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    FS: Storage Hardware 8TB WD external hard drive -brand new - for sale

    Bought a year ago for backing up my surgical videos, but not opened, as I got a NAS for back up. I think warranty can be registered when it is opened. Then 3 year warranty. If from the date of purchase 2 years. Not sure about this, but I think it is from time of registration. The picture shows...
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    FS: Others Coolermaster Hyper 212 LED air cooler

    Bought and assembled my PC end October 2019, so about 3 months old. Bill and warranty available. Got a liquid cooler 1579618782 Have a small amount of Kryonaut thermal paste which I can ship with this, but not sure how much is left in the syringe.
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    Budget 0-20k Will these coolers fit in my cabinet?

    Hi Guys, Decided to go the water cooling route. Seen these Corsair ones, but a) dont know which to pick of the two? and b) dont know if they will fit my case. Case specs attached. Any help would be really appreciated. Looking at the H115i series, but they seem to have a few variants, mostly...
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    FS: Storage Hardware WD Elements 8TB HDD

    Brand new unopened. Buyer can register warranty in his/her name. Bought it [abroad, but as far as I know, WD has an international warranty when you register it], but found out later that half my old 8TB was still empty. ar as I know WD...
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    Budget 0-20k Liquid cooling advise please?

    Using the NZXT 510 case. Specs say: Radiator Support Front: 2x 140 or 2x 120mm with Pull Rear: 1x 120mm So, looking at this, what liquid cooler would you guys advise? Is 280 reallly far better than 240? Also, I have the Hyper 212 air...
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    Budget 0-20k Is Prime abgb a reliable site?

    Looking to buy a couple Noctua fans and the pic on their website looks totally different from that on Noctuas website.
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    Budget 0-20k Thermal paste and fan suggestions please?

    Overclocking a 9600K, and need to change the thermal paste, as well as add some fans to my cabinet. Suggestions? Cabinet is the NZXT 510. Also, is it a nightmare to remove the old thermal paste and replace it? The guy who applied it 'painted' it on, and I think that was incorrect.
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    FS: Others USB C to HDMI Cable(4K@60Hz), uni USB Type-C to HDMI Cable [Thunderbolt 3 Compatible]

    Bought it a couple of weeks ago. Purpose was to cast my phone screen onto a aircraft entertainment screen. Later found that my USB hub does the job. 2500/-...
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    FS: Others Logitech c920 webcam

    Bought 5 months ago. Used once, for an interview. Box not available. 35600/-
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    Mavic Mini for sale

    Hi Guys, I ordered a Mavic Mini, and it's been delivered to my daughter in the US. I also ordered the fly more combo kit, so am going to return the Mini to Amazon. In case anyone here wants it, I can bring it with me. Will be selling it for 38K. If anyone wants it, I will need some advance, as...
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    Budget 0-20k Wifi USB adapter suggestions?

    Hi Guys, I have an Asus router which gices [supposedly] 1300 Mbps on the 5GHz band. Suggestions for an adapter that can take advantage of these speeds? Can buy from abroad too. his is for a desktop. 1573212667 Was thinking of this one...
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    Android Note 10 plus video question

    On a note 10 plus, is there a difference in quality between video shot from rear vs front camera?
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    PC Peripherals HDMI splitter

    Hi guys, Need to use a HDMI splitter. Amazon has one for about 1200 or so. Any idea whether there is any signal quality degeneration when using a splitter? It's digital right? So theoretically no signal quality loss? Looking at this one. Any other suggestions...
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    PC Peripherals Do I need a ups?

    So, just built a fairly expensive gaming pc. I have a Su Kam 3kva ups that covers my entire house. When the power fails, my pc does not switch off. It runs fine on the central ups. So, two questions. 1. Do I need a computer specific ups at all? 2. If I do, is it just for the transition...
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    Budget 0-20k Speakers for about 5K?

    This is for my flight sim build, and I use good Sony noise cancellation headphones most of the time. At times, I want to use speakers, so as it's not going to see huge use, would like to keep the cost down. 1571656882 Thought of these. Any other suggestions...
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    PC Peripherals Backlit keyboard at some reasonable price? Say under 2k?

    Any suggestions? Wired would do.
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    Windows Dropbox alternative for more than 3 devices? Paid is OK too.

    Hi Guys, Using Google drive with 200gb storage, but also using about 7gb on Dropbox. Now, I need to add a 4th device, but DB charges too much for that. I need an app which works well on Windows, and has a good Android app too. Would like something where I can store the entire data offline too...
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    CPU/Mobo RAM speed incorrect

    Hi Guys, My RAM is DDR4 3200, but it shows as 2666. When I checked the BIOS this is what I got. The second picture shows what I 'plan to do', but needed to check that it is the right thing? In other words, should I just change that setting from 'auto' to DDR4-3200? Also, why is the board not...
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    Monitors Very strange monitor issue

    I have a Dell Ultrasharp which is about 4 years old. Out of warranty, so Dell have refused even to do a paid service. It's a monitor that I use in my operation theatre. It suddenly stopped showing the input. This is with an HDMI cable from my operating camera to the monitor HDMI. Cable is fine...
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    Budget 0-20k Cooler for overclocked i5 9600k?

    Gosh, this build has gotten out of hand, but now I need a suggestion for a cooler for an i5 which I would like to overclock. Possible to get anything around 5K or so?