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  1. fatjivi

    FS: Mobile Blackberry Z10

    Product: Blackberry Z10 Condition: 9/10 seal opened, phone is less than a month old and used for a few hours. Reason for Sale: Got it as a gift but never got around to using it as I'm still happy with my s2. Phone doesn't have a single scratch or any dust collection, practically brand new lying...
  2. fatjivi

    FS: Mobile LG Google Nexus 4 16GB(brand new)

    Selling my google nexus 4 16 gb model which is just 4 days old in usage. Bought it from USA Google play store ending december but reached india just few days ago Model: LG Google Nexus 4 16GB model. Brand new, not even factory plastic covers and factory screen guard has been removed. As good as...
  3. fatjivi

    FS: Mobile Samsung Galaxy SII i9100 international model

    For sale my 1 year old samsung galaxy sII mobile international variant...this is NOT the G model being sold these days with limited custom ROMS and mods..product is in excellent condition except for a small corner of back cover which is chipped off...ive shown that in the picture...the back...
  4. fatjivi

    32gb micro sd

    does anybody have a 32gb micro sd for sale...need it for my galaxy s2 Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk
  5. fatjivi

    50gb blu ray discs

    i was wondering if i could buy 50gb blu ray discs online i could only find 25gb ones on ebay i have a few movies with me which are around 43-35gb and wont fit in 25gb ones --- Updated Post - Automerged --- oh and one movie 2012 is 64 gb :| what do i do??
  6. fatjivi

    Sony PSP 3000 prices slashed!!!

    Sony slashed their prices for psp 3000 from $170 to $130 w.e.f 27th Feb 2011 :D psp go prices wont change and will remain around $200 SOURCE: PSP Now Available for $129.99; New Additions to Greatest Hits and Favorites Collections – PlayStation Blog Sony Slashes PSP 3000 price by $40 > Gaming...
  7. fatjivi

    good ipod video replacement

    hey guys i have a ipod video classic 5th gen 80 gb its screen has got a few scratches and its about 2 years old now so i was thinking of buying a something new i was looking for something which has 80 gb or more,good video resolution support,wider screen and all....basically an upgrade over...
  8. fatjivi

    Seagate Barracuda 1 TB 7200 internal

    Product: Seagate Barracuda 1TB 7200 rpm internal desktop HDD This has been bought in november 2010 and is in perfect working condition Reason for sale: Sold whole PC so dont need it anymore my friend had promised to buy it earlier so i didnt sell it off with rest of my rig but now he...
  9. fatjivi

    used ps3

    looking for a used ps3 in good condition maybe slim or fat
  10. fatjivi

    Laptop 50-55k

    plz sugest best laptops one can get in the 50-55k budget i have two in mind dell xps 15 or ASUS N53Jg asus one im getting has i5 460m and gpu is 415m 1gb ram is 4gb 1066 mhz and hdd is 500 gb 5400 rpm except that all is same as mentioned in asus global site and im getting it for 54k shipped...
  11. fatjivi

    High end gaming pc for sale!!!

    Selling my whole pc as im leaving gaming coz of study pressure:( The entire PC is for sale and I WILL ONLY SELL ALL THESE PARTS IF THERE IS BUYER FOR ALL MAJOR PARTS LIKE GPU,PROCCY,MOBO,PSU,COOLER,TFT...THIS IS MY POLICY AS I DONT WANT TO END UP WITH ANY PARTS WITH ME System config....all...
  12. fatjivi

    Got Vaio Z series VPCZ138GG :D :D

    Hey THE laptop is finally here...worth almost 1.6 lakh this small laptop is packed with serious power...for a 13" laptop its a has quad 64gb ssd in RAID0 that means 256 gb ssd baby!!!!:ohyeah::clap::tongue: Details abt the laptop: VPCZ138GG : Z Series : VAIOâ„¢ Laptop & Computer ...
  13. fatjivi

    High end laptop buying advice

    Need to buy a laptop with high def capability 3d vision if possible screen should not be more than 15 inches as mobility is an important factor also it should be light weight and slim Has to available in India only Budget: not to exceed 1.5 lakh
  14. fatjivi

    Galaxy GTX 580 for sale

    Product name:Galaxy GTX 580 Condition:Just 4 days old so its brand new...only inner box and cables,manual,wires etc present...outer box not there...left it in USA to avoid customs tax :P Reason for sale: Very sadly parting with it...When i bought it i thought i would have time to use it but...
  15. fatjivi

    Graphic Cards gtx 580 psu doubt

    ive recently bought galaxy gtx 580 my psu is cm gx 750 one of my frnds pc got fried and he had the same psu and gtx 480 some ppl r telling me to change my psu to corsair as they consider this pus to be bad for my gtx 580 but im doubtful plz suggest what i should do?? will i be ok with my current...
  16. fatjivi

    GALAXY GTX 580 is here

    :clap:yeah its finally here my gtx 580
  17. fatjivi

    Zotac and Palit sonic GTX 460 1gb sale!!!!

    zotac gtx 460 1gb price:SOLD palit sonic OC gtx 4601gb price :SOLD BILL FOR PALIT GTX 460 AS U CAN C THIS OC VERSION HAS VRM HEATSINK
  18. fatjivi

    OC & Modding cooler for gtx 460 1gb SLI

    i have zotac and palit gtx 460 1gb running in SLI i have sabertooth x58 mobo which has very less space between pci slots my gpu's r very close thus causing top gpu to heat i need aftermarket coolers for both gpu zotac is reference and palit is non reference heres a pic
  19. fatjivi

    Graphic Cards gtx 460 1gb SLI heating problem :(

    i recently shifted from intel dx58so to sabertooth x58 i have gtx 460 1gb SLI in my intel board the pci spacing was excellent and i had no problems on my sabertooth my gpu's r hugging each other causing top card to heat due to lack of circulation as u can c in the msi...
  20. fatjivi

    cold cathode kit blue/laser LED blue

    im looking for cold cathode kit or lased LED like the ones sunbeam sell for lighting up my cabby im looking ONLY FOR BLUE colour as all my fans r blue LED thnx