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  1. red-devil

    Small blogging solutions

    One of my cousins who is a teenager is now getting this urge to start a blog/website and reached out to me for advice. She needs: Custom domain name Hosting solution to run a blog Normally, I would have asked her to sign up for Wordpress or something but she wants to have a custom domain name...
  2. red-devil

    Budget 21-30k Light and Sturdy laptop for parents

    My parents' laptop is now showing signs of age so I'm looking to buy a new one for them. Their basic usage is browsing, checking email a few times a day and watching stuff on youtube. I want the laptop to be as light as possible and of course sturdy enough. Don't care too much about the OS as...
  3. red-devil

    Moving to Pune.. suggestions

    I'm going to be moving to Pune to start a new job next week. The office is going to be in Yerwada. My wife is giving interviews now and she might end up working in Hinjewadi area (nothing is confirmed yet for her). Neither of us have ever been to Pune so would like some suggestions- Which...
  4. red-devil

    FIRE in India. Your thoughts?

    I recently came across something called FIRE (Financial Independence and Retiring Early) on Reddit and seems like a lot of the people there were considering "wealth targets" like around 1-2cr rupees as the point where they can retire early. So in terms of achieving this mythical "Financial...
  5. red-devil

    iOS ipad 2017 and ios11

    Anyone here owns an iPad 2017 (the relatively cheaper version, not the pro lineup) and has tried out ios 11 on that device? People are harping on the improvements in ios but no body seems to be talking about how the new version of ios responds/behaves on devices like ipad2017 that are not really...
  6. red-devil

    Holy Cow! What is going on..

    I'm guessing everyone knows about the whole cow slaughter/trade ban and the opposition to it from states like Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Yesterday, there were these posts about "Dravidanadu" doing the rounds on Twitter. Today a fecking judge from the Rajasthan High Court said this: What's going...
  7. red-devil

    AWS certifications

    I work as a developer for one of the desi companies (basically maintenance stuff) and it's been a while that I've been doing this same crap. I was wondering if a change in scenery would help me get out of this routine. One of my friends was pushing me to take up one of the AWS certification...
  8. red-devil

    Laptops MBP 2014 - should I buy one/any alternatives?

    Looks like Apple have refreshed (?) the MBP's with upgraded processor and extra RAM across all models (15"). The base model 13" MBP also has gotten a RAM upgrade but the storage is still stuck at 128GB. My current 2 year old laptop is working fine but I'm getting that "khujli" to buy a mac now...
  9. red-devil

    Laptop lying around. Need suggestions on what to do with it.

    So like the thread title says, I have a spare laptop which is pretty low config (less than 2 gigs of RAM and a low ass AMD processor, no dedicated graphics card, a few hundred GB HDD). It is currently running Ubuntu. I want to make some use of it. The config is too low end to give it away to a...
  10. red-devil

    Mumbai Airport - International to Domestic transfer + Customs

    I'm heading to Bangalore via Mumbai and since I have a 3 hour layover in Mumbai, I was planning to meet some of my friends there. Since Mumbai is my port of entry, I'm assuming I will have to go through customs there. I'm carrying a few things - 1 laptop, 1 ipad, 1 DSLR with 3 lenses, 3...
  11. red-devil


    I never got the hang of podcasts but I want to give it another try. Anybody here who regularly listens to one? Any suggestions? I'm not sure about any specific genre that I'd like to start off with but I'm definitely not interested in listening to some college kids blabber about movies...
  12. red-devil

    So NYE then..

    (New Year's Eve for those who didn't understand) What's the fuss all about? What did you guys do/plan to do? Seeing as this forum does not have a single thread about the New Year celebrations, I'm guessing most of you don't/didn't care one bit for this thing? Personally I've never given a...
  13. red-devil

    iOS iPad Air and iOS n00b - help please!

    After bugging a lot of people with what an iPad can and cannot do and hijacking a couple of threads on this forum, I've finally gone ahead and bought the iPad. I've used it for a day and a half and there are some things that I've liked and a few that I haven't. Note: This is my first foray in...
  14. red-devil

    Slow day at work?

    As the title says, what do you do on a slow day at work? Browse? Read books? Let the suggestions flow NSFW stuff, please :D
  15. red-devil

    Real Estate - Not a good investment?

    Like most other people, I've grown up believing that real estate- a house/property is perhaps the best way to invest. I'm at that stage of my life where I have to decide whether to buy a house/buy a plot of land or invest money somewhere else that would give me a good return. Property wise, I'm...
  16. red-devil

    Car & Bike Two wheeler lying unused for over a year - some queries

    I'm not sure if my query merits a separate thread. I did a search around here and couldn't find any kind of generic thread for small queries (which do not warrant a thread). @mods: please move/merge as you deem fit. Or if it sounds good, can you just let this thread be as a place for asking...