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  1. Freaky

    WTB R9 280x - Sapphire Toxic or Vapor-X / R9 290

    Looking for one shipped to Chennai - should be in warranty with invoice, box etc Of course, the newer the better :p
  2. Freaky

    FS: Mobile Otterbox Defender for Rezound & Spigen NeoHybrid EX for iPhone 5

    Product Name: Otterbox Defender for HTC Rezound Expected Price: Rs 1100 Shipping charges: NIL Manufacturer page URL: HTC Rezound Cases, HTC Rezound Defender Series // Description if any: Very lightly used and the front plastic protector is also in great shape. Very light usage marks...
  3. Freaky

    FS: Mobile Motorola Atrix for Parts

    On sale is my Moto Atrix for parts (AS - IS). The digitizer does not work - that is the only flaw with this. I have no time nor patience to replace the same. This was being used by my wife and when she upgraded to S II, this was sold to a friend. Unfortunately the digitizer issue cropped up the...
  4. Freaky

    'The HMT watches I own' thread

    Tick-tock, tick-tock goes the legend :) The HMT ADSL 04 Automatic - cost me Rs.2,125 at the HMT Regional Office in Chennai Thanks to bottle and Mano (gmano) for getting me interested in the HMTs all over again :) Bought a HMT Pilot as well to go with this :p
  5. Freaky

    With love from Germany & Japan!

    Lot of people asked questions about my sanity when I sold my Note and the TF10 to acquire few camera gear :lol: Presenting the stuff that my Note and TF10 plus a lil love from the company in form of incentives got me :) 1. Der Metz 58 AF-1 2. Tamron SP 90mm Macro Adaptall II & The Canon...
  6. Freaky

    Galaxy Note Black & UE TF-10

    For Sale Product Information Product Name: Galaxy Note N-7000 Expected Price: Rs 25000 Sold Shipping charges: Nil Manufacturer page URL: http://www.gsmarena...._n7000-4135.php Description if any: In very good condition - the back plate of the flip cover does show obvious signs of wear and...
  7. Freaky

    Wireless Router Suggestion

    Yet another suggestion thread! Alright! Let me put down my requirements - quite simple actually! 1. Share internet (Duh!) 2. Cover one floor only - Maybe at best 3 walls and a distance of 30 feet 3. Video streaming to my Xtreamer - This is the most important! My Buffalo HP-G54S does the...
  8. Freaky

    Possible Hot Deal - Entertainment Center / Webtop Access Kit for ATRIX 4G

    I got this as a pop up today on my Atrix - Dont even know how I got it but the deal sounds real good! The HD Multimedia Dock, Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse all for 99$! Now, I did try entering the SnS address and it did take me to the payment screen - Did not even login on the website. Didn't...
  9. Freaky

    Canon'd, Motorolled & N-Key Rolled

    Not gonna waste anytime with words :P Here we go :D Probably the worst shots are of the 7D itself :lol: 7D and Filco are thanks to a TE member but a good friend as well :)
  10. Freaky

    Nikkor AF-S DX 55-200mm VR

    D5000 w/ 18-55mm VR - SOLD AF-S DX 55-200mm VR - SOLD Bought in June last year and is defect free cosmetically, mechanically and optically. Since the lens carries only a year's warranty, no warranty left From Chennai and would prefer a local deal but don't mind shipping Open to reasonable...
  11. Freaky

    Need help from Delhi Members - Galaxy S2

    Friend recently bought a S2 from a TE member who forgot to wipe it before handing it over :P And when my friend tried to wipe it yesterday, it asked for the password to the seller's Samsung account which he got after contacting the seller. Since then the phone is stuck in a bootloop - does not...
  12. Freaky

    Q9550 | Biostar T-Power I45 | G.Skill 2*2GB GBPK

    Before anyone starts getting excited, processor and board sold already :P Thread started to document the same Q9550 - E0 Stepping : Rs. 6500 shipped - Sold to memnom Has warranty till September '11 (Presume Intel gives 3 yrs warranty ?). Bill available and will be provided Biostar T-Power I45...
  13. Freaky

    Camera DPReview Guide : The Art of HDR Photography

    Came across this guide on DPReview by Uwe Steinmueller. Found it interesting being a n00b in HDR photography. Leaving the useful discussion to our resident experts on if this is a decent guide to follow :P The Art of HDR Photography Part 1: Guides: Learn: Digital Photography Review The Art of...
  14. Freaky

    Earthquake in NZ (Canterbury)

    Noticed in Wiki just now that an earthquake measuring 6.3 on the R scale has struck Canterbury and caused widespread damage in Christchurch. Know for sure Kranthi (Metalspree) is in NZ (Is he in India or NZ now ?). Anyone else in NZ ?
  15. Freaky

    Fs : E8400

    Up for sale is my E8400 and the HSF that came with it. Had purchased through Bikey (Original thread - As mentioned in the original thread, bought towards end of 2008 or beginning of 2009 (Date of import on...
  16. Freaky


    I'll let the pictures do all the talk !! My D5000 is not with me so had to use my good ol' Fuji P&S :ashamed: Thanks to Shripad and Bhushan !! :D Accessories - 2 molex to PCI-e power adapters, a CF cable, a VGA to DVI adapter, a manual and driver disc. That was all !! I liked the...
  17. Freaky

    Inte(l)nded Overhaul

    After 5 long years with my AMD rig, time had come to move on as I was constantly having issues with the memory - The A8N-E is finally giving up (presume :P). Deliberated going the AMD way - Unlock a 550BE or 555BE was the only thing on my mind as I was in no position to go for the 1055T but I...
  18. Freaky

    Who Am I ?

    Firstly, thanks Joseph !! Loving it already !! :D Who Am I ? :P
  19. Freaky

    ASUS P526 (w/GPS) WM6 PPC w/2 GB MicroSD Card & Nokia 6670

    My beloved ASUS P526 WM phone and Nokia 6670 are up for sale P526 Condition : Used but well maintained and always carried around in the pouch that came with the phone which is very good. Couple of places where the paint has worn off. Screen protector installed from day one and does a very good...
  20. Freaky

    New Stuff !!

    Few things that I've managed to get over the last 2 mths :) Audiotrak HD2 Advance DE - 116$ shipped from Ebay: Alessandro MS1i - Thanks to Chunny :D A gift for my bro - Samsung B7320 Dont Ask Why :P EDIT: Forgot something :P