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    English TV series discussion

    I enjoyed watching discovery season 3 but after it finished I think Season 1 was better and there wasnt any real anchor in s3
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    Suggestions for good anime/manga

    What anime are you watching now ?
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    The 'How much can I sell this for?' thread

    whats a good selling price for 3900x?
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    What is the best portable bluetooth speaker under ₹10K? Need recommendations

    I think the onyx studio should be good going by the reviews, I have the go+ play which sounds really good the JBL flip 5 too will be good if you cant stretch your budget. Also a lot depends on your listening preferences, check youtube where there are tons of reviews by music type and see which...
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    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    maybe you could try the fitness thread
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    FS: Video Card Nvidia 2070 Super FE

    Bill copy (masked) added, will share the bill once purchase is finalised
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    FS: Video Card Nvidia 2070 Super FE

    Selling my almost 1 year old 2070 Super Founders edition
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    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    I have a benq 2780q, a bit overkill i know
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    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    Thanks! Its the Nzxt 710
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    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    Ordered a 3090 FE from Rashi
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    Happy Birthday Eddy!

    Happy Birthday !
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    Speakers with really clear vocals ?

    I got a pair of 3inch mackie bookshelves which have less bass but clear vocals, you can go for the 4 or 5 inch ones for more bass. Or else polk soundbar is a good option
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    Apparently Disney has got a dynamic (updating) blanket ban on anime torrent sites passed in HC

    This happened a few weeks ago, HS was down for a couple of weeks but seems to be opening up fine again now
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    Dishwasher: Bosch vs Midea

    Only thing I can think off is leakage from the powder drawer, or because it is on the terrace with large windows moisture from rains got to it. I am looking to get a dishwasher which will be in kitchen and will see far more dampness and contact abuse so will probably go the ss route
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    Dishwasher: Bosch vs Midea

    Thats a good point, even I was thinking to get stainless steel finish for this reason, I have a washing machine with the powdercoat which is on the terrace in a room and free of water and placed on a stand and still ended with rust issues
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    Dishwasher: Bosch vs Midea

    I saw this in a store recently , there is a 4k premium for the steel finish. The same thing in white was 37k after a 10% discount
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    Excited newcomer

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    Rest in Peace Udit

    Rest in Peace, you will be missed
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    Any Hot Wheels collectors here?

    I'm interested in getting KITT as well, do share any leads
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    Budget 31-40k Help Laptop for work

    Lenovo is having a sale on their website , have a look at prices there as well while comparing