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  1. hotshot05

    Deccan Chronicle is using CoinHive script (Crypto mining)

    Had opened DC website via Google News. Saw an alert from Kasperky that they have blocked a malicious script (coinhive.js or something of the sort) Opened developer tools and found the CoinHive script name. Much better that intrusive ads in my opinion. But unless there is a max limit of CPU...
  2. hotshot05

    Video Suggest an Android TV Box

    I need to use Youtube, Hotstar, amazon prime video and Terrarium TV. I found these on gearbest - X96 Mini TV Box - 32$ 2GB RAM + 16GB ROM Amlogic S905W + Android 7.1.2 + Quad-core Cortex-A53 + 4K VP9 H.265 MX9 PRO TV Box - 46$ RK3328...
  3. hotshot05

    Amazon selling refurbished iPhones during their Dec 2017 sale

    Those who are buying or have bought an Apple device from Amazon in December, do check the product listing page again. Amazon is selling refurbished phones without mentioning anything as such in the product description. Only way to identify such an item is if you scroll to the last product image...
  4. hotshot05

    Car & Bike Strange output on

    I was going through some listings of used cars and checked out the history of a car on vahan. Saw something strange - When I enter car number plate on, it gives following output - I want to know what the 2nd paragraph means. The car was/is registered in Barasat RTO. But this NOC...
  5. hotshot05

    Car & Bike Used car suggestions for beginner

    Budget: around 3L. This is going to be my first car and I want to get a used one. Will be learning to drive on this car. Do not have access to known mechanic who can evaluate cars. But have a few colleagues in office who may go with me to evaluate the car (All of them have bought new cars though...
  6. hotshot05

    Vaayu Hybrid Chiller - world's most "efficient" AC

    YourStory featured a story on the product - It does not mention from where they have taken the patent (US patent or Indian patent) Whoever wrote the story does not even know the difference between refrigerator and refrigerant. @Mechanical...
  7. hotshot05

    NVIDIA folder consuming huge amount of space

    I was checking file size in my C Drive today using WinDirStat. Found the following folder consuming 8.3GB of space. Location - C:\ProgramData\NVIDIA\Updatus\DownloadManager I searched online but nobody could confirm that this folder can be cleaned without any issue. Does anyone here know what I...
  8. hotshot05

    Want to get a proper NAS or equivalent

    I have accumulated 2-3 external HDD's. Also I am looking to replace my laptop HDD with a SSD. I want to share all of my HDD"s over Wi-Fi. I have a Raspberry Pi 2 already. I have a powered USB Hub. I have already set up Samba on my Pi 2. But I hardly get 2-3 MB/s transfer speed when I transfer...
  9. hotshot05

    Car & Bike Buying a used car (less than 2 L)

    I am really short on money currently. Looking for a 2nd hand car which costs between 1L - 2L. Don't know driving at all. That is why I want to learn using a 2nd hand car first. Any suggestions regarding the cars that I can look at? Usage - Travelling to office and back a few days everh week...
  10. hotshot05

    Linux Which Linux based torrent downloading software supports peering?

    I have a Raspberry Pi 2 (ARM v7) Currently I am using Transmission for downloading torrents. I use cable internet which supports local peering(btcache). I downloaded a file using uTorrent in Windows. The file downloaded at an average speed of 3MB/s. After 5 mins, I tried downloading the same...
  11. hotshot05

    Suggest a router < 2k

    I am on the lookout for a new router. Signal strength was very low in the floor below. So was looking for a router/repeater which will help me in expanding the range. Till now I have been able to identify only these models which seem to have a good enough range or have removable antenna (I will...
  12. hotshot05

    Help me find a laptop table/stand

    I work on my laptop mostly in bed. As you can understand, I have to hunch my back to work on the laptop or I have to lie on my belly. I don't want to invite back pain this early. So I was looking at the options available online for an adjustable laptop table. Requirement - the height should be...
  13. hotshot05

    Help required from existing Moneylife subscribers

    Is there any Moneylife subscriber here? Moneylife is giving 25% on being referred by existing Moneylife subscribers. ( Existing subscribers please help me get 25% off
  14. hotshot05

    Raspberry Pi 2 @ Rs.2741

    You can get 15% cashback from PayTM if you purchase anything from eBay using your PayTM wallet. This seller is selling the Raspberry Pi 2 for Rs.3225
  15. hotshot05

    Does Sharp provide free service for it's AC range?

    Does anyone know if Sharp provides free service for it's AC range? If it does provide such a service, how to schedule for a service visit? I looked at their website, but they only have an online form. No pan-India helpline number is listed. On...
  16. hotshot05

    Storage Solutions Need to identify this SATA cable

    I am looking at buying the Banana Pi (SBC like Raspberry Pi/Beaglebone Black). The board has a SATA connector onboard. The board is only able to power 2.5 inch HDD's. On eBay and Aliexpress, this SATA cable is being sold as a Banana Pi SATA + power cable -...
  17. hotshot05

    Laptops What is the use of Full HD screen on a laptop?

    I am looking to buy a new laptop and am evaluating my options. I found that the Lenovo Z50-70 has a Full HD screen. I mostly watch TV series rips which have the resolution of 720 x 404 pixels. If I view my files on a full HD screen, won't there be big black bands covering a large part of the...
  18. hotshot05

    Bajaj Fin Serv vs Credit Card for buying electronic items on EMI

    Huge number of brick and mortar stores have tied up with Bajaj to offer EMI on purchases. But can anyone tell me what are the processing charges and rate of interest for Bajaj Fin Serv? Does Bajaj offer this as a personal loan or is it under some other category? I think this is the product -...
  19. hotshot05

    Online/DVD based course for Windows fundamentals for parents

    My mom/dad are what you would call computer illiterate. They can use a touchscreen based mobile fine but when working on the laptop, they get stumped. I have told them how to do things many a times. But they do not practice that regularly and hence forget again and again. So I want a course...
  20. hotshot05

    Budget 31-40k Need suggestion - high battery life vs fast processor

    Budget: Less than 40k Primary Usage: Web surfing, Programming (Python, javascript, a bit of Matlab once in a while), Movies/TV Serials, Light gaming maybe(have not played games in a long long time as present laptop only has Intel 3000 gfx processor) Size and Weight considerations: 14 inch...