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    Amazon India lightning deals

    Any similar extension for flipkart which you have good experience with? There are a couple floating around but don't know which one is reliable.
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    Budget 90k+ 15'' Laptop for multimedia usage

    I am in a similar position like you, will check 2021 laptop models with OLED screens as Samsung has announced new lineup of 15 and 16 inch OLED display supply to various OEMS. If nothing good comes around then I will get the 2021 LG Gram 16 with that excellent 2k screen with 99 percent DCI P3...
  3. RS4 - Feedback Thread

    Looks like the way forward is Paying sellers via paypal and asking them to ship via Sunyou (untrackable) or Special Line-YW (trackable).
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    Budget 71-90K 13 inch Laptop with good battery backup

    If college asks for a windows laptop or software then the money will be wasted. So better wait till the requirements are known and buy it in UK.
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    4k TV buying advice please

    These two three days OLED TV's are getting massive discounts, people are getting 55 inch at 1 lakhs. Check out the OLED threads on hifivision forum, people are posting shop names and offers. These LCD-LED cannot match OLED and Diwali is the time for cheapest OLED pricing in India. So, Act fast...
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    Why TVs are so expensive in India?

    You can get good TV's in the market, just have to search. Toshiba U7980 is a H8G rebrand with Full Array Local dimming and 700 nits brightness for 47k (55 inch).
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    Budget 71-90K Laptop for multimedia and occasional gaming

    Did Flipkart deliver the laptop? I think it will take some time to get new stock as it has to be imported, clear customs etc. Even Pixel 4a is out of stock since the sale date. @rdst_1 What was the price of 2019 Gram 17 inch? Near 68-70k or 1lakh?
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    Budget 71-90K Laptop for multimedia and occasional gaming

    That article is quoting South korean launch which happens even before USA launch, 2019 model launched in August according to LG official press release. So , i guess August +- couple of months should be a good idea.
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    Budget 71-90K Laptop for multimedia and occasional gaming

    Just ask in that group if people have an idea about launch month of the 2020 model. Someone must know when this was launched, i can make my laptop last a few more months. But there is also a risk that the next model launches at 1 lakh.
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    Budget 71-90K Laptop for multimedia and occasional gaming

    Have clicked on notify button, But will be able to take any decision only after your opinion on how the downloaded 1080P and 4k files look and scale at that 2k screen. @rdst_1 You have been tracking this laptop since last year, when did the 2020 LG Gram 17 launch in India? My laptop's hinge is...
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    Budget 71-90K Laptop for multimedia and occasional gaming

    Can you give a mini review after using the laptop for a couple of days. specially how the multimedia stuff scales and looks at 2K screen, how does downloaded 1080P and 4K stuff scales on this screen resolution?
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    When A TV Buyer was Sold Insurance Policy as Extended Warranty!

    Reputed or small brands do not matter, company policies and behaviour matters the most. I have seen VU replacing entire TV during extended warranty period, even Jeevs extended warranty on TV's is good because they are anyway contracted by many cheap TV brands as authorised installers and service...
  13. RS4 - Feedback Thread

    People in Bangalore are reporting very late deliveries, even months due to slow speed by customs, Mumbai is very fast takes 1-2 days max.
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    Budget 51-70k Goodbye Macs, going back to Windows

    Getting a 70k laptop after using 1.5 Lakh one may not feel comparable and then you will say macbook was much better, this is usually what happens when people move from Macbook to windows laptops, they spend half the money and then compare and complain. Also, the rupee dollar exchange is 50...
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    Jio Gigafiber rollout

    The Annual plans make it decent for people who don't have much options in their locality, the 1299 plan data limit doubles to 1TB and you also get two months extra.
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    Pulwama attack

    Don't be a coward and say openly what you are hinting here, As long as there are Deshdrohis like you in India who speak the exact language as Pakistanis there is no hope for this country. After this cowardly attack, Half the Pakistan was celebrating and another half was hinting what you just said.
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    New cable TV Tariffs to put a hole in your pocket!

    TRAI appeal on 15% bouquet discount cap dismissed by Supreme Court, last consumer hopes smashed. Though the present pricing regime will be beneficial for people like me who watch few channels on expensive Tata Sky, rest all will get shafted...
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    New cable TV Tariffs to put a hole in your pocket!

    For the people who are following this thread for facts: TRAI will be in Supreme Court this week to get that important 15% clause reinstated in the Original order which was struck down by Madras High Court favouring the broadcasters like Star. Basically the pricing between channel packs like Star...
  19. RS4 - Feedback Thread

    Yup, even i have not raised dispute for non-trackable items as they are generally single digit dollar items, the sellers ship them and it would be unfair to get back money from them. They already operate on very thin margins. I think it is better not to order using non-trackable post, most of...
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    A-VO-ID: Do a minimum RC of Rs.35 per 28days or No outgoing calls (Even with Main Balance!)

    Idea allows recharge from balance, I am getting all the options via *121#