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    FS: Networking ASUS AC3200

    I am selling my ASUS AC3200 router/ access point. It was purchased in 2016. I do not have the bill available, hence cannot comment on the warranty. IT is working perfectly fine. I prefer local buyer, and all shipping will be at actuals, with the buyers choice of courier company. Buyer will...
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    FS: Processor AMD Ryzen R5 1600 (Sold)

    I am selling my AMD Ryzen R5 1600. This was purchased in India and has never been overclocked. All box contents are included, including the bill. I prefer local buyer, and all shipping will be at actuals, with the buyers choice of courier company. Buyer will assume all risk of shipping. Low...
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    FS: Power Cooling and Modding Corsair RM850

    Hi All, I am looking to sell my Corsair RM850 watt power supply so that i can finance some other upgrades. Its located in Mumbai (Versova region) and shipping are at actuals. I have the complete box and all contents, and the PSU works perfectly fine. It has approx 3 years of warranty left on...
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    FS: Others CoolerMaster HAF XB + Raspberry Pi

    1) Product Name: Cooler Master HAF XB Case Expected Price: Rs 5500/- Shipping charges - NO SHIPPING Manufacturer page URL: Here (Note - i have the acrylic top version) Description if any: Product is in very good condition. No dents of scratches on the case itself. Though the acrylic top panel...
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    FS: Motherboard Gigabyte B75M-D3H + Intel Pentium G645 (Combo)

    Product Name: Intel Pentium G645 + Gigabyte B75M-D3H (Only selling as a combo) Expected Price: Rs 7000/- Shipping charges: At Actuals Manufacturer page URL: Intel Gigabyte Description if any: Products were bought in January of this year. Come with all associated boxes and packed accesories...
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    FS: Storage Hardware WD 750GB BLUE

    Product Name: WD 750GB Blue HDD Expected Price: INR 3000/- Shipping charges - N/A (Local Deals Only) Manufacturer page URL: Western Digital Description if any: Drive is in perfect condition. Has warranty. Reason for Sale: Done Need it. Product condition: 9 out of 10 Purchase Date: Not sure, im...
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    User Review ASUS Z87 Maximus VI Gene Unboxing

    Hey guys, i'm back with a new board to unbox. This time around its the small and cuddly liitle sibling, the Maximus VI Gene. The box it self spells out the contents. I for one am a huge ROG fan and i simply love this colour scheme a lot. The colours themselves spell out all the trouble this...
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    User Review ASUS Z87 Gryphon With Armor Kit Unboxing

    Hey guys, I've been missing from the forums lately as life has caught up and there is just so much going on these says. But i return today with some goodies, courtesy Asus India. Lets start the day with what is probably the most stable and reliable Z87 based motherboard out there currently...
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    FS: Others Ram, HDD & Fan for Sale

    1) Product Name: Seagate 2TB Internal Hard Drive Model No-ST2000DL003 Expected Price: Rs 4000/- Shipping charges: NO SHIPPING Manufacturer page URL: Amazon URL Description if any: Only Bare Drive will be given. Has no bad sectors and hes been my dump drive. Reason for Sale: Need Cash Product...
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    FS: Power Cooling and Modding Corsair H100 - Freshly RMA'd

    Product Name: Expected Price: Rs 5500/- Shipping charges: N/A Manufacturer page URL: Corsair H100 Description if any: Freshly RMA'd peice. Reason for Sale: Upgraded to a custom water cooling loop Product condition: 10 out of 10 Purchase Date: 29th May 2012 Remaining Warranty period: Balance of...
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    FS: Power Cooling and Modding Corsair H100

    Product Name: Expected Price: Rs 5000/- Shipping charges: N/A Manufacturer page URL: Corsair H100 Description if any: Comes with everything.However i will only provide 4 screws for mounting the fans to the radiator instead of the regular 8 screws. You can still mount 2 fans to the radiator...
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    From Small Brother To Big Brother

    Ill let the pictures do the talking, however my picture skills are quite horrible. I would like to thank a special friend who made all this possible. You know who you are :) I also wanted to thank @toolius for all his help along the way and i wanted to say that without his knowledge, i would...
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    OC & Modding Toolius Breaks The World Record For FX-8350 @8181Mhz

    Our own Shatul "Toolius" Durlabhji has broken the WR for highest clock on the AMD FX-8350 Processor with a clock speed of 8181Mhz. The details of the equipment can be found below along with the page link CPU - AMD FX-8350 Motherboard - ASUS Crosshair V Formula PSU - Corsair AX1200 Ram...
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    Swedish House Mafia India Tour

    Hey guys, Just wanted a heads up on whose coming to the SHM tour this November. Im in for the Mumbai show on the 17th. So whose in :) PS-Drop me a pm and ill add your names to the list :) Cyberwarfare
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    OC & Modding ASUS Global Water Cooling Contest

    Hey guys. Asus has started a global water cooling contest, the details of which can be found below. Start Date - 03/09/2012 End Date - 01/10/2012 Requirements 1) ASUS ROG, TUF or ASUS motherboard 2) Watercooling Gear 3) Atleast one clear picture showing the Motherboard 4) Four pictures of the...
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    FS: MP3 Player Apple iPod 2007 Model 160GB

    Product Name: Apple Ipod Classic 160GB Expected Price: Rs 3500/- Shipping charges : Actual's Manufacturer page URL: Apple - Press Info - Apple Introduces New iPod classic Description if any: In quite bad aesthetic condition. Has scratches and dents in more than a few places. Works perfectly...
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    FS: Processor Intel E7400 & Transcend DDR2 800MHZ Ram

    Product Name: Intel E7400 Expected Price: Rs 1500/- Shipping charges : At Actuals Manufacturer page URL: ARK | Intel® Core?2 Duo Processor E7400 (3M Cache, 2.80 GHz, 1066 MHz FSB) Description if any: Ships with CPU cooler and CPU only. No bill and no retail box. Reason for Sale: Upgrading...
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    Raining RAM

    I needed to change my ram kit for quite a while now. Finally pulled the triiger on the beautiful kit. 4x4GB 2133MHz 10-10-10-30 1T @1.5v. However I might have to send it back since it seems a bit faulty. Source new egg. Damages 135usd and shiiping to India via relative :D. Enjoy.
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    Major Help Required

    Hi guys. I need some major help from you networking wizards out there. This is my setup Mtnl (DNA-A213 Modem)->ASUS N13U REV B1->PC My problem is this 1)I want to run the asus in AP mode but then i cant login to it through my browser 2)if i run it in router mode and let it automatically...
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    Good Things Come In Small Packages

    So after much deliberation and thinking, I finally decided to go Z77 platform. I was deliberating Between 3 Boards 1)Gigabyte UD5H 2)ASUS Z77V-Pro 3)ASUS Maximus V Gene Im sure you guys which one i picked up ( sub ed. - read title ), so i will let the pics do the talking Look what the mail...