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    PC Peripherals Mouse Recommendation

    Hello Looking for Good Quality mouse for official as well as medium gaming. most of the mouse i use either have the scroll malfunction or the clicks don't register. my budget is 2-3k max. if i get a wireless keyboard and mouse in that , thats awesome as it helps keeping my desk cleared from...
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    Budget 0-20k Storage Pc

    Hello Good To Be Back After A Long Time , Need Advice On PC For Storage Build. Budget Is Around 6-8K For Motherboard , Ram And CPU. I Am Fine With Used Stuff As Well , The System Will Be Used To Store Data Over Network And Should Have Minimum 4 Sata Ports And USB 3.0 Ports For Sync To External...
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    Configuration For Autocad 2010 - 2011

    Hello Friends I need your help again as my sister want a syatem assembeled for her autocad work , her budget for now is 15k and she only wants mobo+proccy+ram. Based on delhi prices , i suggested her to go for Intel i3+h55tc (Combo 11k)+ 2 GB DDR3 Ram (3k). Is this config currect for autocad...
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    Graphic Cards EVGA RMA Delhi

    Hi Friends My Evga 8800 Gt went kaput two days back :@. Can any one tell Me send me address of Eva Service Center in delhi ??? Thanx In advance. Waiting ........
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    Laptops Laptop Insurance

    Hello Mates !! I have a question , if i purchase a dell studio laptop , i get a 1 year basic warrenty . but i need to carry it in busses and auto's. it is possible to get a laptop insurance from any private insurance company. if yes then what are the procedures for that ??? What are the...
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    Storage Solutions New WD 640Gb Issues

    I Bought A New WD 640Gb HDD. The Problem is that hd tune says that hdd is ok but hdd health says that its helth is 0 % and hdd is critical. :huh: please suggest what to do now ??? :S waiting...........
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    PC Peripherals burnt corsair vx450

    hello mates , gat a corsair vx 450 psu 3 months back from nehru place after reading alot here. but when yesterday morning i switched on my pc , got a very loud bang and lots of smoke. then guess what one of the biggest capacitor of vx450 has just exploded leavind behind a dead psu.given...
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    Storage Solutions Got wd 640

    Hey Friends Got wd 640 gigger for backup. it is a awesome drive, it is my first sata drive which copies 9 gb of data from a 320 gb hdd in less then 2 minutes :clap: :clap: . heres a screenie
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    PC Peripherals DVI to HDMI cable

    Hello Gurus i have a evag 8800 gt superclock edition vga card. which ha two these type of output. now i have to connect my new sony bravia with it. from where i can get a dvi to hdmi cable ???
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    Video between Two LCDs

    hello all after reading the thread on lcds i have decided for two lcds Sony 32" s series bravia KLV-32S310A 43k hitachi 32" (model listed in the thread) 41k now please help me to decide between these two waiting ..........
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    Audio Supreme FX 2 problem

    hello folks as you all know that i have recently purchased a asus maximus formula.with the box there is a seprate sound card called Supreme FX 2. the problem is that when i install drivers the sound is comming on both , jacks on the sound card and headphone jack on cm 690 which is connected to...
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    PC Peripherals 5.25" in CM 690

    Hello Friend's, i Have just brought this cabinet and dont know how to install my dvd RW:( .or i dont know hot to pull front frill out. please help me as i am now assembling my pc. in this pro cess i have also slightle damadged the uppermost grill :@ . waiting .......
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    Wanted a 5k phone.

    A warm Hello To all i want a phone with max budget of priorities are 1) Sound Quality 2)Camera 3)fm i have finalized nokia 3110. :( can i have any other fone better then this in 5k range ? waiting for your coments......
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    CPU/Mobo Mobo Help !!

    All gurus , please help me. i have decide to go with asus maximus formula mobo but in delhi it is not available from two weeks. i have personally talked to the manager , rashi (rp tech) and he told me to wait for another one or two weeks.:@ please suggest me any other board which is upto 16k...
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    Graphic Cards Xfx Vs Evga

    Hello Gurus Thanx for your never ending help.:hap2: now i want to buy a gfx card which i am going to user on asus maximus budget is max 15k.i went to nehru place for purchasing corsair vx450 and inquired about the gfx card.options that i got were xfx 8800GT Alpha Dog Edition...
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    CPU/Mobo Final Suggestions

    Hello all gurus thank you very much for helping me in deciding my pc i am posting my final configuration which i am buying tomarrow. please se and tell that all the things are fine or not. c2d e8400 asus maximus formula :bleh: xfx 8800GT cooler master 600w transcend 1gb x 2 all other things...
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    Monitors LCD for ME !!!!

    Hello gurus Help me in deciding lcd for occaisnal games and watching full HD movies (future). i have zerod on following ones Dell SP2208WFP and Dell E248WFP my config is asus maximus formula 2*1 gb transcend ddr2 8800gt waiting for your valuable help............
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    CPU/Mobo Memory for Asus Maximus Formula

    hello friends i am buying Asus Maximus Formula in two weeks time:clap:(waiting for intel price cut because of e8400) :ohyeah: . now i am confused between the memory, please help me as my budget for memory is 4k and i want best performance with vista. 1) buy 2*1 gb corsair xms2 800mhz for Rs...