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  1. vishalrao

    Why are you on Techenclave? What do you use it for?

    I had to look at my profile page to remember I joined in 2007 :D Mainly for the tech news and discussions of course.
  2. vishalrao

    Android Samsung phones- 4 years of security updates

    I got my m21 in May last year and recently it was updated to android 11. The security updates are every 3 months unlike S range which is monthly. I will be quite happy if the security updates last 4 years.
  3. vishalrao

    Android Samsung phones- 4 years of security updates

    I hope my M21 stays on the list
  4. vishalrao

    Android Samsung phones- 4 years of security updates

    They have mentioned caveat that the list of phones can change at any time and also depending on the market region, so it reeks of a bait and switch waiting to happen
  5. vishalrao

    Video Advice on purchasing 65 inch tv

    What if my viewing is primarily tata sky which has it's logo visible all the time? Will the LG CX face burn in issues for this usage? Yes I guess a 4k oled is probably wasted on tata sky 1080p dth quality visuals but I will have the occasional 4k streaming sessions.
  6. vishalrao

    BSNL Fiber router query

    I don't remember the ont model number but it is a basic ZTE chipset based single gigabit port epon without WiFi. I use netgear r7000 earlier and now r8000 model router which has pretty good uptime. Initially I was on the 100mbps plan 1277 but switched to the 300mbps fiber ultra 1499 plan...
  7. vishalrao

    BSNL Fiber router query

    When I got my connection more than 2 years ago my LCO just charged me full MRP of the basic ONT which was 3k and slyly said "no install charge saar" Actually the ONT was available for 1.5k online at the time. I could have insisted on not taking it from him but instead felt it's better to be in...
  8. vishalrao

    Is LastPass safe?

    Less chances of there being a backdoor or bugs in the source code, if more people are reviewing it. Also see
  9. vishalrao

    Did a new data breach happen 3 days back & 20 minutes back ?

    Probably scare mongering by Google to market their hardware security keys. I guess your email and password combo was compromised on a few websites and chrome is listing all websites where you have used the same email but not necessarily the same password.
  10. vishalrao

    Apple secures 50% of TSMC 5nm production

    Don't forget Intel... it seems they are also going to capture tsmc advanced node capacity. I guess tsmc is well within their rights to cater to whoever has the deeper pockets.
  11. vishalrao

    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    That's what she said
  12. vishalrao

    Budget 71-90K Conflicted between choice of processor for a 4K build

    OP is original poster a.k.a. the thread creator.
  13. vishalrao

    Eye Protection

    If your eyes pain it could be an indication that they are working harder to focus on the view. You should get a check up to see if you have a number and require spectacles, better early remedy than regret it later. Plus, you should do the recommended eye exercises and take regular breaks...
  14. vishalrao

    How to remove Hard drive from its USB casing

    No he meant hard drive might be encrypted at hardware firmware level not by the user... take a backup of your data before attempting anything
  15. vishalrao

    Apple M1 5nm chip launched for macbook air and pro 13 inch

    And I believe in linux too?