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    FS: Laptop MSI Netbook for 6000

    For your Consideration USED MSI wind U100 Netbook, Product Name: MSI Wind U100 Expected Price: Rs 6000 Shipping charges : NIL -> No Shipping Manufacturer page URL: Reason for Sale: Not using Anymore Product condition: 8/10...
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    WTB Samsung Focus / Focus Flash

    Hi, Looking to buy a Samsung Focus / Focus Flash -> Windows Phone. Please let me know if anyone wants to sell one.
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    FS: Mobile FS HTC T8788 aka HTC 7 16GB

    For sale is a HTC T8788 aka HTC 7 Surround 16GB, phone was a ordered for a friend, now friend wants something else. The phone was just delivered to us yesterday. All features of the phone have been tested and runs smoothly. It’s unlocked for all networks. Please note this is 16GB phone...
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    Accel Frontline - Seagate Gives me back a Broken Drive After RMA

    10-14 days back I had given my 1 TB Seagate drive for RMA, MY RMA Number - SGTBETxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Today I go pick up my drive - Happy to see a brand new drive I take it come back home and now I see that the data pin is broken!! I havnt even connected the dirve! My Delivery Challan No -...
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    WTB LGA 775 CPU With HSF

    WTB LGA 775 Cpu. I need it by the coming monday. Already have Mobo/ram just need a CPU with HSF. Kindly PM me if anyone is selling. Thanks Sandy
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    Airtel sending an agent home asking for ID Proof?

    just got a call from home.. airtel has send some agent asking for ID proof and a photograph :huh: called up customer support and as usual they seem to know nothing. strictly told mom not to hand over any documents to this lamer until I can verify who the fckk he is. coming home like this...
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    UMG 1831 3G USB Modem

    This modem needs no introduction. 1831 is one of the best 3G modems. Unfortunately I wont be switching to 3G anytime soon. My EVDO will do for now. This modem is fully unlocked and can work with any provider. Modem was bought from our very own TE dealer dvdstoredelhi 7-10 days back. 6...
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    Cheap LGA 775 CPUs

    As the title says I need some cheap LGA 775 cpus. Any E2150, E4300, etc will do. Please PM me :) --- Updated Post - Automerged --- Bump! ............
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    Ati 4850 512mb

    Selling my ATI 4850 512MB. Dual slot cooler. The large dual slot heatsink fan keeps temps under control! Card idles at 40-41C and stays uder 60C at full load while gaming. Reason for sale Downgrade - Not gaming anymore. 1)ATI 4850 512mb Condition - Good working condition. Warranty -...
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    8800 gts

    Xfx 8800 gts Selling my old video card as Im not using it anymore. Got it back from RMA couple of months back. 1)8800 GTS 320mb (320bit) Condition - Good working condition. comes with Box + accessories etc, everything that came with the card. Warranty - Expired (Will provide non DOA...
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    World of Outlaws (XboX 360) New

    Up for grabs today is a brand new XboX 360 title World Of Outlaws NTSC Disc. This is totally brand new unopened sealed game which I got as a gift. Reason for sale - Got it as a gift & I dont need it. Price - R.s - 1,999 Shipped :) Bangalore buyers can take it for slightly less. PICS...
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    Buffalo- WHR G300N (wireless N router)

    Posting on behalf a friend. Brand new WHR G300N, Comes with original box, cables and everything else. Like most buffalo routers the stock firmware was utterly useless. Opened and Flashed to latest build of DDWRT firmware.. Buffalo Technology - Products - WHR-G300N : Wireless-N Nfiniti™...
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    OC & Modding Old shcool stuff :p

    Another cold rainy day here :@ Going through my old stuff I found some memory sticks. Thought of selling them off until I saw the chips on 2 of them :ohyeah: The chips on these are D9GCT's. Yes-yes I still love all D9Gxx's especially the GKX :P Seeing the chips I expected atleast 800@...
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    Give away - Junk (real junk)

    Found some junk which needs to go away. I will not test anything. Everything Given as is. NO warranty, NO returns no matter what. I Will not be held responsible if any of these parts cause any damage to you or any other part that you try using them with :P 2x mercury PSU Condition -...
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    WR642G Wifi Router

    Posting this on behalf of a friend who wants to sell this Wifi router. This is a Brand new, opened but unused TPlink WIFI router TP-LINK TL-WR642G Exact same thing as listed here. - TP-LINK TL-WR642G IEEE 802.11b/g Super G & eXtended Range 108Mbps Wireless Router - Wireless Routers...
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    Buffalo WHR-G125, WHR g54s

    Anyone selling any of these routers?? Don't care about warranty, Just need something that works :) PM if anyone wants to sell their old routers. Any of these will do Buffalo WHR-G125, WHR g54s, Linksys WRT54GL
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    Some things -Price dropped!

    Selling a Few thing that I don't use any more. Anyone interested can PM me. Splinter Cell chaos theory - SOLD (CD key not registered) Doom 3 - SOLD (CD key not registered) 2GB Pen Drives Transcend and Kingston SOLD Warranty - DOA 4 days testing warranty. 128MB SD...
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    Laptop DDR2 256x2 512Mb

    A couple of my friends upgraded their laptop memory. Hynix Original 256x2 DDR2 533mhz - - 250 shipped All of them are working fine, Will provide 5 days of testing non DOA warranty. Anyone Interested can PM me. I usually ship the same day payment is made. Pictures ImageShack -
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    P4 1.7ghz @ 500 Shipped

    Selling some old computer parts on behalf of a friend, He upgraded to something better and doesn't need this anymore. Everything works fine, I will personally test everything once more before shipping it out. P4 Socket 478 1.7ghz Includes Intel heatsink Fan Warranty DOA - 4 Days Testing...
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    Laptop DDR2 256x2 512Mb 250 shipped

    A couple of my friends upgraded their laptop memory. Hynix Original 256x2 DDR2 533mhz - - 300 shipped Infineon DDR1 256MB 333mhz -250 shipped ImageShack Gallery All of them are working fine, Will provide 5 days of testing non DOA warranty. Anyone Interested can PM me. I usually ship the...