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  1. Ethan_Hunt

    Storage Solutions WD Surveillance HDD WD20PURX Query

    Hiya folks! I was planning to get a 2TB HDD just for standard storage purpose. Since most of the HDDs have cut down their warranty period to 2 years, this is the only one I can find for 3 years. Now my question is, will this work as a standard desktop hard drive I mean not as an OS drive, but...
  2. Ethan_Hunt

    Windows 7 Boot Error *URGENT*

    I have a rather urgent query, for which I need your help guys. I have to send out my last remaining WD 1TB HDD to RMA (only have 9 days left). Apart from that, I have 2 more HDD's in the PC; 1 320GB WD drive and 1 250GB Hitachi Drive. Today morning when I pulled out my 1TB drive to pack it up...
  3. Ethan_Hunt

    Other Need help in procuring Samsung Galaxy S2 Battery

    Hi-ya! My brother urgently needs a good battery to replace his default shitty 1650mAh Samsung Galaxy S2 battery. which doesn't even last a few hours now. Can someone provide me a link or route to to place where a solid battery for this phone can currently be purchased? Thank you!
  4. Ethan_Hunt

    Video Best DTH Provider for HD Channels

    I'm terminating my existing shitty cable based DTH connection which I have right now. So planning to move onto a good DTH provider by the end of the month. This would only be viewed by my parents. The 2 closest choices I have are Tata Sky and Videocon. I went through all of Videocon's packages...
  5. Ethan_Hunt

    Max: The Curse of Brotherhood - Discussion Thread

    Max: The Curse of Brotherhood launches April 9 on Xbox 360 & on PC (via Steam) on April 15 Source: Videogamer Launch Trailer: Xbox One Review
  6. Ethan_Hunt

    South Park: The Stick of Truth - Discussion Thread

    Game Description Game Features: IGN Video Review: Launch Trailer: First 13 minutes gameplay (READ: MUST WATCH) Personal notes: Play it right now, even if you're not a fan. I'll have my impressions posted, once I'm done with it. I'm very close to the end, so it won't be long now.
  7. Ethan_Hunt

    Lords of the Fallen - Discussion Thread

    Summary: Platforms: PC, Xbox One & PS4 Release Date: TBA 2014 Developer (s): Deck 13 & CI Games Genre: Action RPG Debut Trailer: 7 Minute Developer Gameplay footage:
  8. Ethan_Hunt

    The Wolf Among Us - Discussion Thread

    Release Date: October 11, 2013 (Episode 1) System Requirements: Key-points: Official Trailer: GameCon Preview 2013:
  9. Ethan_Hunt

    Quantum Break - Discussion Thread

    Game Description The Vision Trailer: Reveal Trailer:
  10. Ethan_Hunt

    Dead Rising 3 - Discussion Thread

    Synopsis: Key Features Gamescon 2013 Cinematic Trailer: Gamescon 2013 Cinematic Trailer
  11. Ethan_Hunt

    Sent a 1TB Drive and got a 2TB drive - I Love you WD!

    Long story short, my oldest Western Digital Green 1TB died recently. I had purchased it somewhere in 2008 or '09, can't really remember. So my first thought was that it was out of warranty. Unplugged it, noted down the serial number and ran a warranty check on the website. To my surprise, it...
  12. Ethan_Hunt

    Strider - Discussion Thread

    Strider is making a gorgeous comeback in early 2014 Source: Gamezone Trailer: Gameplay video:
  13. Ethan_Hunt

    Ace Combat: Infinity

    Ace Combat: Infinity announced for PS3 Source: Joystiq Reveal Trailer:
  14. Ethan_Hunt

    Deadly Premonition Director's Cut - Discussion Thread

    Here's another console exclusive joining the master race: Deadly Premonition headed to PC via Steam Greenlight Source: Euro Gamer Trailer:
  15. Ethan_Hunt

    Murdered: Soul Suspect - Discussion Thread

    Murdered: Soul Suspect: Interrogate Ghosts, Learn More at E3 Source: IGN Announcement Trailer:
  16. Ethan_Hunt

    Android Samsung Galaxy S2 Jelly Bean Update

    My brother was opting for a smart phone switch and was initially looking for one of those Xolo models, when I somehow convinced him to look out for a Galaxy S2 instead. I found this deal on Ebay which looks pretty sweet...
  17. Ethan_Hunt

    Dying Light - Discussion Thread

    Techland open world first-person survival horror game Dying Light for current-gen, next-gen and PC Source: Euro Gamer
  18. Ethan_Hunt

    Narco Terror - Discussion Thread

    Narco Terror dishing out justice this summer to XBLA, PSN and PC Source: Polygon Announcement Trailer
  19. Ethan_Hunt

    Payday 2 - Discussion Thread

    Payday 2 wants unmarked, non-sequential bills this August Source: Joystiq Trailer:
  20. Ethan_Hunt

    State of Decay - Discussion Thread

    State of Decay Out on XBLA in June Source: IGN Debut Trailer: PAX East 2013 Gameplay: