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  1. quan chi

    BEWARE khanWORLD is selling Fake products on amazon & flipkart.

    Hi guys as some of you may know I collect game dvds. I search for them online too & order one when I see the price is okay. A seller both on amazon and flipkart is selling FAKE PIRATED DVD'S...
  2. quan chi

    Call of Duty WW II : Discussion Thread The beta for PC is already out.
  3. quan chi

    Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice - Discussion Thread

    I wonder why not even the old member's opened a thread about this game. Anyways I am playing it right now & will update it later. Ninja theory's other games were okay excluding the heavenly sword which was just average. Also the price of this game is quite lower than other AAA titles. Reviews ...
  4. quan chi

    COD : Infinite Warfare Discussion Thread

    Infinite Warfare & MW Remastered Discussion Thread This game got so badly down voted that I decided to test it to see if its true.:D After completing the campaign I can confidently say that its good yes the campaign is good & its like the good old cod. Top notch voice acting with AAA...
  5. quan chi

    Playerunknown’s Battleground : Discussion Thread

    Its the No1. trending game on steam. Its PVP. How many of you are playing it I am thinking about getting it but don't know for sure. Is it fun with solo too? If any of you are playing it then please report here.:D
  6. quan chi

    List of PC games you should not buy

    You are free (& requested) to contribute too. This thread is dedicated to warn others to stay away from certain bad ports. Many times we don't trust the reviews on steam or any other forum & just get the game to test it ourselves. later after spending many hours we finally do realize that they...
  7. quan chi

    PREY : Discussion Thread

    Anybody playing this? I know the price is currently too high but still...:D These days only few new games interests me & this has my attention mainly because people are comparing it with half life 2. Its getting many positive reviews & it is no port thus it is not like Dishonored 2. If anybody...
  8. quan chi

    Courier Rate Reference Thread

    MODS PLEASE MAKE IT STICKY! Hi guys I have created this thread just to help all the sellers & buyers to get an idea of the shipping charges across various companies & states (if any). How we can help? After making a successful deal or enquiring about the courier charges please post them in...
  9. quan chi


    Deatils : The start was interesting however the ending of the trailer was not. Overall it didn't impress that much.
  10. quan chi

    FS: Desktops Cheap price.CORE 2 DUO E7500, 4GB 800MHZ DDR2 RAM, HD 5770 1GB

    Cheap parts to build yourself a spare pc or pc for casual work!!! Intel core 2 duo E7500 Rs 550 Condition : very good 4/ flawlessly. Will provide the original package,fan & heatsink. (I can provide the faulty gigabyte mobo too for free which sometimes starts sometimes wont. Only you...
  11. quan chi

    Game collection discussion (Physical copies only).

    There are people who collect games which are very rare to find. Are you one of them? or you just collect random? it does not matter post or show off your collections here. As the game becomes rarer their market value goes on increasing. For eg: Fatal Frame series (ps2 physical copes) if you find...
  12. quan chi

    Build : Show your creations

    No this is not a game title. This thread is specifically for those games which focuses on building cities, towns etc. I have not played any other building games but I am playing " cities : skylines" right now & its amazing. I am totally hooked in to this game game. Playing continuously from the...
  13. quan chi

    Zelda: Breath of the wild

    I liked ICO & shadow of colossus & this game somewhat reminds me of those + an "open air" (as per nintendo) game. I really loved the gameplay demo. I am only interested in nintendo due to this game. Trailer : E3 Video : Official Site ...
  14. quan chi

    We Happy Few :Discussion Thread

    Why nobody opened any thread on this game? This game really looked interesting. With a setting somewhat similar to bioshock & characters slightly similar to the movie " clockwork orange" . It will be nice if they keep it exclusive for windows & xbox only...
  15. quan chi

    Resident Evil 7 : Discussion Thread

  16. quan chi

    New God Of War

    Santa monica will deliver & honestly I liked the demo. Being said that this title also suggests that this console has NO good new games yet & they are really not confident enough to bring new exiting games. This console is still filled with lots & lots of remastered shits & forced titles. This...
  17. quan chi

    FAR CRY Primal

    Ubisoft presents FAR CRY PRIMAL? Not sure if its a stand alone dlc of far cry 4? Now we will see how the primitive radio towers looked like. Anyways who gives a fck.
  18. quan chi

    Fallout 3: Discussion thread

    Unfortunately I found no related thread thus opened a new one. This thread is especially for those who have not completed this game yet. I have spend almost couple of hours in this game. Never knew or might have overlooked that this game has an excellent cast. Anyways guys anybody played with...
  19. quan chi

    Ghost Recon Wildlands

    Why nobody posted about this game? No one likes ghost recon? This seems like another good game for a co-op (4 persons). site: The game features a wide range of environments, which include mountains and deserts, and players will be able to...
  20. quan chi

    MAFIA 3 Thread

    Trailer out today.