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    Prices of Inverter ACs

    I feel the prices of inverter ACs will crash,just like the price of inverter refrigerators.These days even a basic 2 door refrigerator has a inverter compressor ,compared to say 2012 when inverter refrigerators where priced at a premium more then 40k upwards. In order to meet future BEE...
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    Michael Schumacher Leaves Hospital For Home
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    Camera Sony launches the worlds first compact Full Frame Camera,Full Frame A99

    Sony has come to Photokina firing on all cylinders.with the launch of the RX1 Compact camera,A99 Full Frame SLT ,NEX-6 mirrorless camera,VG900 Full Frame E Video camera. Sony has launched the Worlds First Compact Full Frame Point and Shoot Camera the RX1. Specs 24MP Full Frame Sensor Carl...
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    Camera Cameras to cost more

    Basic customs duty of 10% is being imposed on Digital Cameras which are capable of recording video with minimum resolution of 800 x 600 pixels, at minimum 23 frames per second, for at least 30 minutes in a single sequence using the maximum storage (including expanded) capacity. So after 2 to 3...
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    ADSL Modems and wifi-router with modem that doesn't restart during a power cut.

    I use a APC smart UPS and during the switch over from mains to back up, my old D-link GLB-502t modem restarts as does my old buffalo WBMR-G54 router cum modem. So anyone using a ADSL modem or modem cum wif-router that doesn't restart during a power cut despite using a UPS(except people who have...
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    What happened to google cache

    what happened to google cache,its no longer visible and you don't have the option to view the cache version of a webpage.
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    Camera Sony launches the worlds fastest semi pro camera A77

    Sony has launched the much awaited A77 and NEX-7 With many many worlds first A77 specs 24mp APS-C sensor, 2.4 million dot OLED viewfinder 12 fps with AF. 19 points (11 cross-type) Magnesium Alloy/Plastic Mositure/dust proof. 1080p 60p with phase detect AF. Comes with a new F2.8 16-80mm SSS...
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    Video RelianceDigital to upscale all 250 channels to HD like

    RelianceDigital says its going to upscale all 250 channels to HD like . Some articles going around the web says its for free(while some other articles say its going to be charged,but its unclear whether they meant for original HD channels). 250 TV channels in High Definition with Reliance...
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    Video Incredible Results from Mystery New TV Technology

    Incredible Results from Mystery New TV Technology says digitalversus or From the Lab: Incredible Results from Mystery New TV Technology They say is ,its a LCD with incredible viewing angle far better then all IPS based lcd. Has very very deep blacks and further more is a...
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    Video Reliance Digital tv has slashed the HD PVR price to 3990

    Reliance digital tv has now priced the HD PVR at 3990,all thanks to competition .Earlier it used to cost 5990. For existing customers it costs 3490. It comes with a 160gb HDD as opposed to the 500GB of tata Sky.
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    Video Tata Sky launches HD pvr for just 3990 (Update: with Star Plus & Star Movies HD)

    TataSky has yet again set the benchmark in pricing. Tata sky+HD has a 500GB HDD and costs justs 3990 . The only other DTH provider that has a HD pvr is reliance whose HD pvr comes with a 160GB HDD and costs 5990. source
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    Video CES 2011 plasma line up

    2011 plasma line up LG INFINIA PZ950 Series (50" and 60") LG's flagship plasma, Full HD 1080p 3D-enabled HDTV features uni-layer design, Ultra-slim bezel LG SmartTV with Magic Motion Remote THX 3D and 2D Display Certification TruBlack Filter 600Hz max Sub-field Driving, DLNA, Wi-Fi...
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    Video CES 2011 LCD line up

    LG lcd line up INFINIA LZ9700 (72" ) – 1080p 3D-enabled Full LED Slim technology with Local Dimming TruMotion 480Hz and THX 3D and 2D Display Certification (pending). LG SmartTV with Magic Remote, DLNA, Wi-Fi capability . INFINIA LW9500 Series (55" and 60") – 1080p 3D-enabled HDTV...
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    CPU/Mobo Intel sandy bridge Preview

    Anandtech has a preview of Intel next generation architecture code named Sandy Bridge. Badnews is you need a new motherboard. Part of Conclusion Read more The Sandy Bridge Preview - AnandTech :: Your Source for Hardware Analysis and News
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    Kill a watt meter

    Well for those who are lazy to make their own. MECO india has launched 220v kill a watt meter.For those who don't know MECO makes excellent multimeters,clamp meters of high quality. Meco Power guard measures voltage from 195 to 265v current of 0.02 ~ 10 A Active power ,power factor 0.2 to...
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    Video Big TV HD DVR price dropped to INR 4990/-

    The price of big tv HD PVR slashed from 7500 to a new price of 4990. For existing customers its 4490
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    Camera Worlds first Consumer Interchangeable lens HD Camcorder

    Sony Debuts World's First Consumer Interchangeable Lens HD Camcorder NEWS! - Digital Cameras, Digital Imaging, Digital Photography, Digital Scanners with 16mm lens with 18-55mm lens with 18-200mm lens equivalent to 11x optical zoom with Zeiss lens Will costs MSRP $2000 with the...
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    Video Tata Sky launches HD shatters the price barrier.

    Well guys tata sky has launched their HD stb for Rs2599 making it the cheapest. Read more hereTata Sky launches HD service for Rs2,599 existing customers will get 1 year free HD gold pack and new customers get the same pack for 2 months free. At 2.6k its the cheapest,rival DISH TV has priced...
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    Camera Sony may launch PELLIX cameras this year

    Sony to launch A33 & A55 PELLIX cameras this year Well looks like a potential good news for people who want DSLRs to take videos. The PELLIX cameras have a fixed mirror which is semi transparent just like old film based canon EOSRT launched in the late 1989.unlike normal SLR and DSLR where the...
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    Camera Sony NEW compact cameras with interchangeable lens

    Sony has launched the new NEX range of cameras its supports the new E mount lenses and with optional adaptor regular alpha ,carl ziess and minolta lenses. the NEX5 and NEX3 both have a APS-C size 14mega pixel HD Exmor sensor They both can shoot HD videos NEX3 720p and NEX5 1080i but has a...