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  1. thexfactor

    Xiaomi Mi3 - not charging without windows driver ?

    Guys, do we need to install any driver for this to get detected in windows? It does start charging initially when connected via USB, but the driver install fails as no driver found for the device - MI3W and it stops charging too, happened both on my PC & laptop with Win7 SP1 X64, for reference...
  2. thexfactor

    FS: Storage Hardware WD 1TB Green (Warranty until June 2014)

    Hi All, Looking to sell off my 1 TB Western Digital Green Drive (WD10EADS) as I've recently got a new 3 TB drive and don't have space for this one. The drive is in immaculate condition and has been used to store my movie collection and has been connected to a good power supply (Corsair HX620)...
  3. thexfactor

    Unlocking Samsung SCH-I500 (Verizon Fascinate)

    Hi Guys, As you must have guessed, I've got a Samsung SCH-I500 (CDMA) locked to verizon, that I want to use here with Reliance. I searched online but couldn't find much help. Please let me know if there is any chance of getting it unlocked and the procedure/place to get it done. URL ...
  4. thexfactor

    FS: Video Card Palit Radeon HD 4870 1GB DDR5 Sonic Dual Edition

    Hello people, Looking to sell my Palit Radeon HD 4870 1GB DDR5 Sonic Dual Edition card since I've not been gaming for a long time. It's been used along with a Corsair HX620 PSU in a well ventilated NZXT Tempest EVO under decent temperatures all this time, haven't overclocked or faced any...
  5. thexfactor

    Storage Solutions Availability of USB 3 based drives

    Guys, has anyone got a clue if the new USB 3 based drives are available here and the pricing?? I need a large capacity drive, and hoping with USB 3 it should match or better the speeds offered by eSata, will be using it on my Gigabyte 890GPA-UD3H mobo.
  6. thexfactor

    Finally a Full HD Monitor :P

    So, I've been thinking about big screen gaming since a long time, already have a 40" Samsung but since I prefer PC gamin to a PS3, dragging along my cabby to the TV everytime I wanted to play was a big PITA :P So decided to do away with my present 22" Viewsonic (which goes to the backup rig) and...
  7. thexfactor

    VirtualBox : increasing virtual machine's display resolution

    Hey guys, I've been trying out a few OS's on virtual machines using Oracle VirtualBox 3.2. Whenever I create a virtual machine the display resolution is set to 800x600, I want to increase this (and set as default) to 1440x900 (my desktop res. is 1680x1050) , could someone tell me how to go about...
  8. thexfactor

    Rated X-X-X-X

    So finally I managed to upgrade from my X2 3600+ to something significantly better :D It all started with me getting the urge to start gaming again, so picked up this 4870 1GB :D However the processor seemed to be a major bottleneck, so decided to go for something better. The Phenom X2 555...
  9. thexfactor

    Camera Suggest a VFM Camcorder upto 15k

    Guys, I'm looking to get a cheap camcorder with decent features within a budget of 15k, if thats possible :ashamed: I'm confused between the ones based on miniDV, HDD and Flash technologies, which one is recommended ?? ease of use is necessary along with good enough video quality, would...
  10. thexfactor

    AMD Athlon 3000+ ASRock Dual SATA2 + 512MB RAM

    Guys looking to sell my old Athlon 64 based setup. It's an AMD Athlon 64 3000+ (Venice) along with a ASRock Dual SATA2 Motherboard (Supports both AGP and PCI-E graphic cards) and 512mb of Hynix RAM (333Mhz). Looking to sell the whole setup as a combo and not individually :) Here's a review...
  11. thexfactor

    Inverter battery : Exide INVARED vs INVATUBULAR

    Guys I'm looking to replace my currently dead (only 2yr old :@) Lucas battery with a 150aH Exide Tubular battery, however there seem to be multiple options available i.e InvaRed and InvaTubular and I'm confused between the two. I'm getting the Invared 500(150aH) for about 10k no idea about the...
  12. thexfactor

    Mac OS Cloning a Mac parttion

    I recently got a new drive and needed to transfer my OSX Leopard ( Hackint0sh ) partition to that drive, I dont want to install again, cause installing it and getting all things working again could be a huge PITA. is there any reliable and easy to use software to clone the partition, while...
  13. thexfactor

    2 x 500GB Western Digital AAKS Drives

    I seem to have run out of SATA ports on my motherboard, need to sell these 500GB WD (AAKS) drives to make way for the larger drives I've got recently :) Both the drives are currently in use and in absolutely perfect condition, they haven't ever been taken out of the cabinet. Here are a few...
  14. thexfactor

    PC Peripherals Colour Laser Printer within 15K ?

    Hey guys, a friend is looking for a multifunction color laser printer (printer + scan/copy) within a budget of 15k with decent features which is also economical in the long run. Would be sticking to Canon or HP mostly,but any other suggestions/recommendations welcome. Planning to buy it within...
  15. thexfactor

    40 inches of Xtreme Awesomeness !!

    First the player ... Then the game ... I'm really glad I didnt go the HTPC way, had though about it but let it go since I wanted something which was fast and easy to use, did a limited no of things but did them well, all this with the convenience of a remote. So far the...
  16. thexfactor

    Free Acronis True Image WD Edition

    Download : WD Support
  17. thexfactor

    A Huge Loss For TE : RIP Eazy :(

    I'm really sorry to announce the sudden passing away of Eazy Sir, one of the most respected and helpful member here at TE. Personally he was one of the first person I interacted with since joining TE, and ever since then he had been a great friend. His passion for technology was second to none...
  18. thexfactor

    iPhone Firmware 3.1 released

    Here are the changes from version 3.0.1 Source : Apple - iPhone - New features in the iPhone 3.1 Software Update. and for those with jailbroken and unlocked iphones here's what the dev team has to say about it ...
  19. thexfactor

    Itunes 9 released

    Source : iTunes 9 bringing iTunes LP functionality, 'beautiful new look' Screenies : Engadget App management seems like the only useful feature, as far as I'm concerned :P
  20. thexfactor

    Mac OS Help resolve a few issues with Leopard

    It's been just 4 days since I've been using Leopard, and I'm already loving it :D ... but I've got a few minor niggles that I'd like to be resolved 1) I'm not able to move a file from one location to other, I've to copy it and then delete it from the original location or use drag and drop, so...