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    Request or Offer Invites here (NO Trades!)

    Re: Post screenshots of Ratio Proof - Get an Invite (NO Trades!) Guys... I am desparetely looking for invites to or other good music sites like stmusic and also TV shows etc. I will always have a great ratio. Can help others with ratio problems... screen shot
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    Donation ways except Paypal me if you need help with paypal...
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    Use my own wireless modem instead of the Beetel 220BXI

    I just changed from tata indicom to Airten With tata I didn't use the modem they supplied free of charge. I just plugged the incoming connection into my Linksys wag200 wireless moedm, and put in on RFC routed, and enter the ip address, default gateway etc and it worked perfectly. Can I do the...
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    Tata Sky Review

    Is anyone alse getting very annoyed about that yellow message icon on the screen with Tata Sky. I get atleast one advert a day, and its all rubbish stuff. Tried complaining that its illegal to send adverts if you tell them not to, but they just replied that it would be impossible not to send...
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    how to block all sites except only one?

    in order to block one site, you can use the hosts file. look for it in c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc you will find a file called hosts open it with notepad and you may find many lines add the following where xx is the site address
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    Power saver ?

    Sounds like snake oil to me... Ask them for details on how it works... The only similar thing i have heard of is a "power factor corrector: or something similar. AFAIK it uses capicitors to even out you power draw, which in turn reduces your Maximum Demand charges (reduces spikes). But I think...
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    Video Solution for crap speakers on Plasma tv

    Thanks for all the replies.... I am thinking of a powered sub..... most have auto sensing, so I can just leave it on, and it will turn on when the signal from the tv comes.... I can't really use a set of speakers.... had enough of a time convincing the missus about one set of speakers. The...
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    PC Peripherals Stepper Motor connection to parallel port help

    just curious... what do you want the motors to do? thanx
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    Video Solution for crap speakers on Plasma tv

    I recently upgraded from a 34" sony CRT to a 42" LG plasma. The sound quality especially bass is very poor on the plasma. Since then, i tried a few other makes, and they are all poor (voice especially). I guess it is because of the tiny speakers they use. (my sony had a whoofer) Anyways, I...
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    ADSL wireless router or switch

    I use wi-fi to transfer files between my pc and laptop, and its not that consistent, with speeds going up and down, and the transfer stopping now and then. This is ok when the biggest file i transfer is a spreadsheet. I will be using the NAS to store my music and movies, which may involve...
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    ADSL wireless router or switch

    Hi guys , need some help here... I am in the process of setting up a home network with wireless internet access. I currently have a BSNL adsl connection. Things I will connect to the network Main computer (my rig) Another rig in another room 2 NAS storage devices 2 lapstops for which wifi...
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    PC Peripherals Cell Shock RMA stuck at Customs

    Similar thing happened to me, though it was postal and not a courier company. I wrote a letter to the customs explaining that I was importing for personal use and no company was involved, as well as the rma documents. Was cleared in a week. Sometimes these clearing agents complicate things...
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    WTB : USED p990i !!!!!

    is a new p990i only 13800? i gotta buy one :)
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    WTB: Intel 775 Back plate for Tuniq Tower

    Thanks...They look do look very similar... I'm gonna get in touch with Prime... meanwhile if anyone has one spare lemme know.
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    WTB: Intel 775 Back plate for Tuniq Tower

    I forgot to remove the Back plate on my mobo when it went for service, and now they can't find it... :( Hope i can buy one cheap off someone who doesn't need it.
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    FS : Corsair XMS2 512MBx2 DDR2-675

    I'll take it...YGPM
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    OC & Modding Overvolting problem with P5N32-e-SLI

    thanxx..will give it a go and get back..
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    OC & Modding Overvolting problem with P5N32-e-SLI

    902?? I have only 903, which I downloaded from ASUS website... is 902 some other BIOS, or did you make a typo;) ... if you have 902, can you pls pls give me the link