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  1. mav2000

    FS: Storage Hardware Samsung 840 SSD - 240 GB

    Hi Guys, I have a single Samsung 840 sata, 240 Gb ssd for sale. Details as given. Box and bill is there with me. These were the days SSD's just about become mainstream. ;)
  2. mav2000

    FS: Power Cooling and Modding Almost complete water cooling kit and control board

    Hi Guys, For sale is a almost complete water cooling kit, for Intel and AMD systems. You will have to check if the CPU block will fit on current gen systems, as I dont know if the socket areas have changed significantly over the years. I have used this kit on both Z&&/87 boards and AMD AM3...
  3. mav2000

    FS: Desktops i3570k, Z77 Formula EATX, ram and a lot more

    Hi Guys, Want to sell the following: 1. Intel i3570k, delidded and have applied proper Liquid metal thermal paste/glue, with a Z77 OC formula (probably one of the best motherboards of that time), with 8gb of 2400 Mhz Ram - Full combo for 9,000 + shipping. Bills of some of the stuff may be...
  4. mav2000

    Budget 21-30k Planning to upgrade my PC - Does this look ok?

    Hey guys. Still running a 3570k for many many years now. Am finally planning to update it soon. Does this sound good? 1. Ryzen 3100 2. Asus TUF b450 plus motherboard 3. Crucial Ballistix 3200 Mhz ram Rest will be carried forward from the old PC for now. Did some research and found 3100 to be a...
  5. mav2000

    WTB i7 3770k

    Looking to buy a i7 3770k. If you have one let me know. Thanks.
  6. mav2000

    WTB WTB: 3770k Intel proccy

    As the thread title says, looking for a 3770k proccy. Please PM if available. Thanks.
  7. mav2000

    FS: Desktops Caselabs SM8 EATX Case

    For sale is my beloved Caselabs SM8 (US made full aluminium) case. I bought this back when I was into high end computers and water cooling. Saddly, i dont have the time anymore to pursue that. As some of you may know, these cases are no longer available new and I guess this is probably the only...
  8. mav2000

    WTB: XBox One Games

    Just bought an Xbox recently and want to buy some games for kids between the ages of 10-13. Definitely dont want PG18 games.
  9. mav2000

    Mesh Wifi systems

    Has anyone used any of the new mesh wifi systems? I am planning to buy one so just wanted to check if there were others who have used them and how well do they work. I am currently using 2 mi wifi routers together to cover my house, but I still have a number of dead spots. I was hoping a mesh...
  10. mav2000

    FS: Tablet Ipad 2

    For sale: Barely used Ipad 2. In perfect condition and has been in the case from day 1. With box, cable, charging brick and cover. Works perfectly. No scratches on screen at all.
  11. mav2000

    FS: Others HDD, RAM, RAD and other stuff - Low prices

    1. Toshiba HDD 1 TB - 1.75k SOLD 1. Gskill DDR3 ram - 2x2 GB Flares. Sold 3. Black Ice GT stealth 240 Radiator. SOLD 4. Amkette Android TV box - Sold No warranty on anything. Am open to reasonable offers.
  12. mav2000

    FS: Others Gear VR and Gear Fit

    Samsung Gear VR - Used twice and kept away. Will come with the original box. Expected 2k plus shipping. Would prefer local as the box is big, but am ok to ship as long as the buyer pays Samsung Gear fit - sold
  13. mav2000

    FS: Video Card Zotac GTX 770 With Warranty

    Hi, Has been used very carefully as seen form the pics. Will provide the Zotac email for extended warranty. Also have the waterblock if someone is interested, which has been used throughout, from day one of purchase. Its from Heatkiller. Am not able to take a GPUZ screenshot as I dont have a...
  14. mav2000

    WTB GTX 1060 6gb or AMD 480 8gb

    Looking to buy one of the mentioned GPU's. Not interested in the mini versions. Please use PM if you are keen on selling. Thanks.
  15. mav2000

    FS: Mobile One plus 2 - Immaculate condition

    In great condition. Two very small dents, which are difficult to see unless you know they are there. Its exaggerated in the photos. One extra original One plus USB type C cable and the carbon fiber back along with the original sandstone back is also included. Updated to Marshmellow Beta as of now.
  16. mav2000

    FS: Mobile Xiaomi Mi4

    With Bamboo back cover and original cover. No dents or nicks. Usage marks are there on the metal sides, but no dents.. Would prefer local (Bangalore buyers), who can check and take the phone. Outstation, courier is an issue and courier and insurance cost on you.
  17. mav2000

    WTB Ipod - Any gen

    Hi All, Looking to buy an Ipod. I really dont care about the battery as long as it works fine when connected to a power source. I need this for my car and since it will be always connected and tucked away, I really dont care even if it has a few dings and scratches as long as it functioning...
  18. mav2000

    FS: Others Ram, USB 3 powered Hub and Pcie wifi card

    For sale is the following: 1. Asus PCIE wifi card. Lost one of the antenna so am giving another one with it, which does not match the stock one in looks, but works fine. In box. - Sold 2. Transcend Powered USB 3 Hub - Great little device if you want to add more USB ports on your desk. Works...
  19. mav2000

    FS: RAM Gskill Flares - 4 GB

    For sale is one of the best AMD kits that you can find. If you can find any that is. Its also great on Intel and I have done some super timings and speeds with them. They come with the original box and fan. BTW, the fan was never used. Details are in the pics.
  20. mav2000

    FS: Mobile Mint Condition Mi3

    Hi, Looking to sell my Mi3. Its in mint condition without a single scratch on it. Has a Nillikin screen protecter (glass) from day one. Running Miui V6 right now. Not rooted or anything. Sorry for the crappy pics, but dont have access to a proper camera right now. Would prefer a local deal...