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    FS: Software Microsoft Genuine softwares

    Taken keys for Windows 10 for a friend. Working fine. Thanks @Ra.hul
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    FRDI bill may take away all your hard-earned money

    The awakening is good, but if this has happened before 5-10 years, we would have been in much better position today. List of Scams for easy reference. The NPAs, LICs, which we are talking now, would have been prevented well in time. Currently, the government is forcing banks to show NPAs for...
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    FRDI bill may take away all your hard-earned money So are my bank deposits safe? There are a number of checks against the arbitrary use of this tool. First, the Resolution Corporation can only use the tool...
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    Beginning of end for tainted MCI: Cabinet OKs reforms

    NEW DELHI: The Union Cabinet on Friday cleared the national medical commission bill, which seeks to reduce red tape in medical education and give the government a say in fixing fees in up to 40% of seats in private medical colleges. The bill seeks to replace the existing apex medical education...
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    The Photography Thread !

    The Bridge ! by Saurabh S, on Flickr
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    Budget 51-70k Laptop required for Professional

    My friend is looking for laptop for his profession. Primarily it would be used for office related applications like excel,ppt, etc , however, since there is no point in carrying 2 laptops, it should serve as multimedia consumption device also. Requirement: 1. 13-14 inch screen size. Touchscreen...
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    iOS iPhone 7 Outgoing call Issue

    Even when I turn off 4G, it works fine. The issue is with 4G. Will visit airtel store to get new sim.Update: In the afternoon, the calls started working fine! Now there is no dangling between 3G and 4G. I had set 4G to data. This was 10 min before I was planning to go to store :)
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    iOS iPhone 7 Outgoing call Issue

    Tried. Didnt worked :(
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    iOS iPhone 7 Outgoing call Issue

    So whats the current status?
  10. honest1

    iOS iPhone 7 Outgoing call Issue

    Yes. Incoming calls are working fine. Network switches to 3G at that time. Will send mail.
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    iOS iPhone 7 Outgoing call Issue

    Gave a call, the idiots told that my area is not in 4g coverage area and I should not get 4g services! Lol.
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    Can this be used as repeater for 5mhz?
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    iOS iPhone 7 Outgoing call Issue

    Have tried Reset Network settings and Reset Settings. However, none of them worked. Yes,did that, however when I put it to "only data", still not able to call as the network during call jumps from 3G to 4G and vice versa until the call fails.
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    iOS iPhone 7 Outgoing call Issue

    Folks, I am using iPhone 7 with Airtel 4G which was working perfectly fine till 2 days before. However, from the last 2 days, facing a strange issue. Did some investigation and found that when I turn "Enable 4G" for either "data" or "data & voice", I am unable to make outgoing calls. The...
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    Android Accidently fevi quikked my phone buttons.

    Try alcohol or nail paint remover.