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  1. Greyfalcon

    FS: Monitor and LCD LG Flatron W1941S 18.5" Selling 10 yr old LG Flatron W1941S monitor. As seen in the images, on the lower part of the screen in the middle, there are white spots which look like they're caused by fungus or something. And along the bottom of the screen there is a...
  2. Greyfalcon

    FS: Others Antec VP500PC Power supply unit

    Has official warranty till 15th September but im sure it wont reach anyone before that, so providing 4 days testing warranty. Shipping will be 50-50. Bought from in 2018 and was used in a pc with gtx 960 for a year. Lying unused ever since. Works perfectly
  3. Greyfalcon

    Is plugging a surge protector into a UPS too risky?

    Hi I have an APC X600C-IN UPS which only has 3 outlets at the back. I can use one of them for my CPU and one for the monitor. The last one I can use for my Belkin surge protector onto which I can plug my modem, WiFi router and speakers. So this will ensure that even if the power goes, my Modem...
  4. Greyfalcon

    WTB Need an AM3+ motherboard

    Hi I need a motherboard for my FX 6300. So it should be AM3+ and also piledriver compatible.