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  1. sdhawal2k8

    WTB 240gb ssd non dram cache model

    Need dram less ssd 240gb. Pm offers. Used preffered
  2. sdhawal2k8

    FS: Video Card 3060 ti Colorful iGame Ultra OC

    Selling my RTX 3060TI, only 10 days old. Perfect condition. Price is fixed. On par with the Strix model. reference video :
  3. sdhawal2k8

    FS: Cabinets DeepCool Macube 110 White 1month old

    Hi, selling my Deepcool Macube 110 White. Price is fixed at 3000, shipping extra (320/- Fedex for most cities) Its bought at the start of Nov of 2020. I had a b450M mobo, thinking of upgrading mobo b550 ATX, so selling this case off. Features an inbuilt GPU anti-sag stand. NO SCRATCHES WHAT...
  4. sdhawal2k8

    FS: Motherboard Asus ROG Strix X570-E Gaming

    Hi, I am selling my Asus ROG Strix x570-E gaming. I have attached all pics. The board is currently mounted on my PC Case so could not provide separate pics with my username. I Will un-mount it if I get a buyer. Fixed price. It's a premium board Tier S mobo, with all features as a Crosshair...
  5. sdhawal2k8

    My FE RTX 3080

    Here is my new upgrade from 1080ti, got mine on Oct 29, had to sleeve my V1000 cables took a while, thanks @ganesh_2218 for the PSU. Failed to sleeve the 12 pin connector might try sometime later.
  6. sdhawal2k8

    WTB Need CPU case budget 3000 shipped

    Any good case will do. GB C200 preferably
  7. sdhawal2k8

    WTB Need fully modular [Corsair RM, RMx series] or [HCG Gold] or [MWE Gold] 750W, 850W or 1000W

    Need used/new PSU with 5+ year warranty. Bill and Box also required (so that if PSU turns out to be faulty it can be RMAd)
  8. sdhawal2k8

    WTB Need 750W PSU in warranty atleast 5 years

    Need used PSU. preferably Corsair 750W.
  9. sdhawal2k8

    FS: Video Card MSI Gaming X GTX 1080ti [SOLD]

    Pristine Condition. Attached latest AAA tittle benchmarks tally with the internet to compare performance. PM for deals. SOLDDDDDD
  10. sdhawal2k8

    My March 2020 Build

    Fully sleeved cables. Self Sleeved them, how do they look.