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    FS: Games [PS4] Uncharted 4, Collection and Lost Legacy

    For Sale are Mint Copies of the following PS Exclusives. 1. Uncharted 4 : Rs 650 2. Uncharted : The Nathan Drake Collection - Rs 800 3. Uncharted : Lost Legacy - Rs 1100 Buy all 3 at Rs 2400 Pics : Condition for all discs and boxes is immaculate. Shipping...
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    FS: Keyboard and Mice Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse, RGB Backlit, 20 Programmable Buttons

    For sale is Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse, RGB Backlit, 20 Programmable Buttons Condition - Good 4/5. Bought but very rarely used. May have slight usage marks. Has been catching dust ever since i bought it...
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    Uncharted 4 PS4

    As the title suggests, i am looking to buy a used copy of Uncharted 4. Must be in mint condition. PM me with offers. Delhi sellers preferred. Thanks!
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    FS: Mobile Aukey QuickCharge 3.0 3-Port USB Wall Charger

    AUKEY 3-Port USB Wall Charger with Quallcom Quick Charge 3.0 Model - PA-T14 (Round Pin type compatible with Indian Sockets) Condition - Mint. 4.9/5. No scratches or usage marks. Was used for around a month or so and is kept unused since. Date of Purchase...
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    WTB Aukey or Branded Micro USB Cable

    Looking for a microUSB cable. Preferrably a branded one like Aukey or something like that. New ones only. Short length cables would also do fine. Thanks.
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    FS: Mobile (Price Dropped) LG G4 32 GB Dual H818P - Red Leather Back

    For Sale is LG G4 32 GB Dual Sim Variant H818P - Red Leather Back Condition - Cosmetic condition is Immaculate, Pristine and Mint , 9.5 on a scale of 10. No scratches, smudges, dents are there. Usage...
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    FS: Consoles Nitho Drive Pro 3 Driving Wheel for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC

    For sale is Nitho Drive Pro 3 Driving Wheel for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC Condition - Mint , 5/5. No scratches or usage marks at all. Used only one or two times with a Xbox 360 as i didn't find it easy to adapt to a wheel. Worked pretty well. Selling it as it is lying unused and is not required...
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    FS: Others HMT Pilot White Dial + Blue Hands Mechanical Watch , NATO Strap

    For Sale is a HMT Pilot Mechanical Watch (White Dial + Blue Hands), which is bought from a GO that happened on TE. Used for a week when it was bought and has been kept unused since. Condition is good - 4 out of 5. Some usage marks/scratches on the outer glass. One can refer to pics for getting...
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    FS: Mobile Samsung Wireless Charging Pad (Black)

    Sold! For Sale is a rarely used Samsung Charging Pad (Black). Used only once or twice and is in pristine condition. Got this with my brother's...
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    FS: Games God of War 3 GOTY and EA Madden NFL 16 PS3 ; NEW PACKED

    For sale are few of the console games i bought over last few months. Selling as i am not getting time to play due to a new job and hectic schedule. 1. God of War 3 (PS3) Game of the Year Edition Price : Rs. 490. 2. Madden NFL 16 (PS3)...
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    Budget 20-25K LG G4 now : to buy or not to buy?

    Hey all, As the title suggests, i am looking to upgrade from my LG G2 AT&T version. The phone has served me well and is still going good. I am getting an Imported LG G4 Dual Sim Leather Back Variant at for 22k after using coupons. Is it wise to buy it now? Any cons? How is the battery...
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    WTB Western Digital 500GB or 1TB Laptop Internal HDD

    Looking for a used but in perfect condition, probably with some warranty left, a western digital laptop internal HDD with a capacity of 500GB or 1TB or even more. Here are some googled-out links with current pricing for what i am looking 1 TB ...
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    WTB OnePlus One or similar phone

    Looking for OnePlus One to replace my LG G2. Budget is 14-15k max. Condition has to be pristine. Atleast 9/10. Warranty should be there. Will also consider similar phones. Delhi NCR sellers preferred.
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    WTB Cases/Covers for LG G2 D800 / D802

    As the title suggests, i am looking for some good cases and covers for my LG G2 AT&T D800. However, the ones meant for D802 Indian version will also fit. Not interested in flip covers. Shoot me a PM if you have something i want. PS: Looking for cases/covers in excellent or new condition...
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    FS: Mobile JBL Micro II Portable Speaker

    Bought from on 19.02.2014 Product Link - micro ii portable speaker&ref=29fad0c5-8425-4961-b432-f0d98fb51c1b UPDATE : Found the invoice. Warranty...
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    FS: Home Audio Video Nude Audio M Bluetooth Portable Speaker

    Bought from on 22.12.2014. Impulse Purchase. Hardly used since it was bought. All accessories, box intact. Invoice available. Can ship at actuals. Pics:
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    FS: MP3 Player Sansa Clip + 8 GB Black (Brand New Sealed)

    Asking Price : Price dropped to Rs. 3999 Bought from on 28.11.2014. Had bought two to save on shipping. This has been lying unused since. I have priced accordingly to what I can find lowest in India. Best I could find in India is on for Rs. 4350 without warranty...
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    FS: Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note n7000 + Accessories

    The phone was bought for Rs. 32500 from Sangeetha Mobiles. Has been used very carefully. No scratches except normal usage marks on the screen or back. Bezel has faded and has slight blemishes and minute cracks due to usage on sides. (Refer to pics) Will also include: Samsung 16GB Class 6...
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    FS: Mobile Xiaomi Mi3 with more than 8 months warranty left + Nillkin Accessories

    Condition is 9/10 There is very small nick on top right edge of the phone. (refer to the pic no. 6 for the same). There is not other usage mark or blemishes or any sort of scratches. Accessories being provided are: Nillkin Super Frosted Shield Rubberized Back Cover Brown + unused Screenguard...
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    WTB LG G2 or Similar phone (within 20k)

    as the title suggests, i am looking for a mint condition (preferably new or near new) lg g2 or any other phone for my brother. Imported ones would do. Budget is limited to 20k and can be stretched depending upon availabilty of better options. My location is Delhi NCR. Let me know.