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    Audio Got new Z 5500 but they aren't working? help

    Hi All yesterday got the logitech z 5500 speakers but when i plugged them they aren't working.... no power at all.. then searched on the internet .. only to know it could be fuse problem.. then I checked fuse... there was no fuse:@ in my z5500 ****iiiiiing logitech :@ :@ :@ searched the box...
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    Graphic Cards Plz Suggest Graphics card acc to my config with 965RY mobo

    Hello TE Members I've finally decided to purchase a graphic card so need your help guys My current config is C2D 6320 965RY orig mobo intel 2.5 GB kingston RAM My budget Rs 12K Actually no problem with the budget but i think for a higher end card, system will be a bottleneck, So i will...