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    WTB Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB 2400 C16

    Model: Corsair Vengeance LPX CMK8GX4M1A2400C16 Looking for this specific stick. Shoot me a PM if you're looking to sell one.
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    FS: Laptop Lenovo Ideapad 300 - Ryzen 5, 8GB, 1TB, FHD 15.6", Win10

    Selling my Ideapad laptop. It is used only for a few hours since purchase. There is a small, barely noticeable white spot on the bottom right of the screen(pics in attach). Both RAM and storage(M.2) are expandable. Product link
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    Budget 31-40k Help Laptop for work

    Its been quite some time since I posted on here. I'm looking to buy a laptop and I'm really lost. I'll mostly be using it for browsing and running containers and VMs. Play a game or two occasionally. I am looking for Ryzen 5 laptops atm. I have a spare 2.5 inch SATA SSD. It'd be nice if I...
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    GPU around 6k

    Looking for a GPU for around 6k. Gtx660/670/770
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    WTB Pantech Burst mobo

    As the title states, want a burst mobo.
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    WTB Xspc rasa 240/360 kit

    Hit me a pm if you've got one for sale..
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    Budget 0-20k Help picking CPU, MOBO and PSU.

    I am only looking for CPU, mobo,RAM and PSU. I have all the other parts. Plz suggest the best config i can get within 20k. I also wouldn't mind buying used stuff. Prefer AMD and will need a 650W+ PSU as I'll be running GTX460sli. Here's what I already have: 2xGTX460 BenQ G2220HD WD 500 Blk...
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    I'm looking for a 5770 in good condition, pm me asap if you've got one. Sent from my Blade using Tapatalk
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    MIUI supprting phone.

    I'm looking for a phone that supports MIUI ROM, want to trade it for my 5 month old XCD35+cash.
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    Looking for a 8600GT, shoot me a PM if you've got one. adizz Sent from my Blade using Tapatalk
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    Dead GPUs

    Looking for dead GPUs, PM me ASAP if you've got one. Want ones with display corruption and such problems not completely dead ones.
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    8GB MicroSDHC

    Im looking for an 8gig card, need one ASAP.
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    Best phone within 11k.

    What would be the best phone within 11k, it should run android and it shouldn't be Dell XCD35 as I am using one already. :D Thanks in advance. Sent from my ZTE-BLADE using Tapatalk
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    Motorola Milestone

    Hi ppl As the title says I'm on the lookout for a milestone and I need one urgently. Sent from my ZTE-BLADE using Tapatalk
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    HTC Wildfire vs Dell XCD35

    I had enough of Nokia and Symbian, going Android. But now, I'm in a bit confused between wildfire and xcd35. Both are selling at similar prices on flipkart. I'm leaning towards the XCD35 because of the bigger screen and camera isn't that important for me. Thanks in advance
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    Nokia 5233

    Up for sale is my 5233, its running on ported C6 CFW. Comes with all accessories with bill, box and will throw in a 2GB SD card for free. Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Nokia 5233 Expected Price: Rs 4kshipped Time of Purchase: 4 July 2010 Reason for Sale: Going...
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    775 stock HSF

    I need an intel stock HSF for socket 775, will be selling my TRUE soon as I'm not into OCing off late.
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    500gb hdd

    I need a 500GB HDD ASAP, my current storage drive seems to be dying therefore I need a backup drive. If you've got one PM me. Thanks --- Updated Post - Automerged --- Found one locally, I request the mods to close the thread.
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    Orange San Francisco/Zte Blade

    Looking for Orange San Francisco/Zte Blade. If you've got one shoot me a PM. Cheers
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    Best Android phone within 20k

    As the title says, I've had enough of Nokia/Symbian crap and decided to move on. Budget 20k, must have an upgrade to Gingerbread. I was looking at Milestone, Defy, Desire. Defy interests me big time, but I wonder if there are better offerings at 20k. I need scratch resistant glass like gorilla...