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    Awesome Game Soundtracks

    I'm surprised, no one has yet mentioned Stardew Valley. The soundtrack is Stardew Valley is exceptional and is quite up there with the best of the best. Best thing? It's made by a single man, just like the whole game.

    CPU/Mobo Comparing CPUs across generations

    Slower than the DDR4 RAMs used by a i3 9100F. The i7 4770K/non-K uses DDR3 RAM. i3 9100F runs on DDR4.

    PS5 games prices

    At some point in time, they'll definitely want return on their investment - which is not that surprising. They have been able to successfully integrate Bethesda games into Gamepass after the buyout. Have been on the path to integrate EA Play. And then the usual game additions every months...

    PS5 games prices

    Rarely do we see trillion-dollar corpos accept their mistakes. This is indeed a step in the correct direction. Microsoft has definitely become much more consumer friendly than what it was in the 1990s and 2000s.

    CPU/Mobo Comparing CPUs across generations

    Using Passmark as a benchmark to judge CPUs is pretty useless. Use gaming benchmarks for comparison, as it's the most easiest way to know the better one. However, you must remember that the i7 4770K/non-K exhibits: Slower DDR3 RAM usage. Runs hotter and consumes more power. A framework that...

    Audio Decent speakers under 2k?

    Get either the Creative Pebble (2.0) or the Creative Pebble Plus (2.1). The Pebble costs under 2K INR The Pebble Plus costs under 3K INR Both have fantastic clarity in terms of movies, gaming and music. And looks awesome too!

    Budget 15-20K "Best" Android phone for under 20k?

    Get the Moto G 5G. Currently available for 19K on Flipkart and comes with the latest Snapdragon 750G SoC. Should be ideal for your needs.

    Budget 71-90K Conflicted between choice of processor for a 4K build

    When you're planning to invest in a GPU such as the RTX 3080 or the 3090, you need to match a competent CPU with that as well, so that there's no bottleneck. Your CPU and GPU should be on the same contesting level. If you match a Ryzen 3300X with a RTX 3080, your GPU will be bottlenecked...

    Audio Suggest an IEM under 4000.

    The BLON beats out the T2. The T2 is almost like a 2 or 3 year old IEM at this point. The T2 Pro succeeded the T2. But, it was very underwhelming. The T2 Plus however is a good one and I can suggest. It comes around 4K INR and has great sound signature. However, do keep in mind about Tin's...

    Apple introduces over-ear AirPods Max for Rs 59,900

    Prejudice isn't great when you're trying to look at things objectively. I suggest you try them out first and then judge whether Chi-Fi IEMs are worth it. Because the thing you just recommended, i.e. Starfield, loses out to its cheaper alternative that is the Fiio FH1S in terms of imaging...

    Apple introduces over-ear AirPods Max for Rs 59,900

    Well, there's a good option around every available price point: Around 1K INR: CCA CST (Alternative: Cat Ears Mimi, which is an earbud though but great build & sound) Around 2K INR: BLON BL03 Around 3-4K INR: Tin T2 Plus (great sound signature but Tin has terrible quality assurance) Around 6K...

    Audio Suggest an IEM under 4000.

    Get the BLON BL03. Comes under 2.5K and is already a gem. Fantastic inoffensive sound signature, 2-pin cables, aluminium casings and overall just a beautiful package. Apart from the BLON, you can go ahead with the Fiio FH1S, if you can spend upto 6K INR.

    Budget 51-70k Laptop for casual gaming, work and normal browsing/excel usage

    The Acer Predator is good. It has good specs, but Acer gaming laptops frequently suffer from quality assurance issues. I'd rather suggest getting the HP Omen 15. Comes with almost the same specs (with 1650Ti), except two differences: Ryzen 4600H instead of Intel i5 10th Gen 60Hz panel instead...

    Apple introduces over-ear AirPods Max for Rs 59,900

    I quite disagree. Most consumers won't know what they're missing out unless you show it to them. This has been the case since forever. Wireless earphones/headphones are selling because they are being heavily marketed. I'll definitely invest into wireless headphones/earphones once I see the...

    Apple introduces over-ear AirPods Max for Rs 59,900

    Spending 60K on Bluetooth headphone is massive waste of money, anyway you look at it. Even when you factor in convenience. Because BT headphones/earphones have very minimal shelf-life. After 1.5-2 years, the battery life will drop, making the product unusable. Thankfully, the Airpods Max has...

    Budget 0-20k Does it make sense to buy Airflow cases in India?

    Quite shocking that no objective tests have been carried out yet. Searched on Youtube but got no results. No wonder that the O11 Dynamic is the all-time most hyped case I've seen. I'm currently using the H400, which is the mATX version of the H500 (H510's predecessor). Have a balanced airflow...

    Budget 0-20k Does it make sense to buy Airflow cases in India?

    Avoid the Lancool 215 like plague. It definitely provides great airflow, but the perforations on the mesh are really wide. Therefore, dust filtration is super bad. It's not made for the Indian environment. However, if you clean your PC once per month, then the Lancool might be okay...

    What Music Streaming Service you use and why?

    Youtube Music. Previously was using Google Play Music (GPM) for 99/- per month. GPM closed down last October so moved all my playlists to Youtube Music. Love it more than GPM. The app for Youtube Music is fast, lightweight and bloatfree. Also, I can easily stream songs as well as videos. The...

    PC Peripherals Vacuum cleaners for PC cleaning ?

    Yeah. That's a bummer. If you're not comfortable spending on air cans, you can always use thick paint brushes for the same, to get off the dust and dirt. Wash the filters as usual with simple water.

    Budget 0-20k APU or CPU+GPU

    That isn't the case anymore. APUs have come a long way from where it was back in the earlier days of AMD (before Ryzen). Nowadays, APUs such as the 3400G can run intensive titles such as Shadow of the Tombraider at over 40 FPS in 720P. In low to medium settings, in DX12. DX11 frame rates will...