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  1. Rico

    FS: Mobile Factory Unlocked iPhone 5S 16GB - Gold

    Pm me the your latest price
  2. Rico

    Storage Solutions Post your HD Tach scores

    Bumping an old thread. Got a new SSD. Samsung 850 EVO 250GB on SATA 3Gb/s, running on 7 year old PC C2D E7300+ASUS P5KPL-CM+2GB DDR2+HD4850 running on Win 7 64 bit. Are these scores respectable.
  3. Rico - Feedback Thread

    Oh OK.. Does it normally take a more month to reach.
  4. Rico - Feedback Thread

    Hi, I have ordered few items from AliExpress exactly a month back. All items have reached India and it been there for 17 days not sure where (probably Airport) . Not able to track in India post site, Should I be worried. Or raise a dispute.
  5. Rico

    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    @Black_Hawk Nice. Source and Damages for The Norsk Monster please.
  6. Rico

    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    Nice set up. The desk looks cool. Could you post full pic of the desk.
  7. Rico

    Flipkart now pays Affiliates to have Flipkart app installed on mobiles

    Looks like April Fools Prank o_O
  8. Rico

    FUP-less plan in Chennai

    @chetansha you mean Tata Docomo Wired Broadband. Even though craptel has horrible plans, incase of issues their turn around time is less and their technicians very effective in fixing the problem. I'm planning to move to Tata docomo, It would be very helpful if you could answer these how is...
  9. Rico

    WTB CANON 550D or 600D w/ 18-55 mm IS

    Cannon 60D with 18-55 and 50mm prime.
  10. Rico

    Rate the Last Movie You Saw...

    I (Tamil Movie) - 8.5 / 10 +Stunning Cinematography +Vikram's acting and strain he took for 4 body transformation +eye candy - Amy Jackson +Music, BMG -Story line Let's be cops - 6.5 / 10 Dracula untold - 5/10 The Judge - 7.5 / 10 Horrible bosses 2 - 7 / 10 Marvel Agent carter S01E01 , E02 -...
  11. Rico

    Inbox by Gmail - Invite needed!

    Thank you @theoracle Thank you. Just now I found out that I have got an invite already...
  12. Rico

    Inbox by Gmail - Invite needed!

    Hi , can someone help me with an invite. Thanks.
  13. Rico

    What is the mentality of people of Tamil Nadu who are protesting against Jayalalitha's conviction?

    "mentality of people of Tamil Nadu" - Most of them don't f**ing care, rather welcoming about the decision . Everyone is same before the law. As a Country/state this is a step in right direction.. People you see in TV and mag who are smashing shops and property are people who is doing for money...
  14. Rico

    Where to find HMT pocket mechanical watch?

    Did not see that... Try to place orders from the store or online retailers all the way.
  15. Rico

    Where to find HMT pocket mechanical watch?
  16. Rico

    Car & Bike Wheel alignment - demystify alignment report.

    Problem fixed. The Alignment job carried out was dirty. The steering wheel was not in centre position. Re-alignment fixed the problem. This Thread can be closed.
  17. Rico

    Budget 10-15K Xiaomi Mi3 or Moto G

    Just to add more the confusion. Alcatel onetouch Idol x+ (lengthy name). Have been using for 3 month now. I'm Impressed by it . Prior to this was using Motorola Photon 4G . felt exclusive to own one. Great Phone Served me well. Would have easily lasted another year ,frankly changed it as...
  18. Rico

    Car & Bike Wheel alignment - demystify alignment report.

    Hi I have problem with the steering wheel of the car after wheel alignment. have done Wheel alignment at 33268KM , but after alignment the steering wheel was off the centre position and slightly inclined towards left i.e to make the car move in straight line the steering wheel should...
  19. Rico

    Inverter AC for 120~145 Sq Ft Bedroom

    @V J Would request you to post only english, as the information would be useful to people from differnt geogrphics.