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    Budget 90k+ Gaming PC - reliable stores on SP road

    Looking for a gaming build to play games upto 4k resolution. Max budget is 1L(excluding kB/mouse/monitor/speakers). Plan to go with amd+Nvidia combo. Please suggest good options. Also let me know what's the best store in sp road/Bangalore to buy the same. If anybody have experience of...
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    Budget 41-50k PC for gaming + Productivity

    What is your budget? Upto 50K excluding cost of UPS What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and model) Monitor - LG 27" FULL HD KB + Mouse - Logitech Which hardware will you be keeping (component name - component brand and model) Monitor - LG 27" FULL...
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    Please suggest a good laptop under 50k

    Guys .... I plan to replace my aged compaq/vista based laptop with a new win7 based laptop. I'm completely out of loop of the current trends in laptops. So, please suggest a good laptop .... will be used mainly for: 1. Movies 2. Browsing 3. Music 4. Programming Might use it for: 1. Light...
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    Audio suggestions for a sound card please ?

    I'm looking to buy a sound card to connect my PC to my philips HTiB. The problem is that my HTiB does not have an optical input, only coax. So I will need a soundcard which supports coax. Also, is there any sound card, which accepts opt in and converts to coax out so that I can connect my PS3...
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    Audio Suggest a good 2.0 setup for gaming/movies ?

    I wanted to buy a 2.1 speaker (Altec lansing vs 4121), but the sub is a bit too large to be accomodated at my desktop table. So thinking of going for a 2.0 setup. Can someone pls recommend a good 2.0 speaker setup for 2-3k? Again, usage is gaming/movies.
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    two instances of windows 7

    I re-installed win7 to fix some issue and by mistake I didn't delete the previous one. Now I've two instances of win 7 installed on C:\>. Is there any way to delete the older version ?
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    Graphic Cards ATI 5850 mouse pointer problem

    Hi, I'm having this weird issue where my mouse pointer gets very huge and blocky all of a sudden. I've updated my gfx card drivers to the latest (10.4), but the problem has become even more frequent now. Does anyone know a solution to this problem. This seems to happen mostly with ATI and...
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    Audio Best 2.1 PC speakers for gaming/music/movies

    Hi, Suggest some good 2.1 PC speakers. Budget 4k Max. Main use gaming, music, movies. It would help if you can tell me something which is available. bump, someone pls recommend ?
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    send me links to d/l some cool win7 gadgets/applications ?

    Please provide me a link to d/l some really cool win7 desktop gadgets and also some utility applications. I don't want any heavy weight ones, just for eye candy and simple utilities for day-day tasks (ex: Launchy ).
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    Graphic Cards pls help, whats wrong here ?

    I was playing crysis with 1.2 patch on, it was running smooth at very high settings/full HD. Then I came to know of this mod called natural mod, which makes crysis look very realistic. So I tried installing it, then after I started crysis, the game went into a black screen, hung and I got a...
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    Do I need a NIC to connect to internet ?

    Hi, I recently got a computer assembled. I'm having intel DH55TC motherboard. it has a gigabit ethernet port. Now if I connect my ethernet cable to it, win 7 is not detecting it. Its giving me an error saying - its unable to detect any network hardware. Should I buy a NIC to connect to...
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    Gaming Rig for 50k

    Based on the popular opinion here, I've more or less decided to go with the desktop instead of a laptop :cool2: . But the budget remains the same - 50k. Also, I plan to use this desktop for another 3-4 years min. So please help me out guys. Q: What is your budget? 50K Q: Preferences ? 24"...
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    Setting up a computer for remote login / download

    Hi, I've a spare p4 computer in my home and since no one is quite willing to buy it for a decent price, I'm thinking of using it as a download/file server kind of machine. Now the problem is that, this will not be having a monitor/kb/mouse connected to it. It'll just be powered on and...
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    laptop vs desktop - please advice !

    I was planning to upgrade my age old rig to i5/dx11 based rig. I got a quote of around 45k, without the monitor. Now I see that , with more or less specs, I can get a i3 based laptop from Sony for around 50k, which also includes a dx11 card and comes with full HD monitor. I'll be using...
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    PC Peripherals BenQ V2400 Eco - inputs needed

    Hi, Can anyone tell me how is BenQ V2400 Eco monitor ? I see that this is a LED monitor and the specs look awesome. But I'm not such a geek when it comes to completely differentiating the good from the bad. So compared to their existing G2420 or E24x lineup , can you tell me is it worth going...
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    Audio Suggest a good 5.1 headphone (available in India) ?

    Hi, Please suggest a good 5.1 headphone for gaming (PS3/X360). Should be available in India or better if available at Bangalore itself :)
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    Suggest a reliable PC vendor in Bangalore

    Hi, Please suggest a good reliable PC Vendor in Bangalore. I've the config of my PC ready on paper, but need a good vendor to buy it from. He should be ok with home delivery, and payment on delivery. Main criterion is the reliability, he should be reliable enough to provide support when the...
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    Touchscreen mobile phone, budget:under 15k

    Hi, Looking for a touchscreen mobile phone with the below features: 1. FM radio support 2. 2 MP camera or above 3. wifi support and corresponding browser support (flash is a bonus) 4. FM radio & mp3 support 5. video recording and playback 6. 3G 7. Memory slot supporting atleast 16 GB. let me...
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    Audio audio setup - help required !

    Hi, Now I've a X360 and PS3 + Tata sky connected to my HD TV. With X360 connected through component video and PS3 through HDMI. I've connected the audio of the component cable to my HT, and using the AV multi-out to connected from PS3 to my HT. The problem is that now its tough to use my HT at...
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    What do you think of this rig ?

    Hi Guys, I'm planning to go for this rig. Let me know your thoughts, if there's a better/cheaper option available. This is partly based on the nov 2009 guide :) I'll be using the rig for watching HD movies, photo/video editing and gaming. Processor: Intel Core i-5 750 - 10.5k intel DP55WB -...