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    WTB LGA 775 motherboard with 4 DDR2 slots required

    Posting again as I didn't purchase a board earlier. I need a spare motherboard for my Q6600. It has to support 8 GB DDR2 (4 X 2GB RAM). All four RAM slots should be working. Full ATX preferred, but will consider MATX if available. Seller should be willing to ship to Ahmedabad. Thanks for...
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    WTB LGA 775 motherboard with 4 DDR2 slots required

    As mentioned, I need a spare motherboard for my Q6600. It has to support 8 GB DDR2 (4 X 2GB RAM). Full ATX preferred, but will consider MATX if available. Seller should be willing to ship to Ahmedabad. Thanks for looking,
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    Needed : Techie for Hosting company

    Not sure if this is the correct forum, if not, mods please inform. We need a person with linux experience. They should be comfortable with scripting. This role will also entail replying to support tickets. They would also set up clients as well as deploy servers. A familiarity with Firewalls...
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    WTB Cheap Wifi Router~Rs 500

    Need a WiFi router around Rs 500 to extend range of my existing WiFi setup. Please let me know if anyone has one to sell. Thanks,
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    Corsair Customer Support - Feedback Thread

    This is a small post to show my appreciation of the way Corsair India handled my RMA request. My VX450 conked out by itself on Monday, and I didn't have much time to pursue the replacement, and therefore, nothing was done then. I called my computer service guy on Tuesday, and of course, he...
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    Sapphire HD 4870 512MB

    For sale is a Sapphire HD4870 with 512 MB RAM. Expected price is Rs. 3500 There are no accessories bundled with the card. The card works (thats why its for sale, right?). I'd prefer a local sale in Ahmedabad, shipping can be considered but will be given second preference. Only people with...
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    Storage Solutions Reallocated sector count RMA?

    I have this Seagate 7200.12 500GB hard disk that I bought about 4-5 months ago. From day 1, it has a reallocated sector count of 35 that hasn't changed. Should I have this RMA'd? The problem here is that I don't want to give a perfectly working drive and get a 'certified repaired' one in...
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    I'd like to buy a used Q6600 G0 (in working condition obviously). Please do mention the stepping, warranty status, whether its been overclocked, and your final price when reverting. You will be asked to provide clear photographs of the product as well as relevant screenshots (CPUZ etc etc)...
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    WTB E2140/2160/E4300 or similar and hard disk

    Hello, Needed - 1 E2140 or E2160 or E4300 (Any cheap Core 2) - please quote your price. 1 Hard disk (anything greater than 80GB) - in warranty without bad sectors - within 1K Seller should be willing to ship to Ahmedabad, and provide some testing warranty. Please reply here, or PM with your...
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    Recipe : Great sandwich

    I read the midnight snacks thread, and its mostly maggi. Here's something different for a change. Very easy to make, its a great sandwich filling, and will keep those hunger pangs away :) . purchase a bottle of mustard paste and a bottle of mayonnaise, firstly. Ingredients 1 Cabbage, 1 large...
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    PC Peripherals Alternative Dell E228WFP Settings

    Hello friends, These alternative low brightness settings work for me - calibrated of course. Its very useful when you're working in the night with a low light (or no light) ambience! The other settings with high brightness are too bright for me, particularly when I have to look from my CRT...
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    The story of my rig..

    Ok, so heres the story, I'd assembled my rig and modded it early on. Looked great, and all that. But, I had to wait for the fans. Bikey helped me in my search, but 92 mm LED fans weren't to be found anywhere here. Thanks to KMD, I finally got my fans, and fitted them in today. Current Rig...
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    Mumbai members - help w/printing needed asap

    Hi guys, One of my friends is in Mumbai for two days. He needs to get some documents printed urgently. He'll be staying somewhere around Grant road. If anyone knows any place close by where he can have his documents printed, it'd be a great help. Addresses or phone numbers or any other details...
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    WTB : Socket 939 Motherboard

    Hi, I am planning to purchase a S939 3000+ . For that, I would require a decent motherboard. If anyone has a motherboard in good condition that they're willing to part with, do tell me. Obviously it should be in good working condition, and non repaired. I'd prefer it if it was in warranty. My...
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    PC Peripherals Help me choose between these two 500W VIP PSU's

    Since neither Antec or cooler-master are available here (or in stock) at present, I have no other option but to go for one of those VIP/Powersafe PSUs' . My question is, how good are they? I had the opportunity today, to check them for myself and here's what I found. VIP Powersafe 500W (silver)...
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    A warm hello from Ahmedabad

    Hi Guys, New to this forum (not new to computers though). I'm in the process of assembling my next computer. Funnily enough, I never came across this forum till now, but as I looked through it, I can see a wealth of information and some very knowledgeable members. I'm looking forward to the...
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    PC Peripherals Budget Cabinet with transparent window and couple other things

    Hello, Can anyone recommend a cabinet which has a transparent window. I'm in Ahmedabad, and we don't have much of a choice here - zebronics series might be available, but I'm also looking for other options - any ideas? Also, NO good power supplies are available here apart from powersafe/vip -...