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    Budget 0-20k PC Upgrade for 1080p Gaming

    What is your budget? 15K for upgrade (50K for new build if absolutely required) What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and model) CPU - AMD Phenom II X4 940 Motherboard - Biostar TA790GXB A2+ GPU - Saphire ATI 4850 512MB RAM - Gskill 2X2GB PC6400...
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    Atrix 2 or wait?

    So Atrix 2 is launched in India. Can get it around 21k from ebay with coupon. I wanted a phone which would be a big upgrade from ZTE Blade and I've been waiting patiently for next gen phones but this deal looks very good VFM and hence confused whether I should go ahead and buy it or wait further...
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    Reliance 3G Festive Offer

    Source - Reliance Communications ?Triple Dhamaka? Offer, More 3G Data at Same Price The plans Rs 20 - 75 MB - Till midnight (All India) Rs 65 - 195 MB - 3 Days (Delhi only) Rs 108 - 300 MB - 30 Days (All India) Rs 208 - 750 MB - 30 Days (All India) Rs 408 - 1.5 GB - 30 Days (All India)...
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    Idea Cellular coverage in Mumbai?

    Idea customers please tell me how's the service and coverage in Mumbai? This is for my dad, he's on Vodafone prepaid but have to now convert to postpaid due to high volume of official calls. There aren't any impressive postpaid plans from Vodafone and Airtel. My dad works in govt of India so...
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    Google's new social move: Google+

    Source: Google's new social move: Google+ | The Digital Home - CNET News More articles : Google targets Facebook with new social service - Access here - So seems another attempt by...
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    PC Peripherals TVSS Ground Screw

    So monsoon has arrived and lightning has begun. So thought of connecting the ADSL line to the APC UPS that I'm having and then to the ADSL Modem from MTNL as in case modem goes kaput due to lightning, then will have to run behind MTNL to get it replaced. Now between the two ports to connect at...
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    Windows 8 Preview

    Full press release here Analysing Microsoft's Windows 8 preview The tile based UI in WP 7 is coming to Windows 8 as well. Seems it should work really well for tablets. IMO, this will also unify the Windows experience across a range of devices that will run Windows.
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    F-Secure Internet Security 6 Month free

    F-Secure is giving away a 6 month free license of their Internet Security suite. You must be wondering why would you use F-Secure instead of one among the many other mighty security suites. Well they won the 'Product of the Year' award of Av-comparatives on Dec 2010. AV-Comparatives -...
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    Inverter damaging CFLs :(

    Hey guys, There's no power at my place now. :@ I've a Luminous 800VA pure sine wave inverter. This evening, it burned down 2 CFLs :@ On both times, the CFLs just flickered 3-4 times and got fused within 5 seconds after turning on. The fans have been making more noise than usual since a few...
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    [Urgent] Laptop + Wifi N, 20k-30k

    Laptop + Wifi N Router, 25k-32k Hey guys, [Post updated] Looking for a basic laptop around 25-32k. I'm looking for a VFM device that works and suits my requirements. Requirements (Must have) 1080p movie playback through HDMI Core i3 Good build quality and reliability Good for general use...
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    Finally 3G is here from private players

    After a long long wait, it seems we finally have 3G from private players. All leading mobile phone operator websites already are showing 3G teasers and Tata Docomo has announced it's launch before Diwali. Seriously, it's been a long wait. :hap5: Airtel Hope everyone is as excited as I am on...
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    Is this genuine?

    Hey guys, Came across this site which sells licenses for various softwares and I was looking for good deals on security suites. Genuine Key Anti-virus Its just a wordpress blog and hence I don't know how authentic it will be. Can you guys take a look at it and tell me if it's worth giving a...
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    Acer 18.5" LCD Monitor

    Hey guys, This is the Acer X193HQ 18.5" LCD monitor. Its a year old and in mint condition, with close to 2 yrs warranty still remaining. Also has 2 little speakers on both sides. Looking for guys from Mumbai/Navi Mumbai/Thane who can arrange for local pickup. If you want to see the monitor in...
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    Finally, some FULL HD goodness :D

    Hey guys, This is my first show off and it's a Benq G2420HD. Wanting to go for a full HD monitor since long, finally took the plunge and purchased it from ebay. :hap2: Damages - 11.3k :cool2: It's a monster compared to my Acer 18.5" monitor. Right now temporarily running as a dual monitor...
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    Car & Bike Maruti Recalls 1 Lakh A-Star Models in India

    Maruti recalls 1 lakh 'A-Star' cars over fuel pump - NDTV Profit YouTube - Maruti recalls 1 lakh A-Star cars over fuel pump
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    Google launching 1Gbps internet service

    Your new ISP? Google launches 1Gbps fiber-to-the-home trial When will Indian ISPs learn? :@
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    PC Peripherals Logitech MK250 wireless desktop query

    Hey guys, My 2 year old iball laser mouse is dying and so I was looking for a decent mouse when I thought I could go with a wireless desktop too for added comfort. So I'm now confused if I should go for a wireless desktop or a decent wired mouse alone. Please note that I'm currently using an...
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    Command and Conquer 4 Open Beta

    For all Command and Conquer fans out there, Command and Conquer 4 Open Beta starts from today for all gamespot members worldwide (even free members). Source : Get in the C&C 4 PUBLIC Beta! | Command & Conquer Enjoy :clap:
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    Where to buy Fly mobile from?

    Hey guys, One of my friends wants to purchase Fly MC160, which is among the newly launched dual sim phones from Fly in the last 1-2 months. It was recently reviewed in Ndtv Cell guru and they rated it 9.2. Considering the features and the price, it seems to be a very VFM product. We can't find...
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    Audio Suggest cheap headphone with mic

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a budget headphone with mic. Budget around Rs 600. I know it's too low for a decent one, but still what would be the best bet for around Rs 600? My usage would be for skype, occasional multiplayer gaming chat and for movies and gaming on rare occasions in the late...