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    CPU/Mobo Intel Cuts Prices, Introduces New Models

    it Wud be great....thnxx...
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    Monitors cheapest decent lcd

    viewsonic or acer....
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    PC Peripherals Dell or benq for a 22"?

    go for BENQ...anytym..
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    Currently Listening

    ALWAYS-bon jovi....
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    hii...have good time on TE
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    Happy Birthday Rockfella

    Happy Birthday Rock.... .Have a great year ahead
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    Rate the Last Movie You Saw...

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    26" Westinghouse L2610NW for 260$

    ya correctly said harpy....wat abt warranty ??
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    Online Sites Delivering to India and Related Issues

    mods please sticky this thread.....
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    Master Hardware Contacts List

    good job quad.....keep it up...:)
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    User Guides How to upgrade N73/N70 to respective Music edition

    hay thnx for this guidelines ....keep it up....
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    video freezes but audio goes on

    may be coding is not proper .try some other video...if its playing well then try the earlier video with VLC player or classic media player...
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    CPU/Mobo Need Help Assembling a PC

    The 780G ..netime...
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    FS: creative ep630 (4days old)

    dude i ll let u know by tomorow...lets see if i can manage money for it!!!!! i wanted those hp badly.... :-(
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    FS: ThermalRight HR-03 GT

    i ll let u know if ma frnd says yes by PM
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    Rate the Last Movie You Saw...

    Incredible Hulk...okok!!!
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    welcome to TE mrityujay...
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    Hello Peeps!

    hay mr. kin welcome.....hope our journy will go well TE....
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    PC Peripherals Mousepad?

    yes,mousepad is required in order to experience smooth tracking....try to get razor mousepad...they r good..