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  1. satyanjoy

    How to Redeem Marvels Avenger PC Beta in Steam

    Not sure, if anyone preordered this game here or get a beta key for this weekened, I made this small vid, hope it will be helpful
  2. satyanjoy

    Old PC Games

    Anyone has following old PC games lying around - Scarface True Crime Streets of LA True Crime New York City
  3. satyanjoy

    WTB Kaspersky Internet Security

    Hello, looking for Kaspersky Internet Security
  4. satyanjoy

    Budget 15-20K Best Android Camera Phone at 20k

    Hello guys, I am using Moto G (8gb) and looking for an upgrade. My main issue my Moto G 1st gen is bad indoor photo and lack of expandable storage. I will prefer a phone with good enough indoor photo and which can last 2-3 years. My main focus will be camera quality at indoor or artificial...
  5. satyanjoy

    Vacuum cleaner suggestion

    Hello guys, I am looking for a mid range vacuum cleaner to clean my floors, somewhere in between 2-5k range.
  6. satyanjoy

    PC Peripherals UPS is not Working

    My 2008 bought APC RS 1100 VA ups is not working. I have replaced the battery on 2012 June with a third party.. Now dilemma is : Options 1: shall I repaired it by APC (visiting charge Rs.560, can be adjustable to the bill if there is a major repair like motherboard but not with battery change)...
  7. satyanjoy

    Video Value for Money 3D TV

    Hello guys, I am looking for a 3D TV. Following are the preferred specs - Size : 32-42 inch screen size Resolution: 1920x1080 3D: Passive Other features: DLNA preferred but can be overlooked if necessary Input: HDMI,DVI(if possible),composite (optional) Budget:60k I am planning to get a PS3 to...
  8. satyanjoy

    Valve Has Filed a Trademark Application for Half-Life 3

    -polygon OAMI-ONLINE - CTM-ONLINE - Trade mark consultation service - Basic
  9. satyanjoy

    AMD’s ‘Mantle’ API #Low-Level High-Performance Console-Style Graphics API for PC

    Taking cue from the realm of game console development, AMD has announced a new game development model called ‘Mantle’ at the GPU14 Tech Day event in Hawaii. Using a collaboration of both API specifications and GPU drivers, Mantle will provide developers the platform to extract a higher...
  10. satyanjoy

    CPU/Mobo Most power supplies won't support Haswell's C6/C7 low-power states

    It has been discovered that a number of power supplies currently on the market don’t support Haswell’s C6/C7 low-power states due to the fact they are unable to deliver less than 0.05 amps across the 12V2 rail according to a report from VR-Zone. Haswell’s C6/C7 states requires a minimum...
  11. satyanjoy

    CPU/Mobo Physx on Gigabyte B75m-d3h

    Anyone tried adding a physx card (low or medium nvidia gpu) with this motherboard. This mobo has two PCIx16 slot - one running at PCIx16 and other one is PCIx4. I have a gtx 660, it will be cool if I can add a cheap nvidia card to do the physx.
  12. satyanjoy

    FS: Desktops Intel Pentium Processor E5200 | Gigabye G31 Mobo| Transcend 2x2GB DDR2

    SOLD to Zino Item shipped - buyer confirmed. Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Intel Pentium Processor E5200 Gigabyte G31 M S2L motherboard Transcend 2x2GB DDR2 Expected Price: Combo price Rs 5,000/- Intel Pentium Processor E5200 - Rs.1700 Gigabyte G31 M S2L motherboard - Rs.1600...
  13. satyanjoy

    FS: Consoles Nintendo DS lite

    Sold ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Nintendo DS lite NTSC Expected Price: Rs.3500/- Shipping will be shared with the buyer Time of Purchase: 2 yrs back, bought it from a forum member from Ahmedabad Company official Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: No...
  14. satyanjoy

    Graphic Cards MSI graphics card support in Bangalore

    Anyone knows who is the service provider for MSI gpu in Bangalore
  15. satyanjoy

    Storage Solutions SSD Dilema

    After using my Seagate Baracuda 1tb as my system drive+data drive and it got crashed and RMAed recently, I have decided to use a separate boot drive, which might be a smaller sized HDD or a SSD. My motherboard does not support AHCI, so I need to run the SSD in IDE mode. I want to use Windows7...
  16. satyanjoy

    PC Peripherals HD Webcam for video chatting

    hey techies,, I am looking for a good quality webcam to video chat with my parents. I am currently using a HP webcam which video quality is very grainy. So far I like - Logitech C110 and Logitech C310 both priced at 853 and 1575. Both comes with inbuilt microphone which a plus for me and the...
  17. satyanjoy

    CPU/Mobo IDE/SATA devices not detecting randomly

    I am facing this strange problem,sometime, while booting my pc took long time to detect the ide/sata devices and sometime not detected at all,, I have total 4 devices - 2 sata hdd and 2 sata optical drive,what may be the problem
  18. satyanjoy

    Video playback problem

    I am facing a strange problem in long video playback( mostly in movies), it slows down in Media player classic and skipped in VLC player.Initially I have only MPC installed and when I started facing the problem - where the video got slowed down and while audio run in normal speed and everything...
  19. satyanjoy

    Transcend Memory Card SD 32GB Class 10

    For Sale ! Transcend Memory Card SD 32GB Class 10 (flipkart link) Expected Price: Rs 2100/- +shipping Time of Purchase: Sep 5,2011 Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: Yes | Lifetime limited warranty Reason for Sale: I bought it by mistake instead of microsd...
  20. satyanjoy

    Storage Solutions Good Internal HDD for OS and Game

    I am looking for a single platter sata2/3 hdd for os and gaming, so far I have selected WD Caviar blue 500 GB(WD500AAKS) and WD Caviar Black 500GB (WD5001AALS)