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  1. shahbaaz_vision

    FS: Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3-i9300 16GB Pebble Blue with Remaining Indian Warranty

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Samsung Galaxy S3 -i9300 Expected Price: Rs 19,500/- Time of Purchase: 25 September 2012 Company official Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: Yes | 2 Months Reason for...
  2. shahbaaz_vision

    x58 Motherboard for i7 (Nehalam).

    Hello Peeps, I need to buy standby Mobo for my cousin as his EVGA mobo is giving lot of trouble. I need it very fast i.e. by tomorrow max, please update here immediately. Mumbai Sellers preferred the highest. An entry will suffice the need as he will not be overclocking etc..
  3. shahbaaz_vision

    Yearly Sale.. 2 19" LCD Monitor in Prestine Condition..

    Hello Peeps, This is the second Phase of my Yearly House Cleaning. Reason for Sale: Not required and Need Cash to buy new Chasis. 1. Viewsonic VA1912WB, 19" LCD Monitor with inbuilt Speakers. Age: 2-3yrs Old. Condition: 9/10, Reason: one Small Scratch on the Top but no performance...
  4. shahbaaz_vision

    Year Ending Sale.. Yearly Clearance.. Multiple items..Mobo, Ram, etc..

    Hi Peeps, This is my Second Phase, below are the hardware up for sale. Reason For Sale: House Cleaning and need cash to buy New Chasis. Location: Mumbai, Oshiwara. 1. Intel DP45SG Extreme Series Mobo. Intel P45 Chipset, DDR3 Support, Full ATX, LGA 775. AGE: 1.5Yrs Old...
  5. shahbaaz_vision

    200 MM Fans for my Phantom - Very Urgent.

    Guyz, I need 2 X 200MM Fans which I intend to install in my Phantom. White Fins Similar to what you get in Phantom would be much appreciated. Regards Shahbaaz.
  6. shahbaaz_vision

    PC Peripherals Planned Upgrades - Cabinet and CPU Cooler, Expert Advice required.

    Guyz, My friends took away both my Previous Cabinet as well as coolers hence need to buy Chasis and CPU Cooler. Friends, I have shortlisted 3 Cabinets but unable to decide. MY System Config is in my signature. Full Tower Cabinets: 1. Corsair Obsidian 800D Full Tower 2. HAF X 3...
  7. shahbaaz_vision

    Full Tower Cabinet and Corsair H100 - Urgent Requirement

    Guyz, Looking for a quick purchase of Full Tower Cabinet. Preferance: 1. Corsair Obsedian 800D Full Tower 2. HAF X - Full Tower 3. NZXT Phantom - Full Tower. Any other cabinet is equal to performance but needs to be Full Tower. Regards Shahbaaz --- Updated Post - Automerged ---...
  8. shahbaaz_vision

    PC Peripherals Razor Death Adder Left Click gone Kaput - Please help.

    Hello guyz, I have 2 Mouse 1 X MX 518 and another is Razor Death Adder 3500dpi. Used it normally then too the left click has gone kaput. Tried upgrading the firmware, installing and uninstalling drivers and software packages, etc Even formatted windows 7, changed the USB Port, tried reducing...
  9. shahbaaz_vision

    Monitors Need Expert Advice for 27" Monitor

    Hello seems like it is time for my monitor upgrade. Will be buying a 27" LED Monitor within by max tomorrow. Please provide me options, I am looking for 20k Budget and was wondering if I can grab an IPS Panel monitor. Heard about some LG 2770 but it not available in stock. Cant afford the...
  10. shahbaaz_vision

    Internal DVD-Writer compatible with Dell Inspiron 15R.

