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  1. soggy316

    FS: Others Corsair HX620 [SOLD]

    Corsair HX620 6+ Years old, never stressed. Ships from pune
  2. soggy316

    FS: Video Card HD5850 [SOLD]

    Selling my old HD5850 as i have moved on to a 1060, Its old (6 years or more) but it has not really been stressed in that time. I am in pune, shipping will be pricey considering the sale price of the item.
  3. soggy316

    Budget 0-20k Upgrading my GFX Card and PSU

    So my old monitor is almost dead, and i got myself a Korean 27"QHD. My RAdeon 5850 and COrsair HX620 are also ageing, so i am inclined to replace them I was thinking of getting a Seasonic 520W and a mid range gfx card. But the 10xx series have moved the mar to 18-19k at the minimum. What can i...
  4. soggy316

    FS: RAM 2x1GB Patriot RAM - Price Dropped

    Patriot DDR2 RAM PC6400 PC2 (4-4-4) 2.2V purchased from Price dropped to 500 2 sticks of 1GB 7 Days testing warranty. Shipping extra (should be ~40 rupees) Will prefer people who buy this in combo with the processor i have up for sale
  5. soggy316

    FS: Processor E6750 (LGA775) - Price dropped

    The E6750 is lying unused, so selling it. Unused Stock cooler included. Preference given to those who would buy the processor and the RAM from this thread. Shipping at actuals. I'll provide a 7 day warranty from the day you receive the component. PM for offers/comments on price.
  6. soggy316

    FS: Others ATI4350 / CM690 / 17" CRT / Socket 1176 Mobo/Via gfx Card

    I am cleaning out my stuff, so i have a bunch of things lying around that i'm not using anymore. 1. XFX ATI 4350 - Budget GFX Card with original box - Barely used, was my bridge card while i saved up for a more expensive one - ₹500 SOLD 2. Cooler Master 690 Cabinet - ₹500 SOLD 3. Samsung...
  7. soggy316

    Storage Solutions Are there any reliable external HDD Casings on a budget?

    I'm looking to get a 2TB HDD (3.5") for backing up my stuff. I'd like to have an external casing + internal HDD config. Looking at the amazon and ebay results, there seem to be a bunch of casings at 1500-2000 level and the n it jumps to 5k and then to 10k. Are the 1500 casings any good? The...
  8. soggy316

    Budget 20-25K What are the odds of the previous gen flagships dropping to 25k levels

    I'm looking for a phone with a kickass camera, MP does not matter, but low light performance (and OIS) matters. As the 2016 models have been announced, is there any chance of the previous generation flagships dropping to the 20-25k levels? I am talking stuff like the S6, G4, or even the iPhone...
  9. soggy316

    Budget 0-20k Upgrading gfx card/psu

    I've got a i5 4440 with 8GB RAM (which i might bump up to 16), and am looking to replace my ageing 5850 and corsair hx650. I am a mild gamer, so i want a reasonably capable gfx card that can handle stuff like KSP, Rocket league, Total War / Cities skylines type strat games. The most stress...
  10. soggy316

    TP-Link 740n + DD-WRT - is beta firmware an issue ?

    I didn't want to open a whole new thread for a small Q about DD-WRT. I have a TP-link router, and want to install DD-WRT (primarily for the bandwidth monitor) the download page says my router is supported but the verison is beta. Does that mean it is unstable or something or is it fine, and...
  11. soggy316

    TATA DOCOMO in Pune

    I am coming up to 3 months on my BSNL number (a mistake which i sorely regret). and was planning to port either to Voda or DoComo, Docomo primarily because their data rates are cheaper. Does anyone have any experience with them in pune, specifically the aundh-baner-pashan area? how is the range...
  12. soggy316

    FS: MP3 Player Unused 16GB iPod Nano 7th generation

    iPod Nano 7th generation, got as a gift. never used. Only opened box to take picture of it in working condition for this sale thread. Earbuds and usb cable are also untouched. Shipping at actuals. One week testing warranty. If you have issues with the price, PM rather than crap the...
  13. soggy316

    WP Asus Transformer T100 vs. Dell venue Pro 11

    So, a friend of a friend is coming from the US and I am thinking of getting a WP tablet. I want a 10 incher, and my budget is $500. Primary use would be watching tv shows (480p hdtv/720p hdtv quality), music, browsing and some light ms-office. (Although I might be tempted to try to load...
  14. soggy316

    Car & Bike How to dispose of a car

    ********Disclaimer********** There may or may not be a dead hooker in the trunk. ********Disclaimer********** Long story short, I have a ~33 year old Toyota (a corona) Imported from Russia (vodka included). It belonged to my grandfather's brother. He passed away in the late 90's. Nobody did...
  15. soggy316

    Budget 31-40k Mid-range general purpose build

    What is your budget? 30-50k (the lower the better :P) What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and model) CPU - Intel Q9550 cooled by CM Hyper 212 Motherboard - Abit iP35-Pro GPU - ATI 4850 RAM - 8GB Gskill DDR2 800Mhz Monitor - Dell 2410 PSU - Corsair...
  16. soggy316

    Linux Combine mulitple keystrokes into one (RHEL)

    So I am on RHEL at work, and occasionaly need to process a large number of images at once (Typically 40) Now, I have automated the powerpoint side of things (transparency, positioning, orientation), but I require the minimum trim (not whitespace around) version of the images. I get an...
  17. soggy316

    Wifi/Wired router

    Since everyone in the house now has a laptop/smart phone, I am planning to switch my YOU telecom router to a wifi one. Currently I have a wired modem/router that my main PC is connected to, I want a router that still allows this connection (ethernet to PC) and still provides a secure wifi...
  18. soggy316

    WTB Lumia 900

    Looking for a used lumia 900 expected price : 15k (i realize it is a bit of a lowball, but you can get a new one from an ebay power seller for 18.5k) The screen and internals should be fine, i do not care about usage marks on the rest of the body. Location: Pune, around pune (anywhere around...
  19. soggy316

    WTB Xbox 360 wired controller

    The steam sale caused me to buy a couple of games that would best be enjoyed on a controller. I am from pune, and am looking for a local or near- local deal,. PM me if you want to sell your controller.
  20. soggy316

    Disney buys Lucasfilm, Episodes 7,8,9 announced

    Source: Buy Lucasfilm, Disney will - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) IGN also has a few articlles up on the deal and the sequels. A new trilogy, could be freaking awesome or a complete disaster. 2015 - Avengers 2, Justice League and Episode 7. :O I for one would prefer a...