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    WTB Want to buy GC for Gaming PC(budget:6-15k)

    Hi, I want to buy a GPU for my PC, it doesn't matter if it's AMD or GeForce. But the price should be right. 1594030184 bump 1594030217 bump
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    WTB Want to buy 120/140 mm AIO/Liquid/Water Cooler

    Hi, I want to buy 120/140 mm AIO, anyone who want to sell PM me.
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    WTB Looking for Liquid Coolers and 144hz monitor

    I want to buy a liquid cooler for some overclocking in my Ryzen 3600x and any 144 Hz monitor (1440p is preferred). 1593945329 I already purchased the monitor from another seller, if anyone has low/mid-range water cooler,/AIO, and want to sell it. Contact me.