    Hello Guys, Please let me know if some here has an internal DVD-Writer for Dell Inspiron 15R 1545. A friend of mine has a Laptop and wants to change it. Had suggested to go for new but he was old to get a better deal. Please post or pm me your offers. My Location: Mumbai
  11. shahbaaz_vision

    1366 CPU Socket Bracket for CM Hyper 212

    Guyz, I have an CM Hyper 212 which I wish to sell off to a friend of mine, unfortunately I dont have a 1366 compatible socket bracket kit. Please let me know if any one wanna sell it, I would be more than interested to buy it. Regards Shahbaaz
  12. shahbaaz_vision

    27" LED Monitor on Urgent Basis, Cash Purchase Deal - Very Urgent Requirement.

    Hello guyz, I wish to purchase 27" LED Monitor, preferably Viewsonic X Series or any other Model similar to it. 16:9 and 1920X1080 Resolution, Can buy it today itself. Please give me your offer guys. This is something very urgent, would prefer mumbai seller first. Need the...
  13. shahbaaz_vision

    Xigmatek Thor Hammer + More Coolers coming in - Year End Sale.!!

    HI Guyz, I had some more stuff but had less time to post here. Anyways I am selling my Thor Hammer with 2 Fans (Pull & Push). It ranks amongst the high end cooler. Age: aprrox 8month - 1Yr. Reason for Sale: Bought Corsair H70 hence this is of no use at the moment. Also Since...
  14. shahbaaz_vision

    Dell Inspiron 15R - 1.5yrs Old in good Condition - Year End Sale.!!

    Hi Guyz, I am in the process of yearly cleaning of my house hence selling the additional spare hardware lying in my house. Had bought this Laptop from a friend who was upgrading to higher configuration few months back. The Laptop for sale here is Dell Inspiron 15R (1545). Config /...
  15. shahbaaz_vision

    Creative Audigy 2 + Sealed Pack Plantronics Bluetooth Handsfree - Year Ending Sale.!!

    Hello Guyz, I am selling some of the unused hardware at a good price. Creative Audigy 2: PCI 32bit Sound, Good good sound staging and output compared to the output even of onbard sound card of x58 Mobo. Age: 1.5Yr+ Price: Rs 1400/- Plantronics: One of the best Bluetooth...
  16. shahbaaz_vision

    Seagate 500Gb HDD - More HDDYear Ending Sale

    Seagate 500Gb HDD - Warranty till April 2014 - More HDDYear Ending Sale!! - Drops Hello Guyz, Here are the HDD's I am planning to sell ASAP. Both drives are under warranty, selling them as I am doing housekeeping/house cleaning. Seagate ST3500418AS can be used for Raid 0 to...
  17. shahbaaz_vision

    Multiple Items - Core2Duo E7400 + XFX 650i Ultra + more combo's - Year Ending Sale!!

    Hello All, I am selling my stock hardware which has surplus and hence need to do house cleaning. Below are the items for sale. 1. Intel E7400 + XFX 650i Ultra (Nvidia Chipset with onboard Raid Controller). The motherboard is in excellent condition and I think the CPU is under...
  18. shahbaaz_vision

    USB Joystick and Steering Wheel.

    Hello Guyz, I wish to purchase USB Jotstick mostly 3D as I wish to use it for Flight SIM. Force Feedback based with be preferred. Also I am looking for Steering Wheel which needs to be with force Feedback. Also I wish to know whether there is a universal kit which has both...
  19. shahbaaz_vision

    DVD or Blu-Ray Player required to play mkv files.

    Hi All, I had bought amongst the best 42" LED TV's LG had to offer in the mid of Year 2010. LG SL90. My issue here is that the TV does not support playback of movies in mkv format and I get lotsa movies in mkv format. There is no solution to upgrade the TV's firmware e.t.c if there...
  20. shahbaaz_vision

    Guyz, Need Help in High Phone Purchase.

    Guyz, I have been keen on buying an Andriod Phone. I have shotlisted 3 Models. 1. Samsung Galaxy S (Rs27000) 2. HTC Desire HD (Rs 26200) Galaxy S and Desire HD are equipped with 1Ghz CPU which is the best part. In Terms of memory and cooling I think Desire HD beats Galaxy S as it...