galaxy Note N-7000 (1st Gen)

    Friends, Want to buy a Galaxy Note (1st Gen) for a friend, so please roll in your offers, Thanks
  13. paarkhi

    Cheapest Android ICS Tablet with Sim Slot?

    Friends, Can someone suggest the cheapest Android ICS Tab with the Sim Slot? (Non-Gamer) (but should play atleast 720p) Thanks
  14. paarkhi

    FS: Mobile Motorola Atrix

    Sold Elsewhere, @Freaky Please close the thread Thanks
  15. paarkhi

    What does this eBay listing is selling?

    Don't know where to post this as I don't know what is this listing for on eBay so better started the thread in General Talk? Can anyone explain what does this listing sell? 30pcs BNIB Samsung Galaxy S3 SIII 32GB Factory Unlocked!!! | eBay
  16. paarkhi

    Glucometer Urgent Help Needed

    Don't know whether this is the right forum for submitting my query for the purchase of a Glucometer, but please help me to find the right thing and online place to buy it urgently, ok, enough preface and now to the specifics. I want to buy a glucometer for some elderly person and I've heard...
  17. paarkhi

    FS: MP3 Player Apple iPod Classic 7th Gen 160GB Mint Condition

    Product Name: Apple iPod Classic 7th Gen 160GB Expected Price:SOLD Shipping charges - SOLD Manufacturer page URL: Description if any: The iPod is used rarely and always kept in the case since day 1 and will be shipping the case also. Reason for Sale: got...
  18. paarkhi

    Should I buy Motorola Atrix for 8K?

    Should I buy Motorola Atrix I have a friend who is planning to purchase a new mobile and presently has a Motorola Atrix (16GB AT&T Unlocked) which is going to sell, the phone is in good condition, I want to know whether should I buy it or not? I presently have Spice MI-410 which I plan to sell...
  19. paarkhi

    WTB Core2Duo Laptop with min 2GB RAM and 250GB HDD <=10K

    Product=Core2uo Laptop Condition=Less Wear and tear is good Screen Size=Not below 15.1" Price Range <=10,000 RAM=Min. 2GB DDR2 (should be expandable) HDD=Min. 250GB Brand=Doesn't Matter Warranty=Doesn't Matter Battery Backup=Doesn't Matter Please PM me your offers
  20. paarkhi

    Laptops Enquiry about Samsung Laptop Extended Warranty

    My Friend wants to purchase Samsung Laptop from flipkart, just want to know about how to extend warranty after the initial 1 year warranty and how is their A.S.S. He also liked Asus but TE is full of Asus A.S.S.(Rashi) horror stories so don't want to suggest him... Thanks all for reading.