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    Budget 31-40k Need help: building i5-2320 gaming rig

    Hi all, This is my first ever PC build and thought this would be the best place to get some much needed advice! I'm currently using a HP AB032TX laptop and was planning to revive my old i5 2320 to finally build a decent gaming rig. The only parts I have are the processor and the motherboard...
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    Budget 41-50k Gaming Laptop around 55k.

    Budget -> Around 55k, slightly flexible. Will be mainly used for Gaming, watching movies and tv shows. 14 inches preferably. Not too bulky. Looking into Dell and Hp primarily. Must have decent battery backup. I've found a dell laptop that has pretty good specs for the price, with the...
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    TP-Link TL-WR841N range problem

    Hey everybody, I bought a TP Link TL 841N router a few months ago and everything was working fine until 3 days ago. The router signal started dipping and at places where i used to get 2-3 bars, I started getting no signal at all. I tried resetting the Router but that didn't fix anything. I'm...
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    New WiFi Router Under 2k!

    Hey guys. I'm planning to buy a WiFi Router! I have no idea which one to get though. Any input will be appreciated. Thank You!! :)
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    Android Nexus 4 - Slimport/HDMI??

    Guys, I've been using the Nexus 4 for quite a while and I love it! But I've always wanted to mirror the phone onto my TV! But since I don't have a the slim port adapter, I'm unable to do that. Are there any alternatives for this??
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    Best carrier in India?

    Hey guys! I'm currently using Tata Docomo on my phone. Even though they have good plans and everything, I want to move to another carrier mainly because Tata activates plans that are of no use to me without my permission and deduct money from my account. They're internet connectivity is also...
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    Nexus 4 Accessories India

    Hey people!! I'm finally getting a Nexus 4 from the US!! A friend is bringing it in a few weeks!!!! But do you know where I could get an affordable case for my phone?? Any case that would protect it from drops!! I prefer dual layered cases as they have a rubber cover to absorb a lot of the force...
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    Best Router Under 3k!!

    Title Says it all!! Best router in the under 3k category!!!
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    Audio Good Affordable IEMs Between Rs 500 - 1K.

    Hey People! I'm looking to buy a new pair of IEMs! I currently dont have a properly working pair! Ill be using it mainly with my nokia x2-01. I mainly listen to Rock/Metal and House/Dubstep/Electro etc soo I like bass... And I need it to be under 1k! I've looking into the SoundMagic PL-11 and...
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    Best Android Phone Under 15k

    1. Q: Budget? A: 15k 2. Q: Preferred Form Factor(flip, bar, slider)? A: Bar 3. Q: Preferred display type? A: Any 5. Q: Preferred input method (Touchscreen, QWERTY, etc.)? A: Touchscreen 6. Q: Camera required or not? If required, please specify type like frontcamera/flash/etc. A: Required a...
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    Monitors A good 16:9 aspect ratio monitor under 5000!

    Hey guys. Im going to buy a monitor under 5000 bucks! Please suggest one!! :) Thanks!
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    Concerns regarding galaxy nexus

    Guys, im planning to buy a galaxy nexus in India. Im absolutely in love with the phone. I saw a couple of deals online.. Is it a good idea to buy one here?? There's no warranty in India, so what would I do if there is a problem with the phone?
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    Good Stereo Bluetooth receiver under 1500.

    Hey guys! I want to buy a bluetooth receiver(don't really know what it's called) for listening to music. I saw the nokia BH-111s and like em. Dont know how they sound but I read a couple of reviews that say it has nice sound and built quality. Are there any other good bluetooth headsets in the...
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    Storage Solutions Affordable USB 3.0 Pendrive

    Hey guys! I want to buy a pendrive with USB 3.0 that is affordable. 16GB or greater. Preferably one without a cap. Can you guys suggest some?
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    Xperia S Vs Samsung Galaxy SII

    Hey guys! I stumbled upon a a few deals in ebay for the xperia s. And also one for the s2 (I9100). Both of them are priced around 25k. Here are the links- Xperia S Sony XPERIA S Android 2.3 GSM LT26i Mobile Phone 3G, WiFi,AGPS,Video Calling | eBay Galaxy S II Samsung Galaxy S 2 I9100 (Noble...
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    Best Android Phone for less than 25k

    Hey guys. I recently posted a thread very similar to this one. but my budget has slightly increased and ill be waiting 1 or two months for purchase. 1. Q: Budget? A: 25k 2. Q: Preferred Form Factor(flip, bar, slider)? A: Bar 3. Q: Preferred display type? A: Anything that is bright enough and...
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    New Android Phone Under 20k

    1. Q: Budget? A: 20k 2. Q: Preferred Form Factor(flip, bar, slider)? A: Bar or slider 3. Q: Preferred display type? A: Doesn't matter 4. Q: Do you have any brand preference or dislike? Please name them. A: No preferences or dislikes. 5. Q: Preferred input method (Touchscreen, QWERTY, etc.)...