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    No, Android Not as Open as You Think

    "Check out the comments below — there is a growing sense that not only is Google evil, but evil incarnate" :)
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    Samsung Wave or Nokia N8 ???

    go with wave samsung has released new BADA OS version 1.2 a lot slicker and very fast .go with nokia if you want a laggy OS .im kinda thinking nokia missed the bus when it comes to smartphones man do they suck lol.
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    Graphic Cards AMD Radeon HD 6870 and HD 6850 confirmed to be launched on 22.10.2010

    some rumour going around that the next gen ati cards will be very good at tesselation which is the one thing nvidia cards are good at this time around ...
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    Pre Orders for Forth Coming Releases (Updated Frequently)

    hey i need medal of honour PC says theres no stock on ur website !!
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    ASUS ATI HD3870 (2 yrs old) 512mb ddr4 with customer thermalright duo orb cooler

    hey Ive posted new pics as you've requested .sorry i cannot post gpuz screen shots as Ive installed a 5850 in its place with all the drivers its too much work reinstalling this card and uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers ..
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    ~ The Mobile Phone Advisor ~

    samsung wave or galaxy u can also go for htc desire ..
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    PSP Slim 2004

    wha else can you do with these other than playing games oh enlightened one ?
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    PSP with CFW case and 2 Memory cards

    Im not so sure but it does run on DA customer firmware i stopped meddling wit it long time back ...its already on hold for another guy if he backs out ur next in line ...
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    ASUS ATI HD3870 (2 yrs old) 512mb ddr4 with customer thermalright duo orb cooler

    :)[attachment=6284:11589.attach]Hi this is my second sale for today im selling my i think about 2 years old gfx card . reason for sale is this card dont have enough juice for my 24 inch screen. Asking price is Rs.2500 excluding shipping considering new one costs around 3.5k and mine has a custom...
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    PSP with CFW case and 2 Memory cards

    [attachment=6281:11586.attach]hi Guys this is my PSP im putting up for sale which has cfw and many games preloaded onto the memory card .I used to play a lot on it earlier but now its just lying unused . Asking price for PSP is Rs 5000 for the lot which i think is fair .if you wanna...
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    8800GT or similar

    ive a ati hd 3870 with thermalright duo orb cooler fitted .tell me if your interested does 850/1150 on core/mem easy ...
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    Need A Used Gfx Card....!!!

    i have an ati 3870 with thermalright duo orb cooler fitted .does 850/1150 core/mem easy tell me if your interested ...
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    Hey Oldies...remember Hulk Hogan?

    ride around in dads cars drinking booze with their gfs kids these days are wayy cooler ..
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    Graphic Cards nVIDIA PhysX vs DX11 physics

    y wud MS being a player in the field of software right a code for PS3 and wii both of which run their own propreitory software in their respective consoles . Dont think sony and intendo wud appreciate MS wiriting code for their consoles .DX11 physics is written for its own OS period it does...
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    Graphic Cards nVIDIA PhysX vs DX11 physics

    you ppl cant compare directx11 and physx .directx includes a lot more features than game physics like tesselation and all MS just made it easier for developers so they dont have to PAY nvidia to use physics in games .moreover DX11 works on all compatible dx11 hardware not physx which works only...
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    need the best sounding mp3 player

    cowon iaudio 7 superb audio quality 60 hours battery and Jeteffect :)
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    Graphic Cards The ATI Radeon HD 58XX Thread

    now All we need is a die shrink from nividia of 280 gtx and call it gtx 360 or some sh**.
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    Must Read - Mac OS X Flaws : Not User Friendly!

    Mac is a vision of what Steve Jobs thinks an OS shud look and feel like (His fetish for all things white and grey) none wants anything shoved down their throat we all want options freedom . Lets all admit it Apple is just a one man show it all goes down the drain when Steves gone .
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    New PS3 today? Current PS3 Pricecut Official!

    heard new ps3 slim is gonna have a faster cell processor than the old one and also some rumours abt a new graphics chip ..