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  1. vaalkai

    450mm Fans - an observation

    So i was on the market for a 450mm pedestal fan, one thing i noticed was all the fans in this category look awfully similar. Orient, Havells, Crompton all have the exact same design, event the speed control! This makes me think, there is a supplier somewhere who is providing fans for all these...
  2. vaalkai

    Monitors Suggestions for a 22" Monitor

    My friend is looking for a 22" monitor for his office work, he does mostly CAD and Solid Works stuff.. Any monitors you guys recommend? I went through Amazon, there are lot of mixed reviews, couldn't finalize on anything. p.s: HDMI connectivity and 1080P is a must, cost preferably under 10k
  3. vaalkai

    Audio Used AV Receiver

    So, i am thinking of getting a used AVR for my audio needs, i cannot afford new and have very limited budget. I haven't used an AVR before, anything i need to look out for when buying? Thinking of searching in OLX, Any other recommendations? is there any trusted place which sells them in...
  4. vaalkai

    Suggestions for Multimeter

    Hi Guys, Any suggestions for a good multi-meter for around 1000 rs? The Mastech ones in Amazon any good? the reviews are horrible. Fluke 101 does not have current measuring capability and higher models are way above my budget.
  5. vaalkai

    Esxi and pfsense

    Hi, i am planning to change my current router from Tp link mr3420 to either pfsense or SophosXG, instead of running the software directly i am planning to virtualize it on Esxi so i can run other applications also. For eg i may run PiHole as an additional instance, or use Pfsense as the firewall...
  6. vaalkai

    micro sd cards online

    So, Where do you guys purchase micro sd cards online? From the reviews on Amazon i have a feeling there are lot of fakes.What has been your experience? Am i better off buying from a local store? looking to buy couple of 64gb cards..
  7. vaalkai

    icici behaving shady?

    I just noticed this additional check box in my bill payment page, looks shady as ****. i almost clicked it. why is icici stooping to such low levels?
  8. vaalkai

    cheap mp3 player

    I am looking for a cheap chinese mp3 player (aliexpress?) to listen to music with decent quality, i am no audiophile. Preferably with a decent loudspeaker for occasional use. Any suggestions please? Budget is around 1000.