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    Telugutorrents open

    Telugutorrents is open for signup hurry up guys
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    BSNL is changing speeds?

    I got an info tat frm my frnd tat can anyone confirm whether this is true or not??
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    IPtorrents invite giveaway

    i have few invites to iptorrents if anyone needs it just post it ill see and send the invitations to whom who really deserve it.:hap2:
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    Help:How to get invites in BWT

    Hey guys i am a member in bwt and ahve uploaded around 12gb... and my ratio is >3 but still i havent got any invitations.. CAn anyone help and tell me how to get invitations in BWT??:huh:
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    listing out all the scammers we find and ban them

    let us list out the scammers in this forum and ban them or atleast we can be aware before we give invites and make it a safer place than before wat do u guys say??
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    demonoid shut down again

    The Famous tracker demonoid has again come down duw to cria
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    Post Sites open for signup Thread

    Hi u guys out there here is a thread to post the links of P2P sites Where the signup's r open!! Strictly NO adult sites allowed!