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    PCI-E 6 pin to molex connector required !

    Hi guys, if anyone among you have a spare PCI-E 6 pin to molex power connector then please lend or sell it to me....i need one urgently to connect my HD 4870 with Corsair VX450, since there is only 1 PCI-E connector given in the PSU. :@ I live in Greater Noida so, I'll prefer to get it from...
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    Looking for a WiFi Adapter!

    Hi geeks...i'm in a need of a WiFi adapter for my desktop. It could be USB or PCI or PCIe x1; g or n series. Brand preference is for linksys but its not mandatory. My location: Greater Noida
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    Laptops URGENT!! Laptop Display DAMAGED!

    Hi friends, I'm in a huge trouble. I hav a laptop Compaq CQ45 112AU which belongs to a friend. Today it got slipped from my lap and its display has got broken. Its 14.1" WXGA LCD(1280x800) panel. I hav to change/fix it before returning it to my friend. Plz tell me hw and where it can be repaired...
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    Graphics Card Required

    Hi looking for a Graphics Card, any will do NVidia or ATI . Plz pm ur offers, need lil urgently. Budget: Under 4K interested in HD 4870...can pay some more for it. any1?
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    CPU/Mobo Suggest a AM3/AM2+ Motherboard

    Hi guys, I'm looking for an AMD chipset based on 790GX/785G plateform. Since I already have overclockable DDR2 1066Mhz modules, so only AM3/AM2+ motherboard will do the job. I need a board that should be capable to drive DDR2 @ 1333+ Mhz. My bet was on Gigabyte GA-MA785G-UD3H, but its not...
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    4GB Team Xtreem Dark Series DDR2 PC2-8500 (5-5-5-15) Dual Channel kit

    [For Sale] 4GB Team Xtreem Dark Series DDR2 PC2-8500 (5-5-5-15) Dual Channel kit 4GB Team Xtreem Dark Series DDR2 PC2-8500 (5-5-5-15) Dual Channel kit Hi, I'm selling my new Memory modules purchased recently. These are new and unused(only opened the packing for taking pics). These are...
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    OCZ Vendetta 2 CPU Cooler

    I've an OCZ Vendetta 2 CPU cooler :donatell: lying in spare. Its 5 months old but has been used to cool down Pentium D 945 only for 2 months, very rarely. I need cash for the new rig there4 selling it. Its a faadoo hsf, get the reviews on it by googling. All the original accessories that came...
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    GIGABYTE GA-G41M-ES2L (Intel®G41 + ICH7 Chipset)

    GIGABYTE GA-G41M-ES2L (Intel®G41 + ICH7 Chipset) PRICE DROPPED! This is recently purchased Gigabyte GA-G41M-ES2L motherboard. The board has been lying as new and unused since day-1. I've just unboxed the contents jus to have a look. Product Brief: The GA-G41M-ES2L based on the Intel G41...
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    Core2Duo/Quad E8400/Q9550

    Hi guys, I'm Looking for a Q9550S or a Q9650 processor (E0 stepping) :detect: . Any1 who wanna sell it, kindly pm me your quotes and warranty status of the CPU...e-b-a-y listing will be preferred to deal. :thanx:
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    Audio Optimal setting for Audigy SB Live!

    Hi buddies, I installed Creative SB Audigy Live! soundcard 2 months back in my rig. But since then i wasn't able to get optimal performance from the card. I want to get the optimal setting for sound card. I don't know how to tweak the setting in its software, to get some juice out of it. I...
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    CPU/Mobo Pentium D required...

    Hi all, I need a Pentium D processor above 3.0 Ghz for my Intel D101GGC if any of the members is willing to sell their old CPU then kindly post about it here(with price n age)... Required CPU models: Pentium D 950A (sSpec SL95V only) <3.4 GHz> Pentium D 945A <3.4 GHz> Pentium D...