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  1. Mann

    FS: Storage Hardware Netgear RN10400 ReadyNAS 4Bay ver.6.10.4

    ReadyNAS 4Bay Have 4 Seagate 3TB drives installed in RAID 5 3 of these are meant for NAS Tool less drive caddy Supports a plethora of apps Including Plex Has enough ports to dock the Titanic
  2. Mann

    FS: Desktops HP EleteDesk 800 G2

    HP EleteDesk G2 with an i5-6400t 16GB of Ram WD Blue NVME 256GB SSD 1TB HDD Super small, just 1 liter in volume and sips power. The System is good working condition. Has Windows 10 activated SSD & Ram are in warranty & bought in October 2020 , have bills for these.
  3. Mann

    WTB Pico psu

    Looking for a PICO PSU. 250W or more. The 12v kind ,not the 19v models.
  4. Mann

    WTB 5600x

    You know what to do. Let the dm's begin.
  5. Mann

    WTB I7 7700k or 6700k , 4770k or 4790k

    Let the offers pour in :)
  6. Mann

    Budget 0-20k 4K gaming PC suggestion

    Have the Cabinet, a 900w PSU, keyboard , mouse, controller and a RTX 3070 The TV can do 1080p & 4k both @120 hz. The priority is for a higher framerate over eye candy. Setting will be adjusted accordingly. Suggest the cheapest CPU/MOBO combo that can do all above. P.S.:- Looking a value for...
  7. Mann

    WTB Looking for intel based gigabit Quad NIC [Used]

    You know what to do
  8. Mann

    Banggood has a sale for a 48hr

    Try it
  9. Mann

    PC downloading rig

    Want to buy a pc must have m/b must have one pci-x 1x ram =>2gb CPU offers only by PM
  10. Mann

    Laptop HDD

    Looking for a Laptop HDD size 500gb +-200gb Should be in warranty >1year. Can buy new , so suggestions/ weblinks / discount coupons are most welcome.
  11. Mann

    Blue, Red, White & Multicoloured LED strip

    Hi guys, Have been working on a case mod & I'm left with some LED strips. I have 1.5m each of BLUE, WHITE & RED LED strips, can be yours @ Rs.120/meter got em for 130/- & I have 5m of multicolored LED strip @ Rs.150/meter got this @ 180/- They are in perfect working condition.These are new &...
  12. Mann

    Seagate 500gb Barracuda 7200.12 3.5" HDD

    Hard disk has no problem whatsoever..working absolutely fine Has the latest firmware. Have couple of HD movies, don't mind copying them for free if the buyer desires. The reason for sale:upgrading Warranty: about 3years or till 12-Jun-2014 Priced @ 1.5k shipped to you :) Any queries...
  13. Mann

    CPU/Mobo Erratic temps on the i7

    Hi guys, I have been seeing some erratic readings on the temp graph on my i7. To show exactly what is happening I have attached a screenshot showing the temperature graph on speed fan v4.44. The CPU is a i7 875k and is water cooled. All settings were at BIOS default, hence you see 3206ghz as...
  14. Mann


    Hi all, I'm MANN Have been addicted to computers for the last 20years. Enjoy overclocking & have joined your team on HWBOT. Now the top two contributors @ HWBOT are from Bhopal :ohyeah: I'm an engineer by profession & wish the rest in me to be discovered by the good ppl of TE Glad to be here.