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  1. starchazer

    FS: Monitor and LCD Samsung 27" (Giveaway)

    Ok Guys, logging in after ages, and don't know exactly where to post this. Basically, I just found out that I have a Samsung 27" monitor which was lying in dust. I just quickly tested it and it seems to be working. However, there's a large whitish patch on the upper half of the screen. I guess...
  2. starchazer

    Happy - Mumbai

    Hey Guys, Another day, another video! :) Made by me and my bro. "Happy - Mumbai" Sharing it with you all! Please watch, Share & Give your feedback. :-) Thanks in Advance!
  3. starchazer

    Nike Ad

    Hello Guys, I need your feedback on one of the ads that I made with my bro recently. I have always appreciated your feedback in the past, so this time it's no different. Please give your honest feedback. :) Here's the ad: And here's the extended cut: Let the critique and criticism flow! :)...
  4. starchazer

    Any doctors here? Heart related query

    Hey guys, I know this is a tech forum, so apologize for posting this here. However, since I like and trust this forum I am going ahead with this thread. Hopefully we have some doctors here who can help/advise me. Here's the situation. Just a few days back my uncle felt pain and numbness...
  5. starchazer

    Windows Phone 7 Awesomeness!

    Hey guys, Finally got my hands on something I was looking forward to since the time it was announced :hap2: Here is the beauty: It's fan-friggin-tastic phone so far. Deisgn wise, I find it the best I have owned till now. I am still exploring it, But here are quick impressions...
  6. starchazer

    Computer Components & a Blu Ray

    Hi guys, Selling some of my hardware. 1. 1 x Q6600 (G0 Stepping): SOLD Condition/Warranty Status: No idea about warranty. Working great! Price: 3500 Shipped 2. 1 x Abit IP35 PRO: Condition/Warranty Status: No Warranty. Working great! Price: 2000 + Shipping 3. 1 x 1GB Transcend 667MHZ ram...
  7. starchazer

    Viewsonic 28" Monitor

    Hi Guys, Selling my Viewsonic 28" (vx2835wm) monitor that I am still using. It's working flawlessly. No problems whatsoever. The warranty expired last month. It's a perfect monitor for any PC/Console gamer. I had my PC/360/Wii and PS3 connected to it (via dvi, hdmi, component and av). Buyers...
  8. starchazer

    My New Upgrades

    Hey guys, I have been wanting to upgrade my rig since long. But me and my bro were kind of bored with the CM690 so wanted something more compact, different and pleasing to the eyes. So one fine day, I finally decided to build a new setup. The rig: - i5 760 (could have gone for i7 but this...
  9. starchazer

    XBOX 360 NTSC Jasper Console

    Hey guys, Selling off my 360 NTSC console that I bought (pre-owned) a couple of months ago. It's working perfectly. The console isn't modded and since it's Jasper, you'll probably never have to worry about the RROD. I am only giving away the console, its power adapter and a wireless...
  10. starchazer

    Question related to Income Tax (and CA)

    Hey guys, I need help. I just want to know if a person earns around 17lac per year what should be the fees for the Chartered accountant that has handled the case? Last year round the guy charged around 6-7k, but this year he's asking for 23k because he says Audit needs to be done. I just want...
  11. starchazer

    CPU/Mobo Mobo Suggestion!

    Hi guys, I need help quickly. Need suggestions for a good mobo for Q6600. My budget would be around 5k. Wouldn't want to spend more than that. But I certainly need something better than IP35 Pro. Ati 5850 DDR2 4GB 620w PSU Thanks in advance :)
  12. starchazer

    Resistance 3

    Its coming .... lbkXTSs3bvU :clap::clap: I really liked the first game. Never got the chance to play the sequel but got another reason to finish it :P
  13. starchazer

    BioShock Infinite - Discussion Thread

    The new game in the Bioshock Series was announced yesterday, Which actually is a prequel to the first. Honestly I never found any interest in the series but this trailer completely got me. Just loved the setting. I might just play the other game in the series before this one comes out...
  14. starchazer

    Sapphire ATI Radeon HD 4870 1 GB

    Hey guys, On sale is my Sapphire ATI Radeon HD 4870 card 1 GB. It's only a few months old and is under warranty. Was bought through KMD from USA but the warranty is claimable here since Sapphire offers worldwide warranty on their products (have talked to Aditya infotech to confirm the same) All...
  15. starchazer

    Puma Suedes

    Hey guys, First of all, i know this ain't tech related, but I've seen few sales like this so only after that I am putting this up. If it is against the forum rules, or members aren't happy with it, Mods can feel free to take it down. (trust me, i am not feeling good about selling these here...
  16. starchazer

    Dell E248WFP 24" LCD (5 yr warranty)

    Hi Guys, Selling my year and half old Dell 24" LCD. Bought it April 2008 through Dinesh for 18k. Comes with 5 yrs warranty. Will provide the bill copy. Looking for Mumbai buyers only as I don't have expertise of shipping such item. I disposed of the box, so it doesn't have the original box...
  17. starchazer

    PS3/360/PC Games

    Yo guys, Selling these games of mine: NFS: Shift (PC) SOLD Condition:Brand new Sealed. Price: 500rs Shipped Reason For sale: Bought it, but later got it on 360. So selling this one. FIFA 10 (PS3) SOLD Condition: Like new. Price: 1800rs Shipped Reason For sale: Got it to compare it with 360...
  18. starchazer

    Hi-Def Movies Haul

    Hey guys, Here's actually my first movie haul and Hi-def at that. Most of them are HD DVDs, but also got few blu rays and a couple of games and collector's editons. :) Guess I'll be satisfied with my movie collection for a while. Damages: 15.5k Got it via KMD. :)
  19. starchazer

    Our new ads :)

    Hey guys, It's been while since me and my bro made any Ad, So we made 4 Ads early this year for portfolio. I would like to show you 2 of these ads and would love to hear your thoughts on them. We didn't want to alter the brands' current taglines, so we conceived the ideas keeping the same in...
  20. starchazer

    ONGC Nehru cup India vs Syria finals

    An awesome game going on .. India 1-1 Syria Extra time is over and now its penalty shoot out :D Check it out guys and lets hope India wins.