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    Amazon India lightning deals

    It depends on usage , i was able to install windows 10 in under 5 minutes. Perfect for my use.
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    Amazon India lightning deals Lowest Price AFAIK
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    UTP CAT 6 cable recommendation

    ohh , if you were in delhi , i should have arranged 100 meters molex for you
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    UTP CAT 6 cable recommendation

    We Use Molex And Huber Suhner and are happy with it. Whats Your Location?
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    Systematic Ban on Imports - Implications & Alternatives

    can you please share some links ?
  6. J - Feedback Thread

    so we need a package forwarding service like myus from hong kong or Malaysia
  7. J - Feedback Thread

    cant we do that also via VPN and Virtual credit cards also ?
  8. J - Feedback Thread

    i think its not possible to order anything now
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    Hikvision official dealer

    i am out of town at the moment , will get back to you with details shortly
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    Hikvision official dealer

    I Strongly Suggest UNV in comparison , There Products Are Superior at same price of hikvision and there RMA is superfast Too. have a look
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    Hikvision official dealer

    You Had Word With Tech Support Too ? If Not Please Call Support
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    Hikvision official dealer

    you need to have a good quality router near camera as the wireless module in hikvision camera is not so good
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    Hikvision official dealer

    why wifi out door PTZ ? how you want to power them ?
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    Hikvision official dealer

    There are plenty of models sir , kindly share your requirement or model number and i will share the price.
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    Hikvision official dealer

    The Best Is To Send Email at . Mention your model number and serial number and they will mail you the firmware. Please dont try to update from European or American firmware as there are some differences due to BIS Restrictions and it may brick your device. Regards
  16. J - Feedback Thread

    whats the import duty if one imports stuff from US to UK ? is it cheaper then importing directly to india ?
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    Hikvision official dealer

    Whats your Location ? i am an official reseller for Hikvision And UNV
  18. J - Feedback Thread

    aliexpress is not accepting payments
  19. J - Feedback Thread

    You able to pay ?
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    Hot! USA to India New service Cheap