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  1. bennysachdev

    Corsair Hx850i Platinum PSU + WD 4TB Black HDD

    Belated happy birthday to me :D I just bought the Corsair Hx850i Platinum PSU to retire my Scythe 600w PSU. Also bought a WD 4TB Black HDD to add to my 5.6TB of storage my desktop. Cheers!
  2. bennysachdev

    Audio Portable music player for 20k

    Hey guys, I am looking for a portable music player with good storage and an excellent sound quality. I'll be playing mostly flac files and using them with my tf10 and earsonic sm3. It doesnt need to be pocketable, it can be something like a dap + dac/amp. I have no idea about the new players...
  3. bennysachdev

    R7870 Black Edition

    So when my 9800GT rendered its last pixel, I knew that it was time to invest on a graphic card which I will barely use. I don't game much anymore, but since I was getting one heck of a deal on vrzone forums here in Singapore, I decided to buy one which was only used by the original gamer for one...
  4. bennysachdev

    Audio Need Amplification advise for Accusound OM-VII

    Hey guys, So I managed to get my dirty paws on a pair of Accusound OM VII omega speakers for my living room. If i'm not mistaken they need power for somewhere around 2 x 85w @ 8ohms impedance. What I don't know is should I get a stereo amp for it or a power amp or an AVR. What will be the best...
  5. bennysachdev

    To the Gods of Sound

    These are my lovely cans that I have come to love soo much over the last few years. I have owned several other iems and headphones but I think these few are the ones that will stick around in times to come. Featuring: The Denon D5000 with Jmoney pads aka Grand daddy. [attachment=13755:denon...
  6. bennysachdev

    Audio iBasso Dx100 DAP

    This looks rather interesting DX100: The DX100 is our reference Digital Audio Player (DAP). It can play most of the 24Bit/192kHz Lossless music. The whole design is based on the ES9018, which ESS claim as "The World's Best DAC Chip". • Support up to 24/192 Decoding • ES9018...
  7. bennysachdev

    Audio Random DAC/Amp Thread!!

    Instead of pouring all our wisdom on the Random IEM/Headphone rant thread and the hijacking of multiple threads has warranted the birth of the Random DAC / Amp thread. Whether it is portable, transportable or a desktop equipment, this is the place to talk about enquiries, interests, showoffs...
  8. bennysachdev

    Anyone seen any other commercials like this.

    Hi guys, Has anyone seen any other commercial like this, with thoughts linked to each other. I need to get ideas for my creative team who will be working on something similar. Please have a look and share your thoughts. Cheers!
  9. bennysachdev

    Audio Your first headphones

    A lot like harshit's thread on But about your pair of cans ;) I'll kick off the topic with My first pair of cans, the Grado Sr80i. I had purchased it from Amazon for 99$ as there were no local dealers back then.
  10. bennysachdev

    Audio The World's First Self-Fitting Custom Earpiece Solution - CustomFit

    The World's First Self-Fitting Custom Earpiece Solution - CustomFit So I was just browsing around and I found this. Soundcage World :: Custom Fit So what it does is you put the SoundCage on your head with the iems in your ear for 4 minutes and the silicone compound takes the shape of your ear...
  11. bennysachdev

    Audio Top tier IEM or custom Iems?

    Hi guys, I am too confused with this and I need you guys to help me out with this. :S I was thinking of getting my Tf10's remolded from Unique Melody. The cost of getting the Tf10's remolded is around 300SGD. That would make a triple driver custom iem. Now, I can get a used top tier iem for...
  12. bennysachdev

    Audio Audiophile Dac / Amp

    Hey guys, I needed a dac for my laptop and i was really confused :S I don't need a portable one and the size doesn't matter. Will be using it to drive my TF10s, Grado Sr80i, Future Hps, and soon to come AE5 or Krk Rokit 6. Out of this the TF10s and Sr80i's don't really need that much power...
  13. bennysachdev

    Audio Best IEM under 200$

    Hi guys, could you please suggest a good IEM under 200$ Will be calling for it from Amazon(from the US of A) or picking them up locally from amchi Mumbai. I like listening to a lot of different genres like rock, live recording, acoustic, trance, house, electro, etc. The source would be my HTC...
  14. bennysachdev

    HeadDirect RE0

    Want to buy HeadDirect Re0. I am open to offers if anybody wants to sell these IEM's. bumppppppp
  15. bennysachdev

    Sunburn 2009

    Guys this is the hottest dance festival of the year which is going to be held in GOA!!!! :ohyeah: 3 Days of non stop dance/trance/electronic music playing with some of the best DJz playing. Armin Van Buuren :hap2: Roger Sanchez Jalebi Cartel (Live Performance) Gatecrasher Stage John 'oo'...
  16. bennysachdev

    Iphone 3g/3gs

    Hey guys, I was interested in buying a used iphone 3g or a 3gs for personal use. Piece should be in 100% working condition. Seller must be able to show the piece if in mumbai or send pics for inspection. Any negotiations of price will be done thru PM ONLY!!! SO FLOOD MY INBOX!!!!!!!
  17. bennysachdev

    PS3 Games

    Selling 3 of my most valued possessions. CoD5 World at War - 1350 + shipping. A must have for any CoD series fan. Dark Kingdom Untold Legends - 800+shipping. Excellent RPG, has 2 player simultaneous gaming action. Gran Turismo 5 Prologue - 800 + shipping. The Best racing simulation game on any...
  18. bennysachdev

    Ps3 game trade

    Hello TE members from Mumbai. I want to trade Ps3 games. Currently these are the games i have Killzone 2 Call of duty World at War Dark Kingdom Untold Legends Gran turismo5 Prologue Fifa 2009 Mortal Kombat Vs Dc universe Saints Row 2. Anyone willing to trade can list the games they have in a...
  19. bennysachdev

    IPHONE 2g 8gb

    i want to sell my iphone 2g 8gb bought it 13 months back unlocked. It is currently running OS 3.0 unlocked to run any sim card. Runs purrrrrfect. Slight scratches on the back. Also giving a Packed Monster iCableLink to use any 3.5mm jack with the phone which costs 10$. I bought two of these...
  20. bennysachdev

    Storage Solutions WD RMA rocks !

    hey guys chk this out.....another RMA thread. 3rd july i had give my 500gb hdd for RMA to WD yesterday i got it back 4m them. n guess wuh!!!!! ITS A 640GB!!!! :ohyeah: :hap2: :ohyeah: wat i dont understand is why do they do this. its not like the 500 gigs is discontinued or anything. now i'm...