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  1. anikptl

    WTB Original & Unused AKG Earphones

    Hey, I lost the AKG earphones that came box packed with my Samsung Galaxy Note 9. So, I am looking forward to purchase original & unused AKG earphones. PM me if u have one!
  2. anikptl

    WTB Apple iPod Classic

    Looking for an iPod Classic. Kindly PM me if you have one.
  3. anikptl

    WTB Nokia E6/E72/BlackBerry 9720

    Hello friends! I am looking forward to buy any one of the above mentioned phones. Phone must be in a perfect working condition without any hardware issues. Battery life/health must be good as well. Basically, I want a small, qwerty keypad phone as my secondary phone.
  4. anikptl

    iOS iPad Pro screen damaged - Screen replacement cost? Resale value?

    Hello my dear friends, My brother has an iPad Pro 11 inches (2018 model). Recently, by mistake he stepped one foot onto his iPad after which the entire screen has cracked. He visited the service centre and was quoted a bill of 20K for screen replacement. I am totally unaware about how much an...
  5. anikptl

    Other [Help Needed] Want to use unlocked BlackBerry Bold 9930 (US import) on Tata CDMA

    Hello friends. I have an UNLOCKED Verizon BlackBerry Bold 9930 which supports GSM as well as CDMA. There is no problem when i insert GSM Sim cards like Airtel, Vodafone, etc..I can use it very well. But now I want to use Tata Docomo CDMA Sim (previously called as Tata Indicom in Maharashtra)...
  6. anikptl

    iOS Bought an iPad Mini 2 : 1st Apple device. Please suggest a good magnetic smart case & also PDF apps.

    Hello friends! I have recently bought an Apple iPad Mini 2 for multipurpose usage, namely PDF reading & annotation, Image editing and Surfing the Internet. Being a 1st time Apple user & also a 1st time tablet user, I would like to request you to help me in : 1) Finding a top quality magnetic...
  7. anikptl

    WP PDF files...backup/save to skydrive/share...on Nokia Lumia 800?

    I cannot save my pdf files to skydrive or my PC on my Nokia Lumia 800 which runs on Windows Phone 7.8. I mean there is no option provided by Adobe on WP 7.8, to save/have a backup of pdf files. When is Adobe going to provide this most important feature to WP 7.8 users? Is there any way to take...
  8. anikptl

    Less than 10K Phone with excellent call reception & call quality and having a call recording feature.

    Hello Friends, I want a phone which has : 1) Excellent call quality & reception. 2) Inbuilt call recording feature or a phone on which free call recording app can be downloaded. 3) Excellent battery backup. 4) Budget : upto 10K. 5) Plz don't suggest any Micromax, Karbonn, Celkon, etc...and other...
  9. anikptl

    WP Nokia Lumia 800 Custom ROM (FunkyROM v2.0) : Has anyone used it?

    Recently, I came across a thread on XDA Dev's website which claims to have created a stable version of custom ROM for Nokia Lumia 800. The link is : I have a Nokia Lumia 800. Would like to know if anybody of u have installed this custom...
  10. anikptl

    BB owners; Can we use gprs pack of IDEA for using Whatsapp on Blackberry Curve 9220 ?

    Hey friends, I am planning to buy a BB Curve 9220 & gift it to my best friend who uses Whatsapp a lot. He loves BB's qwerty keypad which is the best for chatting purpose but has never owned a BB. I just want to confirm from the BB owners whether its possible to use Whatsapp flawlessly on a BB...
  11. anikptl

    Want to buy 32" FULL HD LED TV..please advice...Howz LG brand??

    I am planning to buy the following model of LG : LG 32LV3730 | Television | Friends please advice me about the TV whose link i have posted above..also tell me about LG LED TV's if anybody has used it...I am going to buy LG branded product for the 1st time.
  12. anikptl

    Phone with the best call clarity, superb internet & a looong battery life?

    Hey friends, till date, which phone is the bestest in terms of call clarity, blazing internet speed & long battery life? Please share ur opinion.
  13. anikptl

    Latest price of macbook pro 13" core i5 (2nd generation) in Mumbai..???

    Guys, I hv decided to buy an Apple MacBook Pro 13" (core i5 2nd generation having USB 2.0) i.e. the 2011 model. Nw since the 2012 MacBook with USB 3.0 has been announced with Ivy Bridge chip & priced at approx. 74000/-...i m interested in buying the 2011 model...I m frm Mumbai & would...