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    Budget 51-70k Looking for an upgrade after 8 years, kindly suggest accordingly

    Ryzen 5 3600 is less than 18k now. Also atleast get RTX 2060 which is around 27k
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    Storage Solutions WD NVME Product registration

    Hello, just finished building a PC after long time. Use: purely casual gaming Specs: Ryzen 3 3100, Gigabyte B450, XPG 8gb 3200mhz, SSD NVME WD SN550 and 1060 6gb. My problem is I tried registering the SSD on wd website but I was unable to do that. Do I have to sign in wd website to register...
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    Budget 41-50k PC for gaming + Productivity

    How come Gigabyte GA-A320MA supports Ryzen 3 3100? Ships with bios updated? I too am planning to get 3100, waiting for A520M motherboard.
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    Budget 31-40k Need a Mid Range Gaming Laptop

    Asus TUF A15 (older tuf series are cheaper), Acer aspire 7 2020, they all have 1650 4gb
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    WTB Want to buy Playstation 4 Pro

    Bring my post uppppp.
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    ACT Fibernet tariff Increase and Plans related [20-21]

    Which is the best tariff for ACT in Hyderabad?
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    Hathway Rs. 349 broadband plan offers unlimited downloads at 50Mbps speeds

    That is why never buy unlimited from Hathway, best is FUP plan, i get 1200gb per month, it has no daily cap.
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    Hathway Rs. 349 broadband plan offers unlimited downloads at 50Mbps speeds

    Using hathway since 2 years, i had problem only once (Billing problem), other than that, down time is very rare, and fixed usually in few hours. Me from Hyderabad, 50mbps, 1200 gb FUP and 2600/- for six months ;)
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    WTB Want to buy Playstation 4 Pro

    Hyderabad, please pm me the price. Thanks
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    WTB Want to buy Playstation 4 Pro

    As the title says, want to buy PS4 Pro. Post here or PM me if ur selling.
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    Budget Above 25K Phone below 40k with SD855

    There are many with 855 soc like lenovo Z6 pro, but it is the Oneplus 7T which beats all.
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    Budget 15-20K Vivo V9, Y83, OPPO F7 Which One?

    OPPO F7, as the chip is way faster than on Vivo, wait for OPPO F9 though.
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    Budget 10-15K Decent Android experience with VoLTE and preferrably ViLTE

    Moto G5S plus also check out K8 note since they are coming with stock android now. There are others like Nokia 6, LGQ6 (might lag due to 430 chipset) also there is Mi Max 2.
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    Less than 10K (Buying 2d Hand) Moto G4 v Moto X Play

    Dont get either, im a G4plus 32gb user, it heats like anything. The 617 chip is total crap by qualcomm. Collect money and get Moto G5 plus
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    Less than 10K Please help me to decide Redmi Note 4 vs Redmi 4.

    R Note 4 is better, unless you need a small phone. 625 chip is far better compared to 435