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  1. coolcrook

    WTB PS3 Games

    Well Just bought a new ps3 and I can't really afford a lot of brand new games so.. I'm interested in(and in hat order): Batman: Arkham City Fight Night Round 4 UFC Undisputed 3 Motostrom: Apocalypse Modnation Racers MGS HD Collection Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots LBP 1/2...
  2. coolcrook

    Budget 41-50k PC for graphic design and some gaming

    Q: What is your budget? 40K-45k Q: What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and model) None Q: Which hardware will you be keeping (component name - component brand and model Q: Which hardware component are you looking to buy (component name). If you...
  3. coolcrook

    Web/Mobile Development (Image Manipulation)

    I am learning to develop mobile applications, quite in the initial phase. This query is not related to mobile but more to html/css/js. I intend to make a simple game, where a picture is seen, a few options are available and the user can drag and drop these options onto the image. eg. There is...
  4. coolcrook

    PC within 25k budget - Bangalore

    Q: What is your budget? 25K (If something lower than this is possible , thats great, I can stretch it by 2-3k) Q: What is your existing hardware configuration DVD DRIVE - Samsung HDD- 320gb seagate (both salvaged from friends) Q: Which hardware will you be keeping same as above Q: Which...
  5. coolcrook

    requirement ipod touch 4g 8 or 32 gb

    hye, i am currently looking at buying an ipod touch 4g. please feel free to post or pm me regarding offers.
  6. coolcrook

    Old Television set [Bangalore Only]

    Well as the title says I'm looking for a tv, i don't have a fixed choice, but minimum 24-26" set, crt,lcd anything. Do let me know if anyone has something you want to get rid of. Also I am not looking for any expensive models, or new pieces, warranty not required(Please dont say it has...
  7. coolcrook

    Samsung Galaxy S i9000/ Vibrant/ Fascinate

    Hey I want to buy any of the following phones: Samsung Galaxy S Samsung Vibrant Samsung Captivate or any other version of this phone I may even consider Motorola milestone 2( tried buying it from letsbuy unsuccessfully) Do PM me with any offers EDIT: Warranty not required, don't want...
  8. coolcrook

    Old PS2

    Hey if anyone has an old ps2 in working condition and is ready to part with it please lemme know. Preferably in Bangalore , m ready to pay upto 4.5k i.e. if you have plenty of games wid it.
  9. coolcrook

    Need to buy PC tomorrow,plz suggest!

    Q: What is your budget? 20K(cant stretch it to 25 but don want to) Q: What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and model) -none -but I dont want to buy -monitor -kb mouse -ups -speakers Q: Which hardware will you be keeping...
  10. coolcrook

    Car & Bike Buying New Car: Ford Figo or Fiat Punto

    Figo or Punto or ? First of I am just turned 19 and this will be my 1st car. Today my dad randomly called me up and told me to go test drive a Punto and book it if I like it.(I've been pestering him for a while for a car) Budget and Priorities >Budget: ~4.5L Usage: City driving, road trips...
  11. coolcrook

    Wanted an old book-Bangalore ppl plz help

    I need books on Old Bangalore or history of Bangalore One particular book I was looking for is City Beautiful-T.P. Issar I am unable to find this book newhere. Does neone know where I can buy or sum library I can get this book from(in bangalore) Also I dont mind buying online if its avbl...
  12. coolcrook

    PC Peripherals Another 12k CPU thread

    I too like a similar thread I saw am lookin for a cpu arnd 11-12k I didnt post in tht thread coz we aren't supposed to in most forums, i was told in another forum , haven't read the rules here but it must be there I looked arnd and came up wid sumthin Proccy : AMd X2 4800+ -2.8k MOBO...
  13. coolcrook

    Your Favorite EPL Team is ?

    Vote for your favorite EPL Team Mine is MANCHESTER UNITED F.C. :clap: :clap: They have many critics but results speak for themselves ,they are the champions Hope they develop their young players this season, as the club future depends on its younger players-Giggs,scholes and I'm waitin for a...
  14. coolcrook

    War Rock Help needed

    I saw a thread earlier here abt warrock Its an online game just launched in India I downloaded the client but when I run it, and it updates , I get an error sayin "" Cannot extract a target file -Cannot open a zip file {] !" Neone had the same prob?? I googled wid no soln. so if...
  15. coolcrook

    PC Peripherals COMP KeePS restarting while playing games

    My COMP keeps restarting when I play heavy games I have 1gb ram(512*2)transcend 533mhz xfx 6600gt 128mb amd 64 3200+ asus a8n sli 120gb seagate hdd latest drivers installed throughly cleaned fans wrking power supply wrking ram??how do i check if its ok (it shows proper 1024 mb avbl ram) same...
  16. coolcrook

    The Israel/Palestine conflict

    Wanted to share this vid to all of u guyz Its quite unbeliveable It about truth in the middle east and I really think u guyz shud see this. And plz distribute this think wherever u can CooLCRooK
  17. coolcrook

    Registry EditinG Has been Disabled

    Whenever I try the command regedit or try to add nething to registry it just gives an error sayin- "registry editing has been disabled by the administrator" and the pc restarts Now I am the administrator, how to re enable it if it actually has been disabled by mistake or is it a virus on my pc...
  18. coolcrook

    Which is the best cam -photo/vid app for symbian

    I am lookin for a good vid/photo app for symbian fones I've heard of philps camcoder Camera FX Photographer Eti Camcoder Is there nething better?? Which is the best vid app??? Which is the best photo app???
  19. coolcrook

    Wht app is used for high end video editing

    Like the ppl in MTV and channel and MTV have Vjs satdin b4 a movin screen and in sum shows nice editing is done And many effets tht arent available at least in ulead videostudio or pinnacle Can sum1 tell me which s/w shud I get for better video editin tools
  20. coolcrook

    How to use colour logos(sprays) in cs 1.5

    I see tht color sparays r available on the net for cs 1.5 but after pastin them in my logos folder when I try to use it it doesnt work It doesnt show up in the customize->spraypaint image sum1 plz help